01:07 sontek: imirkin: that tweak didn't help
03:32 An_Ony_Moose: When I use nouveau on my macbookpro5,1 (GeForce 9400M and 9600M GT which can be switched between), the colours are broken. Here's a screenshot of what it's supposed to look like http://sphalerite.org/snapshot1.png and here's a photo of what it actually looks like. http://sphalerite.org/screenphoto.jpg I haven't been able to find any other reports of this problem... What could be causing it?
03:33 An_Ony_Moose: (excuse the photo's poor quality)
03:40 An_Ony_Moose: also, where's the bug tracker? The wiki says it's on freedesktop's bugzilla, but I can't find nouveau in the list.
03:40 An_Ony_Moose: (on https://bugs.freedesktop.org/describecomponents.cgi
03:41 An_Ony_Moose: nvm, found the bugtracker.
03:42 An_Ony_Moose: Would be cool if the wiki ( http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Bugs/ ) were more specific though, mentioning that it's under mesa
04:56 RSpliet: imirkin: found the culprit :D
05:00 RSpliet: there is, however, a different issue... Portal crashes regardless of the perflvl as soon as a portal is opened
05:20 mlankhorst: RSpliet: not in the kernel channel on eviction?
05:22 RSpliet: mlankhorst: I have no idea
05:22 RSpliet: eviction of what?
05:23 mlankhorst: does portal crash or does the card crash?
05:23 RSpliet: Portal crashes
05:23 RSpliet: hangs for a few seconds, then returns to my desktop
05:23 RSpliet: no dmesg messages
05:24 mlankhorst: ah
05:24 mlankhorst: no idea then :)
05:24 mlankhorst: but crashes are more straightforward to fix
05:26 archhh: nouveau power management page, row of power management is empty, what does it mean?
05:26 archhh: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/PowerManagement/
05:38 mlankhorst: it's not, it's split into sections
07:29 MAN-AT-ARMS: imirkin you mentioned the page size being > 4K
07:29 MAN-AT-ARMS: that kernel option then i should check for or was it something you could see in dmesg
08:54 Danielbrazilian: Hi
08:55 Danielbrazilian: please anybody here can tell me how to know what version of nouveau i am using?
08:55 Danielbrazilian: please
08:55 Danielbrazilian: anyone here?
09:01 pmoreau: There is one in the source code, but we mostly use the kernel version.
09:02 imirkin: MAN-AT-ARMS: CONFIG_PPC_4K_PAGES and its various friends are the config options. i think it should be apparent from dmesg, but i'm not sure exactly how to read it out.
09:02 pmoreau: Or are you talking about the version of xf86-video-nouveau?
09:02 imirkin: Danielbrazilian: nouveau is composed of several different components, each versioned differently. please be more specific.
09:03 imirkin: RSpliet: does older mesa work? if so, bisect :)
09:05 Danielbrazilian: so if i update linux kernel a new nouveau version will be updated?
09:07 Danielbrazilian: i am using kernel 3.16 if i update to 3.19 will be there a difference (a update for nouveau?)
09:07 pmoreau: There is one part of Nouveau which is part of the kernel, so updating the kernel will update that part.
09:07 Danielbrazilian: how update nouveau itself?
09:08 Danielbrazilian: i would like to see what version i have then search for the latest version and update it
09:09 imirkin: Danielbrazilian: as i said, nouveau isn't a single software component but multiple ones
09:09 imirkin: you can see which ones it is by going to http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/
09:11 Danielbrazilian: Linux Kernel 3.18 libdrm 2.4.58 Mesa 10.4 xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.11
09:11 Danielbrazilian: these are all different versions?
09:12 imirkin: An_Ony_Moose: there are already links to the specific sections... "in the 2d driver" and "in the 3d driver" are linked to their respective components.
