01:34 torwag1: Hi, I still struggle with problems for my second screen connected via DP. Sometimes it does not resume from power-save, sometimes it does but the graphic is heavily distorted, sometimes it works ;) I filled in a bug report including a bisect monthes ago and there was work and a fix but now the same problems appear again
01:34 torwag1: Does someone currently work on DP or now the status of it?
01:42 torwag1: imirkin_: Hi, I guess you helped me fixing the problem the last time ;) Any idea?
04:11 Smilex: I fixed a bug in xf86-video-nouveau. How to I push it?
04:14 mlankhorst: Smilex: pastebin the commit somewhere?
04:16 Smilex: mlankhorst: http://hastebin.com/ukuyuyesen.md
04:16 Smilex: it's just to make it compile
04:17 Smilex: I checked the glamor headers. Some of those flags don't exist anymore, and I have just finished installing xorg-server from git
04:23 mlankhorst: hm..
04:24 Smilex: I guess either glamor removed those settings, or they are set some other way
04:24 mlankhorst: can't just remove it though
04:24 mlankhorst: my glamor headers still have them?
04:27 Smilex: mlankhorst: well I'm in the process of testing it on my end. Just haven't worked with PKGBUILD files before, so it is taking a while
04:28 hakzsam: Smilex, http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/glamor/tree/src/glamor.h#n62 I think your version of glamor is not up to date
04:28 mlankhorst: Smilex: use ifdefs, behavior will break with older glamor badly otherwise..
04:28 mlankhorst: hakzsam: wrong, glamor moved to xorg-server in newer versions..
04:28 hakzsam: oh, I didn't know :)
04:28 mlankhorst: in particular commit 697f8581e04a93862a6049cc982d01d25f9a0410 removed it
04:32 Smilex: so my version is up to date?
04:34 mlankhorst: yes, but if you remove those flags you will change behavior for those that still need it, needs more ifdef ;-)
04:36 Smilex: mlankhorst: #ifndef GLAMOR_USE_SCREEN should work
04:36 mlankhorst: indeed!
04:41 Smilex: ok how do I send the patch upstream?
04:42 Smilex: how do you guys do it?
04:42 mlankhorst: git commit, git push, but in your case just send it to the ML
04:42 mlankhorst: like most other open source projects, nouveau ml
04:43 Smilex: yeah I have only been using Github for quite awhile. Don't know these ways of old
04:53 pq: git-send-em... and he's gone
05:09 Smilex: So X starts and my WM starts, but then everything freezes. Anyone here know what this could be?
05:11 mlankhorst: Smilex: dmesg :p
05:13 Smilex: mlankhorst: yeah it gives me nothing
05:13 Smilex: looking through Xorg.0.log now. Did you know they don't log to /var/log anymore? Annoying little changes
05:14 Smilex: failed to load evdev, because module ABI version doesn't match server version
05:14 Smilex: mlankhorst: you know what this means?
05:21 pq: Smilex, you upgraded xorg-server, but did not rebuild xf86-input-evdev to match
05:21 Smilex: pq: I have compiled and installed both xorg-server and xf86-input-evdev from git
05:23 pq: Smilex, apparently when you built evdev, it didn't find your git xorg-server's headers.
05:23 pq: other option is that evdev simply was't updated to the new ABI
05:28 Smilex: pq: I tried reinstalling. Made no difference
05:28 Smilex: pq: Do you know where this ABI version is defined?
05:29 pq: not from the top of my head, somewhere in the headers
05:29 pq: Smilex, did you install to /usr/local?
05:29 pq: set up pkg-config paths?
05:30 Smilex: pq: everything is done via arch PKGBUILD files. But I can check
05:31 pq: in that case I have no idea
05:31 Smilex: pq: no it's in /usr
05:36 Smilex: I found it as ABI_XINPUT_VERSION, but it looks like evdev gets that from the xorg headers?
05:37 mlankhorst: yes
05:38 mlankhorst: if you build a custom xorg-server the drivers have to be rebuilt against it..
05:38 Smilex: mlankhorst: but that's what I did
05:38 Smilex: I'll force recompile
05:42 Smilex: that did it
05:42 Smilex: now to the drawing errors
05:43 Smilex: actually everything works, except i3
05:45 Smilex: ok turns out some fonts are missing from fonts.dir? Is this something seperate I should download?
05:45 mlankhorst: probably harmless?
05:46 Smilex: mlankhorst: yeah but my WM doesn't render text until I started up firefox
05:47 Smilex: nvm, it just needed time. Now it starts properly
05:51 Smilex: I wonder. The guys developing for mesa, are they all trained in industry? What I mean is, can any joe doe figure out how to contribute, or do you have to know how the GPU vendors do it?
05:51 Smilex: Know their hidden tech and such
06:07 pq: Smilex, it completely depends on what you want to work on, but even when you don't know vendor secrets, you can often reverse-engineer stuff.
06:09 pq: Smilex, like for example Nouveau started as a hobbyist project and until recently was based on practically completely reverse-engineered information.
06:15 Smilex: pq: it just seems completely alien to me. Do you try to throw data through the PCI bus until you get results, or do you look through a proprietary driver's assembly?
06:17 pq: Smilex, whatever works, though disassembling may have legal problems while not being that useful in the first place.
06:25 Smilex: pq: consider me impressed. Do you know how many regular devs there are for Mesa?
06:29 pq: Smilex, no idea. Look at the volume of the mesa-dev mailing list.
06:29 pq: or statistics from git
09:59 jvesely: hi, nouveau, anyone interestd in looking at https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89047 ?
10:00 jvesely: it'd be nice if the patch got in early as the bug makes gpus unusable
10:01 imirkin_: jvesely: you sent it to the list too, right?
10:01 imirkin_: just have to bug ben about it (who appears to not be signed in atm)
10:01 imirkin_: but normally he's skeggsb here
10:07 jvesely: imirkin_, yeah, sent it to the list too. I hoped it could be in time for 4.0.
10:08 imirkin_: ben can be a bit slow at ingesting patches sometimes
10:11 xexaxo:flips through the dictionary - ingesting patches xD
10:12 imirkin_: xexaxo: pretty sure it's in the OED :p
10:13 xexaxo: imirkin_: only separately :-\ guessing someone forgot to update the website
10:13 imirkin_: time to write in to them and point at this irc log for an example usage :)
10:14 xexaxo: from what I've heard there should be a wide adoption of the term in the (British?) English language in order to be added.
10:15 imirkin_: apparently there are a lot of words that have no recorded usage, outside of the OED itself
10:16 xexaxo: true. and don't blame them - it's hard to keep up with peoples' "creativity" sometimes.
17:57 imirkin: mlankhorst: looks like not just me that had issues with libdrm 2.4.60: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89842
23:16 mlankhorst: bah