05:39 titou: hello
05:40 titou: does this error message is understood by someone:
05:40 titou: NOUVEAU(0): [drm] failed to set drm interface version
05:40 titou: ?
05:43 pmoreau: titou: Not sure about it, but I would say that Nouveau was build against a version A of DRM, and you're running it against a version B, with B != A
05:44 titou: :(
05:44 pmoreau: How did you get that?
05:45 titou: i tried to use nouveau driver instead of proprietary ones on a fresh mageia 5 RC installation
05:46 pmoreau: Hum, probably not the issue then.
05:46 pmoreau: Could you paste the whole content of the Xorg.log file please?
05:48 titou: hum I lost it sorry
05:48 titou: I will switch to nouveau again and give it to you after that
05:49 pmoreau: Ok, thanks
06:59 titou: pmoreau: ok so I restarded and now it works... I don't understand but it's a good thing
06:59 titou: however when I enable desktop effects under KDE display bugs
07:00 titou: i only can see a huge horizontal lines which blinks
07:00 titou: if I disable them I can see perfectly
07:00 titou: desktop effects only works with xrender composite mode (OpenGL 1.2, 2.0 and 3.1 don't work :()
07:01 pmoreau: titou: Could you paste the output from dmesg please?
07:03 titou: http://pastebin.com/WyjGd94X
07:05 pmoreau: titou: You need to prevent the nvidia module from loading
07:06 pmoreau: By blacklisting it in /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf, or uninstalling it
07:06 titou: but it seems it is not loaded
07:06 titou: it tried but failed
07:08 pmoreau: Right, but it could still have messed with some Nouveau parts
07:08 titou: :(
07:08 pmoreau: So blacklist it when using Nouveau, and unblacklist it if you want to go back to it
07:09 titou: do you think it will solve the opengl problem?
07:11 pmoreau: Maybe
07:11 pmoreau: Could you paste the new Xorg.log to see if there are any errors in it?
07:13 titou: ok it's the same
07:14 titou: http://pastebin.com/vAsf8PGd
07:15 pmoreau: Thanks
07:18 pmoreau: Nothing obvious :/
07:18 titou: :(
07:19 pmoreau: titou: You should open a bug report at bugs.freedesktop.org and attach a dmesg, Xorg.log and an image of what you see with desktop effects on.
07:19 pmoreau: (Product: xorg, component: Driver/nouveau)
07:19 pmoreau: Which Mesa version do you have btw?
07:20 titou: Mesa 10.4.7-1
07:21 pmoreau: Ok
07:35 richardlm: (how) can I activate triple buffering in nouveau?
07:55 imirkin: richardlm: not sure, but with xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.11 there should be no tearing
07:56 imirkin: titou: one obvious thing is that you're using nv4b. sorry, but that 3d driver is... not great. (uses the nv30 gallium driver).
07:56 imirkin: i guess the kde compositor tickles one of many problems with it
08:01 titou: imirkin: hm ok and how can I change that?
08:01 imirkin: change the driver's suckiness? you could go in and fix it up :)
08:02 titou: you lost me :)
08:02 imirkin: tobijk: http://patchwork.freedesktop.org/patch/46476/
08:02 imirkin: tobijk: you killed it :(
08:03 imirkin: titou: wasn't sure what question you were asking...
08:03 imirkin: titou: what are you looking to change?
08:03 titou: imirkin: in fact I don't understand what is nv4b or nv30 and what is the best etc.
08:04 imirkin: titou: nv4b is the codename of your card (also maps to G72 or something along those lines)
08:05 imirkin: nv30 is the name of the gallium driver that handles nv3x and nv4x hardware
08:05 imirkin: gallium driver is what provides 3d acceleration
08:05 imirkin: hm, i was close -- nv4b == G73
08:05 titou: ok and 3D driver for my kind of gpu is not well supported?
08:06 imirkin: i has a number of known deficiencies
08:06 imirkin: it*
08:06 imirkin: [i also do, but that's irrelevant]
08:07 titou: ok so as far as i understand the best thing for me is to not use nouveau driver?
08:07 titou: (because i won't buy a new graphic card :)
08:08 imirkin: titou: or don't use kde's opengl compositor
08:08 titou: currently I can't use it because I can't see anything with it..
08:08 imirkin: that opengl driver works for light use... i guess kde must have started doing something fancy
08:08 titou: I'm using wrender..
08:08 titou: xrender*
08:08 imirkin: uhm, it should work just fine with xrender
08:09 imirkin: are you saying that it doesn't?
08:09 titou: it's sometimes slow
08:09 titou: yes it works
08:10 imirkin: anyways, this is the current state of nouveau's support for your hw... if you don't like it, you can not use nouveau, or if you're a developer, contribute fixes to improve the situation
08:10 tobijk: huh?
