01:28 hakzsam: imirkin, Hi, do you agree with my patch about driver queries? Do I need to submit a v2 which fixes the commit message or not?
08:53 imirkin_: hakzsam, no need to resend, i can make the edit
08:53 imirkin_: hakzsam, just need to keep reminding me to push. don't have keys right now
09:40 hakzsam: imirkin, thank you
18:18 joystick21: airlied is bit like jamie dornan, kinda very similar irish stuff, toe to like more toe
18:24 joystick21: though jamie dornan is like mark allen probablu from norther ireland
18:24 joystick21: northern
18:25 joystick21: the speech though seems pretty much the same though
18:25 joystick21: speach
18:28 joystick21: irish, 7 time eurovision song conest winners, northern irish big scrappers , irish are very musical
18:35 joystick21: i gonna take a nap, belfast and dublin as far as i know, this belfast was conflict zone
22:11 fling: Are files moved around in 4.0?
23:30 gnurou: fling: yup, there has been quite some refactoring taking place
23:30 fling: deblob barking about missing files
23:48 gnurou: I am not familiar with deblob, why would it be annoyed by some files moving around?
23:52 skeggsb: wow, stripping shipped binary firmwares is one thing, stripping the ability for users to opt-in to use them is.. well.. the opposite of freedom
23:52 skeggsb: gnurou: it looks like some script that pulls all request_firmware etc out of the kernel, as well as binary firmwares
23:52 skeggsb: gnurou: ie. something for nutters