05:07 nonroot: i got this problem: http://pastebin.com/cPvhgD2b
05:16 nonroot: i got this problem: http://pastebin.com/cPvhgD2b
05:16 nonroot: any help?
05:21 pmoreau: nonroot: imirkin will take a look when he wakes up I guess
05:21 pmoreau: (I don't know how it should work, so I can't help you, sorry)
05:27 nonroot: alright :)
05:30 pmoreau: imirkin: I completely forgot about Portal \(1\|2\). I'll try to check that tonight if it's still needed.
05:31 pmoreau: RSpliet: Which Portal version was it again you had problem with?
05:39 nonroot: i will try later, bye
06:02 cousin_luigi: Greetings.
06:03 cousin_luigi: Is there a way to find out which nouveau features are implemented in the kernel in use?
06:05 pmoreau: cousin_luigi: No. You'll have to use the kernel version number and search on the wiki / the internet which features are included.
06:05 pmoreau: Which features are you looking for?
06:06 cousin_luigi: pmoreau: I wanted to see how much of what's listed on freedesktop.org is available
06:07 cousin_luigi: pmoreau: I used to see crashes in the past, so I switched back to binary.
06:07 pmoreau: Which card do you have?
06:07 cousin_luigi: But now it seemed a good time to see if things had improved
06:08 cousin_luigi: gtx660
06:09 pmoreau: You might be subject to the HUB_INIT timeout error (see https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70354)
06:10 pmoreau: If that's the case, you won't be able to use your card with Nouveau unfortunately.
06:12 cousin_luigi: pmoreau: not even on current? Anyway I'm not sure what it was, IIRC it just froze.
06:12 pmoreau: No fix has been found so far iirc
06:13 cousin_luigi: ah
06:13 cousin_luigi: too bad:/
06:13 pmoreau: You should probably try a new kernel 3.18 / 3.19 and see if it works. If not, switch back to the binary driver.
06:22 cousin_luigi: pmoreau: I'm on distro-patched 3.16. Maybe I can try 3.19
06:23 cousin_luigi: I'm not sure how easy it will be to switch on opensuse given they tend to distribute prebuilt modules. Perhaps dkms will help.
06:23 nonroot: i think i missed up some stuff earlier.. dkms status gives me this: virtualbox, 4.1.18, 3.2.0-4-amd64, x86_64: installed
06:24 pmoreau: cousin_luigi: If you don't want to update your system, I have some live-cd images here with the latest version of Nouveau: nouveau.pmoreau.org
06:24 cousin_luigi: thanks
07:50 cousin_luigi: bbl
10:25 nesreka: Hey
10:52 Nesreka: Hey, since kernel 3.19.2 I'm having some trouble with the nouveau kernel driver.
10:52 Nesreka: I'm getting the following error in dmesg after modprobe nouveau
10:52 Nesreka: nouveau E[ PIBUS][0000:01:00.0] HUB0: 0x6013d4 0xffff57ff (0x1c408200)
10:53 Nesreka: Can someone help me with that?
12:55 NonRoot: Imirkin
12:56 NonRoot: I found ur error :-)
12:56 NonRoot: Nvidia-detect
12:58 NonRoot: 02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation Device [10de:1187] (rev) a1)
12:59 NonRoot: Uh oh. Your card is not supported by any driver version up to 304.125.
13:00 NonRoot: A newer driver may add support for your card.
13:01 NonRoot: Newer driver releases may be available in backports
13:02 NonRoot: Anyone there?
14:08 mlankhorst: I'm here, can't help with nvidia though
14:10 imirkin: and he's long gone :)
14:13 mlankhorst: ah, I disable join/quit spam
14:14 imirkin: i don't disable it, but i also don't look at it. but i use tab-complete on the nick :)
14:15 mlankhorst: ah right, if I enable join/quit spam I just end up looking at it all day
14:22 nonroot: http://pastebin.com/1WRwishx
14:27 imirkin: nonroot: i think you want #nvidia for support on the blob drivers
14:28 nonroot: im in the channel, thanks for your time :)
14:28 nonroot: :-)
14:46 pmoreau: Oops, I was supposed to test, not play Portal... --"
14:47 RSpliet: hahaha
14:47 RSpliet: sounds like it works
14:47 RSpliet: it's an odd bug that I've only seen on my NVA0
14:48 pmoreau: I've been playing on Mac OS, not Linux ;)
14:48 RSpliet: which is unfortunate, because it's my most high-end card
14:48 RSpliet: hahah
14:48 RSpliet: I got a macbook from work last week
14:48 RSpliet: first thing I did was toss away OS X
14:49 pmoreau: :D
14:50 pmoreau: I still keep a copy of OS X for games that aren't available yet on Linux
14:50 pmoreau: And to be able to use my laptop with a decent battery life! :)
14:50 RSpliet: hmm, now Portal refuses to start altogether
14:59 pmoreau: Why is Steam still a 32bit app...
15:02 specing: Why do you use Steam?
15:02 specing: There are many good open source games
15:02 pmoreau: To test Portal
15:03 pmoreau: See if it crashes on my card or not
15:13 RSpliet: pmoreau: probably because it relies on an old thing called the hl2 engine
15:14 pmoreau: Fair enough
15:17 RSpliet: pmoreau:what card do you intend to test with btw?