08:11 imirkin: tobijk: your inverted condition patch
08:11 titou: I don't have time to try to debug unfortunately
08:11 titou: I guess I will use proprietary driver instead..
08:11 imirkin: titou: well, i largely know what the problems are, just haven't had time/etc to work on them
08:11 titou: ok :(
08:12 imirkin: titou: whatever works best for you
08:12 titou: but thank you for your help
08:12 tobijk: imirkin: you rejected a patch like that from me a while ago, do we really need it after all?
08:12 tobijk: there was o indication for it back then
08:13 imirkin: tobijk: yes, we really need it
08:13 imirkin: if i rejected that patch, then i'm an idiot
08:13 tobijk: should have forced you to commit in the first place ;-)
08:13 imirkin: it accesses q->data[4]/[5], which means that each chunk needs to be 32 bytes, not 16 bytes
08:14 tobijk: well if you commit that patch like that, i'm allright with it, just the comment as already noted
08:15 tobijk: the you cann add my rb as well :)
08:15 imirkin: ok thanks
08:16 imirkin: tobijk: were you still trying to figure out ARB_cull_distance?
08:17 imirkin: Brian Paul wrote the extension, so you could just ask him directly
08:17 tobijk: i played with it yesterday evening a bit, had not that much time lately
08:19 tobijk: writing thesis takes way too much time ;-)
08:20 imirkin: bleh, you did send me that same patch, "nv50: Fix allocation size for querys"
08:20 imirkin: but... without any of the explanation!
08:20 imirkin: it's not enough to be right, you have to also explain why you're right :)
08:21 tobijk: i remember darkly: a irc conversaion
08:22 imirkin: where i probably asked "why are you doing this", and you said "coz nvc0 does it", and i said "that's not enough of a reason"
08:22 tobijk: i'd like to prove you wrong but, dont have the logs, so lets say that was the actual conversation :D
08:22 imirkin: i have logs, but i have no idea what to search for ;)
08:23 tobijk: inverted_render i guess
08:23 tobijk: or render inverted
08:23 imirkin: i'm also not sufficiently interested :)
08:23 tobijk: yeah does as long as its fixed
08:35 imirkin: pushed
08:36 tobijk: good :)
09:14 richardlm: imirkin: but if it does not fix tearing?
09:14 richardlm: also isn't triple buffering superior?
09:40 imirkin: richardlm: quite honestly i don't really understand all the single/double/triple buffering implications
09:41 imirkin: looks like you can set SwapLimit to 2 in the Device section of your xorg.conf
09:41 imirkin: which will enable triple-buffering
09:42 richardlm: I've read about and triple buffering in some random internet article and ofc while in search for tearing soluitons...
09:43 imirkin: do you have a kepler gpu and are seeing tearing on videos?
09:44 richardlm: I have nVidia G92 [GeForce 9800 GTX+]
09:44 buhman:has kepler
09:44 imirkin: oh ok. iirc my vdpau impl totally dies on G92's in the first place :(
09:46 richardlm: and yeah its on video
09:46 richardlm: but IIRC I don't use vdpau
09:48 imirkin: try using opengl output instead of xv
09:48 imirkin: oh, and what kernel do you have?
09:48 imirkin: iirc you need 3.17 or so for all the various fixes re tearing
09:48 imirkin: and xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.11
09:49 richardlm: check, check and check
09:49 richardlm: opengl, 3.18.3 and nouveau 1.0.11
09:51 imirkin: pastebin your xorg log? want to make sure you don't have something in there where you tried to "fix" it
09:54 richardlm: imirkin: http://paste.opensuse.org/30680284
09:56 imirkin: richardlm: yeah, all looks fine =/
09:56 imirkin: set swaplimit to 2 if you want to try triple-buffering
10:00 richardlm: is it safe?
10:04 imirkin: it can cause some issues since the api's don't expect triple buffering to be going on
10:10 richardlm: and how exactly would look such a .conf file?
10:10 richardlm:has no clue of the xorg.conf syntax ... :-(
10:11 imirkin: richardlm: google :)
10:15 richardlm: imirkin: what exactly?
10:15 richardlm: tried https://duckduckgo.com/?q=xorg.conf%20set%20swap%20limit%20to%202%20nouveau
10:15 richardlm: no success...
10:17 imirkin: richardlm: something like this: http://hastebin.com/gagorapela.css
10:17 imirkin: obviously instead of 'NoLogo', use 'SwapLimit'
10:24 richardlm: the 2 in quotation marks?
12:05 pmoreau: mwk: Ok, I pushed a few more commits for the EVO documentation. I should have answered all of your concerns apart from the naming for BLOCK_LINEAR & co. Any progress on that?
12:13 pmoreau: mwk: I haven't documented PDISP regs related to EVO yet, and will probably do that in a separate pull request as some of them are still unknown and I don't have enough time to RE them now.
12:20 fairc: hmm, didn't help ... :-(