08:28 thwint: hello everybody. i experience some heavy flickering on my hp elitebook 8540w using nouveau driver. is there anything i can do to fix this. i haven't found a solution on the web
08:28 RSpliet: thwint: is that heavy flickering when plugging in an external monitor?
08:29 thwint: no external monitor. only internal laptop monitor
08:30 RSpliet: could you post your dmesg please?
08:31 thwint: do you want the comlete dmest in here or anywhere else?
08:31 RSpliet: well, I'd want the complete dmesg, preferrably in a paste website of choice
08:31 RSpliet: all I need is the URL to it ;-)
08:33 thwint: dmesg out: http://pastebin.com/9hHxZvQz
08:45 RSpliet: thwint: oh bugger... that's an infamous GDDR5 GT21x :p
08:45 RSpliet: half a year ago they wouldn't work at all... right now... wait
08:46 RSpliet: well, either way, this issue is unknown to me, but we are aware of problems with the GDDR5 variant of those boards
08:46 thwint: using proprietary nvidia driver it is even worse. and nvidia doesn't want to fix it
08:47 RSpliet: well, I'd love to if I had time and knowledge, but unfortunately I currently have neither :-(
08:47 RSpliet: sorry...
08:48 thwint: is there anything I can do to get further help? or do I just have to wait?
08:49 RSpliet: well, thinking out loud
08:50 RSpliet: you currently run a 3.19 kernel, which is not bad; the only patch that could be remotely related to display on NV50 that you might not have yet is http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~darktama/nouveau/commit/?id=1c27bd1522d33075c9d9b625182530ea2bffd09b
08:51 RSpliet: but that's a bit far-fetched
08:51 RSpliet: if you have time please try a kernel tree with that patch, and please do file a bug in the bugtracker
08:52 RSpliet: resources on the kernel source are scarce, so I can't guarantee it will be picked up soon, but documenting it properly is good anyway
08:52 thwint: ok. I try to find a kernel and file a bug as well
08:55 thwint: thanks for your help
08:56 RSpliet: I'm not sure if that patch landed in a kernel yet, you might have to apply it manually
09:02 thwint: just downloading the sources for ubuntu kernel. later I will apply the patch manually. later with the information I open a bug if necessary.
09:02 thwint: now I have to leave. thx again for your help