00:03 gnurou: making request_firmware return an error would be simpler than making changes all over the place :)
00:04 skeggsb: that too :)
00:09 airlied: but some firmware isn't evil :)
04:56 Kano: hi, my gefore 7600 does not seem to be able to use "real" 3d apps with mesa 10.3.2, kernel 3.18
04:56 Kano: i installed nv 304 and there it would work
04:57 skeggsb: nv4x 3d support has somewhat bit-rotted of late (it had some issues with certain stuff even before that, but it's worse now), someone needs to put some time into fixing it up again
04:58 skeggsb: but... they're relatively rare now, compared to g80 and up.. so, it's not a huge priority compared to other work
05:02 Kano: well the onboard systems should use it too i think
05:39 Kano: the same nv4b bug is in mesa 10.4.2
05:39 Kano: works with 8.0.5
05:52 imirkin: Kano: perhaps you can mention what the bug is?
05:52 Kano: i can not run gl2benchmark, it keeps dark
05:52 imirkin: that's probably because it has the mismatching color/depth buffers
05:53 imirkin: if you make a debug mesa build, do you see warnings printed?
05:53 Kano: usually oss drivers can run test 1 to 3, funnyly the old intel gma can run test 4 as well
05:53 Kano: http://kanotix.com/files/spitfire/contrib/gl2benchmark-0.3.2-4/
05:55 imirkin: does it try to use 24-bit depth and a 16-bit color output (e.g. rgb565)
05:56 imirkin: or vice-versa, a 16-bit depth and a 32-bit color output (e.g. rgbx8888)
05:56 Kano: no idea
05:56 Kano: all i see is black
05:56 imirkin: make a debug mesa build and see if anything gets printed
05:57 Kano: do you have got nv4b?
05:57 imirkin: if you'd prefer a lockup instead of seeing black, you can use an older mesa version (iirc my hack went into 10.4 or 10.3 or so)
05:57 Kano: well i can only test 8 (wheezy) 10.3.2 (jessie) or 10.4.2 (sid)
05:57 Kano: wheezy worked
05:57 imirkin: the pre-mesa 9 driver handled it fine
05:57 imirkin: hmmm
05:58 imirkin: you should have at least gotten errors in dmesg
05:58 Kano: well i can kill the app with alt+ctrl+esc
05:58 Kano: then i get to the desktop
05:59 imirkin: i mean in 10.3
05:59 Kano: it is no hard lock
05:59 Kano: just black
05:59 imirkin: er, you said wheezy had mesa 8
05:59 imirkin: right
05:59 imirkin: that was before the 'current' driver
05:59 imirkin: mesa 8 had a workaround for that situation
05:59 imirkin: mesa 9+ doesn't
06:00 Kano: that little test app just uses osg, do you use debian?
06:00 imirkin: not sure what distro choice has to do with anything
06:00 imirkin: but no, i use gentoo
06:01 imirkin: i also don't (currently) have a nv4x plugged in
06:01 Kano: imirkin: ok, in that case you can use the gl2benchmark source, all you need is to specify the data dir
06:02 imirkin: if it's the issue i'm thinking of, i'm well aware of it
06:02 Kano: OSG_FILE_PATH=.... ./gl2benchmark
06:02 imirkin: if you make a debug build that would confirm (or disconfirm) whether it's that issue
06:03 Kano: i can install dbg symbols, but how does that help?
06:44 twohot: skeggsb: ping
06:46 twohot: We might actually be looking at an Optimus related bug
06:48 xexaxo: imirkin: I do admire your patience and persistence :)
06:48 twohot: I've testing Fedora-22 on machines running only intel and ati cards ... gdm doesn't choke with those. But I try that on an optimus machine (with nouveau) I cant get past gdm
06:48 xexaxo: Kano: normally debug build might not be the same as installing the debug symbols package.
06:49 twohot: Instead I get different errors from nouveau, systemd-login, etc all suggesting something wrong with drm
06:49 xexaxo: there is a --enable-debug option at configure time, which will result in a more verbose (asserts etc.) code being produced.
06:49 twohot: skeggsb: take a look at this --> http://bugs.onyeibo.fastmail.fm/gdm-x-session_vs_nouveau.txt
06:49 Kano: xexaxo: you have got the code, i have lots of other things todo, thats just what i found during my test of a handfull cards
06:50 xexaxo: while the symbols are just... symbols. meaning, they are useful for gdb debugging, but this is not what imirkin is aiming atm.
06:50 xexaxo: Kano: you have the code as well.
06:50 Kano: well you have got the card?
06:50 xexaxo: your report is appreciated, but perhaps you can say from the start that you don't have the time to help out.
