01:44 mlankhorst: imirkin: I think you should try keeping references in pushbufs, or kick the pushbuf on unref
08:10 cousin_luigi: Greetings.
08:11 cousin_luigi: imirkin_: ping
08:11 imirkin: pong
08:11 cousin_luigi: imirkin: remember me? netconsole didn't show a thing
08:12 cousin_luigi: thing is the machine doesn't actually crash, it just freezes but the audio goes on
08:12 imirkin: did you try ssh'ing in?
08:12 cousin_luigi: damn, I knew I was forgetting something
08:12 imirkin: remind me what your issue was and what hw you're on?
08:21 cousin_luigi: imirkin: gtx660, video hangs and audio goes on (apparently when the play speed is increased)
08:22 cousin_luigi: imirkin: also I need to set VDPAU_DRIVER=nouveau or the former won't work
08:22 cousin_luigi: (no change with vdpau 1.1)
08:22 cousin_luigi: I ssh'd in and I can't kill the player
08:26 cousin_luigi: imirkin: cannot restart X11 either
08:27 cousin_luigi: imirkin: should I reboot?
08:29 tobijk: cousin_luigi: do the hanging progs use cpu? you could try to see what happens with perf then
08:32 cousin_luigi: tobijk: I just rebooted...
08:32 cousin_luigi: anyway mpv exited in the end
08:32 cousin_luigi: only the screen was still stuck on a frame
08:49 cousin_luigi: vlc doesn't seem to crash as easily (at all?) as mpv, but I see this in the console http://pastie.org/private/19cng3bebdjixpsoaohtw
08:54 imirkin: cousin_luigi: are you using libdrm-2.4.60 by any chance?
08:54 imirkin: i've been trigger issues with it + vdpau on my box... downgrading to libdrm-2.4.59 fixed it
08:54 imirkin: mlankhorst: btw, i'm not sure what you're suggesting. but if you have a patch, i'll gladly test it out.
08:54 cousin_luigi: imirkin: 2.4.58
08:57 imirkin: hm ok
09:05 cousin_luigi: well, not using vdpau is not that bad after all. The software decoder looks good enough.
09:06 cousin_luigi: I wonder if my system is affected by the other freezing problem you mentioned. Time will tell, I suppose.
09:16 cousin_luigi: imirkin: Please let me know if there is some other test you would like me to perform.
09:17 imirkin: cousin_luigi: not really
09:17 cousin_luigi: imirkin: I guess this is it then:/
09:18 imirkin: hangs are incredibly difficult to debug
09:18 imirkin: esp when you have no way to look at the machine once it hangs
09:18 cousin_luigi: imirkin: by the way, I packaged your firmware installer for opensuse, if they accept it it will be in hardware:
09:18 imirkin: cool
09:19 cousin_luigi: imirkin: should I update my current machine, do you have a GPU to recommend?
09:20 imirkin: not-nvidia -- vote with your purchasing :)
09:20 cousin_luigi: ah
09:21 cousin_luigi: perhaps it will be worth waiting for the new AMDGPU driver
09:25 tobijk: cousin_luigi: whats that firmware for?
09:26 cousin_luigi: tobijk: hardware decoding
09:26 daidoji: hello #nouveau
09:26 tobijk: so for vdpau? mhmh
09:27 daidoji: I've got some displayport MST monitors and have chained them together successfully (with a mirrored configuration on the chained monitors)
09:27 cousin_luigi: tobijk: yes, but I wasn't too lucky with it
09:27 daidoji: however, now I'd like to have them not mirrored (ie 3 screens of real estate)
09:27 daidoji: is this possible and if so does anyone have any instructions or documentation I can look at?
09:28 tobijk: cousin_luigi: well package looks ok, we'll see what happens...i'm not an maintainer there :)
09:29 cousin_luigi: tobijk: it's still in my home, did you find it?
09:29 tobijk: found the SR
09:29 cousin_luigi: aha
09:40 cousin_luigi:is noticing tearing on vertical scroll now: is there anything to do about it?
10:12 mlankhorst: imirkin: it's a weird problem, not sure how you can have a dup on the cs list if no freed memory is used..
10:15 mlankhorst: reverting 5ea6f1c32628887c9df0c53bc8c199eb12633fec doesn't help?
10:17 mlankhorst: if not, add a else { fprintf(stderr, "Not killing resurrected bo\n"); to nouveau_bo_del's atomic_read == 0, and some debug to nouveau_bo_wrapped_locked inc_return == 1 too..
10:19 imirkin_: mlankhorst: send patches :) i didn't try reverting that one on top of master, although i suspect it'd work fine
10:19 imirkin_: it was the first broken...
10:45 cousin_luigi: bbl
12:14 imirkin_: whompy: if you get a minute, could you double-check that my v2 patch also works on nv50?
12:14 imirkin_: i ran a full piglit on my GK208 and there were no regressions
12:15 imirkin_: except some dumb ext_image_dma_buf_import tests which i'm going to blame on unrelated silliness
12:15 imirkin_: piglit: failed to authenticate with DRI2
12:15 imirkin_: right :)
12:56 mlankhorst: hah
12:56 mlankhorst: was watching sixteen candles, we were trying to guess what year the film came from
13:06 whompy: imirkin: sure, I'll give it a run tonight.
16:44 andril: hello
16:46 andril: i need a package for my debian jessie install 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108GLM [NVS 5200M] (rev a1)
16:47 imirkin_: andril: huh?
16:48 imirkin_: andril: what is the problem you're trying to resolve?
16:48 andril: random lockups
16:49 imirkin_: i see...
16:49 andril: the card shows up Intel® Ivybridge Mobile
16:49 imirkin_: that's your igpu
16:51 andril: yes going to check the bios
16:51 andril: brb
17:47 whompy: imirkin_: v2 still passes on nv50
20:08 imirkin: whompy: thanks