09:13 Danielbrazilian: i have a Nvidia Optimus Geforce GT 630M
09:13 Danielbrazilian: i dont have luck with nvidia drivers
09:14 Danielbrazilian: nouveau seems to be easier
09:14 imirkin: what chip is that? GF108, GK107, or GK208?
09:15 Danielbrazilian: GF 108M
09:15 imirkin: you'll get better perf out of the intel gpu paired with it
09:16 imirkin: (probably ivy bridge... core 3rd generation?)
09:16 Danielbrazilian: yes
09:16 Danielbrazilian: core i5 2.5 ghz
09:16 RSpliet: imirkin: yes, older mesa worked
09:16 imirkin: RSpliet: bisect time!
09:16 RSpliet: don't have it set up right now
09:17 imirkin: RSpliet: clone + bisect should take you no more than an hour
09:17 imirkin: most likely less
09:17 RSpliet: imirkin: I ehm... doubt that
09:17 imirkin: Danielbrazilian: fermi chips don't support reclocking, so that chip is most likely going to be stuck in its lowest frequency
09:18 imirkin: Danielbrazilian: er, to rephrase... nouveau doesn't support reclocking fermi chips, so ...
09:18 Danielbrazilian: oh
09:19 imirkin: so unless you need some feature that nouveau has that the i965 drivers don't (which are very few atm), or you're looking to help improve nouveau, you're better off with the igpu and just let nouveau suspend your dgpu and save some power
09:19 Danielbrazilian: so nouveau isn't a good option for my nvidia?
09:20 imirkin: it'll work fine
09:20 imirkin: but if you're looking for maor fps, it won't help much
09:21 Danielbrazilian: i can switch with nvidia-settings nvidia prime how can i switch form nouveau to i965?
09:21 imirkin: here's some info on how optimus works: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/
09:23 Danielbrazilian: doesnt look so user friendly
09:25 imirkin: it's not
09:42 imirkin: RSpliet: how would it take more than an hour? it's probably like 10 bisect steps
09:42 imirkin: and they take less time to build as they progress
09:44 imirkin: RSpliet: let me know if you need help working out how to do it efficiently
10:01 imirkin: RSpliet: additionally if you make a debug build, perhaps you'll hit some assertion
10:37 imirkin: neat -- ffmpeg now supports nvenc -- http://git.videolan.org/?p=ffmpeg.git;a=blob;f=RELEASE_NOTES;hb=release/2.6
10:37 imirkin: someone really should spend some time RE'ing that...
10:37 imirkin: i'll add it to the GSoC idea page
12:15 MAN-AT-ARMS: im gonna guess that probably not the problem
12:31 MAN-AT-ARMS: im gonna guess that probably not the problem
12:32 MAN-AT-ARMS: setting agpmode=2 = kernel panic
12:32 imirkin: what about agpmode=0 ?
12:34 MAN-AT-ARMS: trying...
12:38 MAN-AT-ARMS: same as not setting any option..black screen with mouse
12:40 MAN-AT-ARMS: seems like it lets me log in during black screen..but screen stays black with mouse
12:43 imirkin: you may want to try older kernels... we probably broke something at one point or another
12:57 joystick21: hi darlings, can i use valgrind api somehow in C code to generate VEX IR of a certain function?
13:04 joystick21: i want to dump the callers vex IR for instance hooking callee as some sort of valgrind api function, possible?
13:05 MAN-AT-ARMS: its never worked as far as im aware
13:05 MAN-AT-ARMS: back to 2.6<whatever>
13:06 joystick21: imirkin: i am very dissapointed the question is being registered over a minute and more allready, and you still have not put any answers on the table
13:06 joystick21:nudges imirkin a bit
13:08 imirkin: oh
13:08 imirkin: then nevermind :)
13:08 imirkin: you've got the NV20 right?
13:13 joystick21: *has been
13:17 joystick21: imirkin: if you do not answer i will never piss wet sand in your sandbox again
13:17 joystick21:shows tongue
16:16 MAN-AT-ARMS: yeah nv20