06:50 Kano: at least no time to compile mesa
06:50 xexaxo: that would have been perfectly ok, in anyone's books :)
06:52 xexaxo: so even if we come up with a patch, you'll have no time to test it ? now that's rather unfortunate.
06:53 Kano: ok, one patch
06:53 Kano: but no bisect
06:54 xexaxo:should have put greater emphasis on if ;\
07:03 mlankhorst: ooh, k1 arrived
07:04 imirkin_: gnurou had some instructions on how to boot it in a way that was convenient for development (i.e. via netboot/etc)
07:04 imirkin_: don't have them handy though
07:04 mlankhorst: ah he also has a rootfs for nouveau iirc
07:05 imirkin_: yeah, but i wasn't going to use that... i make my own things :)
07:07 mlankhorst: true :P
07:08 mlankhorst: what's the form factor for the jetson? it screams for a nice case so I can use it with a hd
07:14 twohot: did i miss anything?
07:14 mlankhorst: not really
07:17 twohot: ok
07:54 imirkin_: Kano: well, the situation is that you're not the only one who's low on time. we all have lots to do. as the person with the problem, you have to expect to do a lot of the foot work towards getting a problem fixed -- this is how most open source projects end up working.
07:57 imirkin_: fixing that depth vs color sizing issue is on my infinitely-sized todo list, but so are a lot of other things. most of them relevant to hardware people actually have.
08:10 imirkin_: mlankhorst: i think it's nano-itx or something
08:10 imirkin_: maybe it's mini-itx
08:11 mlankhorst: ah
08:11 imirkin_: wtf. nano-itx is 120x120mm
08:11 imirkin_: jetson tk1 is 127x127mm
08:12 mlankhorst: aw :(
08:12 imirkin_: mlankhorst: http://elinux.org/Jetson/Enclosures
08:14 mlankhorst: ah, no place for a hard drive though.. I guess I'll just stuff int underneath the tv
08:16 imirkin_: mlankhorst: netboot :)
08:38 mlankhorst: that might end up being easier..
08:39 imirkin_: what i wanted to do was to boot it with a custom kernel over OTG like i did with the ifc6410
08:39 imirkin_: and have it nfsroot (also like the ifc6410)
08:39 imirkin_: this proved... not doable for me. however gnurou gave me instructions on how to achieve it... i've yet to actually try them
08:40 mlankhorst: yeah, my local network has netboot set up
08:40 imirkin_: [and without touching the on-board eMMC of course]
08:41 imirkin_: anyways, it's apparently possible. don't have the info in front of me though.
09:42 mlankhorst: I think I'm going to set up my laptop as host
11:02 mlankhorst: imirkin_: I'm guessing by changing the boot order in u-boot, from http://elinux.org/Tegra/Mainline_SW/Nouveau
11:14 imirkin_: mlankhorst: if you're willing to install u-boot on the box, sure
11:14 imirkin_: i didn't want to touch anything on the eMMC
11:14 imirkin_: esp as i don't have a serial port
11:18 imirkin_: mlankhorst: btw, if you get it working, you should hack platform support into nouveau, which should make X work on it too
11:19 imirkin_: make that xf86-video-nouveau
11:23 mlankhorst: imirkin_: I thought about it..
11:23 mlankhorst: but the outputs are on the tegra
11:23 imirkin_: yeah
11:23 imirkin_: prime :)
11:23 mlankhorst: ah right, modesetting would work :p
11:24 mlankhorst: tbh I'm surprised if xorg wouldn't run
11:24 mlankhorst: it will be kind of slow though
11:24 imirkin_: actually... should be possible to use modesetting for both devices
11:24 imirkin_: and presumably modesetting has platform support
11:24 mlankhorst: not really, blitting's hard
11:25 imirkin_: or you could use xf86-video-nouveau + reverse prime?
11:26 mlankhorst: *points to blitting's hard*
11:26 mlankhorst: modesetting would work for 2d
11:27 imirkin_: i would have assumed no blit for that case
11:27 imirkin_: can't they just share buffers and live happily ever after?
11:27 mlankhorst: fix xorg ;-)
11:27 imirkin_: =/
11:32 imirkin_: wasn't someone modifying modesetting to be able to support running glamor on a diff device?
11:33 mlankhorst: it's not that hard, just do a hack :P
11:41 mlankhorst: though dri2 and render nodes dont mix..
11:42 imirkin_: is that because render nodes aren't soluble in dri2?