15:18 pmoreau: G96 (9600M GT) and MCP79 (9400M)
15:18 RSpliet: ah, your mac :p
15:19 pmoreau: Yep
15:19 pmoreau: The only computer who followed me in Sweden
15:21 RSpliet: heh
15:22 RSpliet: dota 2 still goes tits up on all my cards too :-(
15:22 specing: pmoreau: do you reflow that G96?
15:23 pmoreau: specing: No. Why would I?
15:23 pmoreau: RSpliet: I could test it too... Some day... :D
15:23 specing: because the die seperates from the package
15:23 specing: due to bad solder and thermal variance
15:24 RSpliet: pmoreau: haha, I should really invest some time in it
15:24 RSpliet: unfortunately, all of that magical precious time thing vanishes when dealing with work, sports, studying and eating :p
15:24 pmoreau: specing: I don't have any problem with it yet, and haven't in the past 5 years.
15:25 pmoreau: RSpliet: Try skipping sports and studying, and maybe eating too: you'll get more time
15:25 pmoreau: RSpliet: Sleep can also be reduced :)
15:26 RSpliet: pmoreau: skipping sports is like adding water to powdered instant-depression :p
15:27 pmoreau: :)
15:27 mlankhorst: depends on the sports..
15:27 specing: pmoreau: it started after about 5 years for me
15:27 pmoreau: I'm trying to get back to it
15:27 pmoreau: (sports of course)
15:27 RSpliet: I should try and combine eating and sleeping... that'd save me some time
15:27 RSpliet: mlankhorst: canoe polo
15:27 specing: keyboard jogging
15:27 RSpliet: aka. endorfine-galore :p
15:27 mlankhorst: ah
15:28 specing: keyboard jogging is best sport
15:28 specing: gives you strong fingers
15:28 RSpliet: oh and the girls love that ;-)
15:28 RSpliet: anyway, back on topic
15:28 specing: yep
15:29 RSpliet: not every G96 needs reflow luckily... and Apple allegiadely has a replacement program
15:34 mlankhorst: I've never seen canoe polo, or normal polo for that matter..
17:10 pmoreau: RSpliet: Where can I get the demo from Eric Anholt?
17:10 pmoreau: It didn't crash so far, though the portals are visually really odd.
17:11 mupuf: pmoreau: I guess you are talking about openarena?
17:11 mupuf: search for benchmark DRI in google, you'll find it
17:11 pmoreau: Nop, Portal :)
17:12 pmoreau: But found it using your advice ;)
17:13 pmoreau: Though it's not the one from Eric, I guess it should do it
17:19 pmoreau: RSpliet: No crashes. I'll quickly test on the MCP79.
17:30 pmoreau: RSpliet: No crash on the MCP79 either
17:32 pmoreau: imirkin: My G96 isn't properly rendering the portal whereas my MCP79 does - there is some matter filling the portal making it look like Sauron's eye.
17:33 pmoreau: What would you need to debug that: an apitrace and some screenshots?
17:33 imirkin: apitrace would be super
17:33 imirkin: even better would be if you debugged it :p
17:34 imirkin: very few differences between nvac and nv96 though
17:34 pmoreau: Meh...
17:34 imirkin: you could change nv50_screen.c to not enable the extra features on the nvac and see if it still renders fine
17:34 pmoreau: I'd like to spend my time fixing the G96 first if you don't mind :)
17:34 pmoreau: But I'll see what I can do
17:35 imirkin: actually screenshot would be cool too
17:35 imirkin: perhaps it'll look familiar
17:35 pmoreau: Ok
17:36 pmoreau: I'll try to grab some this week
17:37 pmoreau:needs to get some sleep
17:37 pmoreau: Good night!
17:37 imirkin: see ya
18:21 skeggsb: imirkin: how'd your gk208 go btw?
18:22 imirkin: skeggsb: like i say every day... i'll check it out tomorrow :)
18:22 skeggsb: hehe, ack :)
18:34 imirkin: skeggsb: i'm just supposed to try the latest master in your repo, right?
18:37 skeggsb: imirkin: yeah, if you could. no rush though
18:38 imirkin: i'll do it tomorrow morning. i need to reboot that box anyways... want to mmiotrace the broadcom driver
21:58 noforn: hey is glxgears enough to test graphic performance?
21:58 skeggsb: no, glxgears pretty much tests context switching performance for us..
21:58 skeggsb: which, is pretty irrelevant compared to games etc
22:00 noforn: ok
22:00 noforn: I get 60FPS on Intel
22:00 noforn: and 2160+ on nouveau
22:00 noforn: Does it suck?
22:00 skeggsb: you'll get 60 on nouveau too if you've got an up-to-date 2d driver
22:01 skeggsb: it's *supposed* to be synced to vblank
22:01 noforn: but I am getting 2160
22:01 noforn: which is more
22:01 skeggsb: "if you've got an up-to-date 2d driver"
22:01 noforn: I am using most updated driver
22:04 skeggsb: and which version would that be exactly
22:04 noforn: Version: 1:1.0.10-1ubuntu2
22:04 skeggsb: yeah, you need 1.0.11
22:05 noforn: lol
22:05 noforn: it is BS
22:05 skeggsb: or add 'Option "GLXVblank" "on"' to xorg.conf
22:05 noforn: what would it do?
22:05 skeggsb: 1.0.11 has a lot of fixes though that address the reasons it wasn't default already
22:05 skeggsb: it'll make GL tear-free
22:05 skeggsb: (and gears will be 60FPS as a result, by default)
22:05 noforn: but why do I need to do this?
22:06 noforn: lol
22:06 noforn: ok
22:07 noforn: ok thanks bye