11:42 mlankhorst: dri2 requires flink
11:43 mlankhorst: render nodes use dma-buf
11:44 imirkin_: http://www.anvari.org/fortune/Miscellaneous_Collections/359912
12:30 mlankhorst: hmm, no luck with the tegra nouveau rootfs instructions yet
12:30 mlankhorst: or something else is going wrong
12:32 imirkin_: mlankhorst: what exactly are you attempting to achieve?
12:32 mlankhorst: getting nouveau running so I can start hacking :p
12:32 imirkin_: :p
12:32 imirkin_: well, presumably you have some side-requirements
12:33 imirkin_: like mine were (a) no touching the eMMC, (b) send uboot/kernel over OTG
12:33 mlankhorst: I've done the uboot part
12:33 imirkin_: do you see uboot?
12:33 imirkin_: over serial
12:33 mlankhorst: hm maybe kernel flashing was missing :P
12:33 imirkin_: uboot supposedly self-flashes
12:33 imirkin_: unless you tell it not to
12:33 imirkin_: anyways, the people in #tegra are occasionally helpful
12:34 mlankhorst: yeah
12:34 imirkin_: until you try to do things in a way different than what they want
12:35 mlankhorst: was following the instructions for tegra-nouveau-rootfs
12:38 mlankhorst: I have no serial here though so hard to test, will have to try again thursday
12:38 imirkin_: yeah, they were pretty unhappy that i had no serial either
12:38 imirkin_: but i got the ifc6410 working just fine without serial or hdmi :)
12:39 imirkin_: on my own rootfs + kernel, no less
12:39 mlankhorst: is there no flash-kernel part?
12:39 imirkin_: hm?
12:40 imirkin_: i just _really_ don't want to brick anything, so if i can avoid flashing, so much the better
12:40 imirkin_: i know the tk1 is advertised as unbrickable, but... famous last words :)
12:40 imirkin_: i have a hammer here that would disagree :)
12:43 mlankhorst: I probably need a serial port to see what basic step I screwed up :p
12:43 imirkin_: my strategy was going to be to put a uboot + kernel combo together and just send that over otg
12:44 imirkin_: and that kernel would in turn mount nfsroot
12:44 imirkin_: but instead if just kept hacking on freedreno
12:44 imirkin_: i*
12:44 mlankhorst: hehehh :P
12:44 mlankhorst: I use nfsroot for most of my kernel hacking
12:44 mlankhorst: kernel served through pxe
12:44 imirkin_: iirc uboot supports pxe
12:45 imirkin_: i just didn't want to flash uboot on there
12:45 mlankhorst: oh in that case just stuff in a sd card with a boot.scr that invokes a netboot :P
12:46 imirkin_: it boots off emmc by default :)
12:52 mlankhorst: or i can just buy a rs232 adapter and look at it tomorrow
12:55 imirkin_: kinda wish they'd made it boot off sd by default...
12:55 tobijk: yeah they are damn helpful
12:59 mlankhorst: oh well bought a rs232 adapter
13:01 mlankhorst: didn't even check if it works on linux or not :P
13:01 tobijk: guess most are, which brand? :D
13:02 imirkin_: fwiw gnurou was quite helpful to me... sent me exact instructions to do precisely what i wanted. but it was after i'd disconnected it already, haven't had a chance to try it out
13:03 mlankhorst: sitecom
13:04 mlankhorst: likely pl2303, so ought to be fine
13:04 mlankhorst: if it's oti6858 I'm going to return it.. awful driver
13:05 imirkin_: i have a ftdi one -- works great
13:05 imirkin_: unfortunately you also need a null-modem adapter
13:06 tobijk: <-- belkin with pl2303, works fine here
13:06 mlankhorst: yeah oti6858 has a reverse engineered driver, but it's very poor and either doesn't work or stops receiving data after you change the settings
13:18 mlankhorst: and the windows driver was written for win2k, no idea if it was ever updated :p
13:19 tobijk: for my thingy there isnt even a recent windows driver :D
13:44 xexaxo: tobijk: hmm... we did have(buy) a bunch of belkin pl2303 which had drivers. not sure if those were from the packaged CD or elsewhere.
13:44 xexaxo: perhaps there were different revision.
13:45 tobijk: mh dont know, a friend wanted to use mine with windows and had no luck on finding win64 driver, i dont really care though...
13:46 xexaxo: win64 driver... now I'm pretty sure I've never got that one :-)
13:46 xexaxo: I was fortunate to have a 32bit system at that time.
13:47 tobijk: hehe
14:03 mlankhorst: ah good, adapter will arrive in 17 hours :P
14:04 tobijk: prime service of some not named warehouse? ;-)
14:05 mlankhorst: nah
14:05 mlankhorst: small country
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