00:00 gnurou: my bad - FECS/GPCCS
00:00 mupuf: that would be PGRAPH then
00:01 gnurou: yup
00:02 gnurou: while I am at it I will sync about the Maxwell situation...
00:03 gnurou: what is the general state of things with Maxwell btw? Is it usable if the firmware is extracted from the NVIDIA driver?
00:03 mupuf: I am only aware of one rendering bug in wonotic
00:04 gnurou: ... so Nouveau already supports secure falcon?
00:05 mupuf: oh, I meant the GM107
00:05 mupuf: don't know for the others
00:05 mupuf: but yeah, uploading should be supported, at least partially
00:06 gnurou: neat, I have to check that out
00:11 mupuf: it gets a signed image of pdaemon in the vbios
00:17 mupuf: and then uses it to upload the uc to pgraph
00:28 gnurou: mupuf: nice! IIUC that's all that is needed to get pgraph to work
00:28 gnurou: ooo, FOSDEM videos are finally online!
00:31 hakzsam: cool :)
02:30 mlankhorst: excellent
08:00 PeppoTux: I have an old nvidia mx440 agp video card running with nouveau. I'm trying to get xorg as faster as I can since i have an old PC too. I don't have an xorg.conf, everything I need is in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf. In xorg log I noticed some modules are activated by default, some seems also built-in. II'd like to know which modules I could disable to get x a llittle faster.. At the momentt I have run the following modules: glx (aiglx t
08:00 PeppoTux: oo), dri2 (built-in), fb, shadowfb, exa, evdev.
08:01 imirkin: disabling modules won't make X run faster
08:02 imirkin: pastebin your xorg log
08:02 PeppoTux: I wrote a nouvea config file too, with some options
08:03 PeppoTux: How does pasting work?
08:03 PeppoTux: srry for my english
08:04 imirkin: http://www.pastebin.com/
08:04 PeppoTux: I got PageFlip HWcursor and GLXVBlank ON
08:04 PeppoTux: ok w8
08:04 imirkin: defaults for those should be fine.
08:05 imirkin: if you're running a GL-based compositor, i'd recommend you turn that off
08:06 PeppoTux: ok http://pastebin.com/rjq7yg2X
08:07 PeppoTux: I set AccelMethod" "exa" , Option "SwapLimit" "2 and of course Option "NoAccel" "off"
08:08 PeppoTux: Actually I'm running lxsession with openbox WM. I don't think I have any GL-compositor
08:10 imirkin: i'd remove all those custom options if i were you -- they tend to be the defaults anyways
08:10 imirkin: so it shouldn't really matter i suppose
08:12 PeppoTux: what about swaplimit
08:12 imirkin: keep the default :)
08:12 PeppoTux: it's 1 by default
08:12 PeppoTux: I set it on 2
08:12 imirkin: if you have a great reason to set it to 2, then do that
08:12 imirkin: otherwise keep it as it was
08:13 PeppoTux: i don't see any speed improvements changing it btw
08:13 imirkin: but keep in mind that the people coming up with the defaults probably know more than you do :)
08:13 PeppoTux: what do you mean ? :)
08:14 PeppoTux: you're running defaults?
08:14 PeppoTux: hehe
08:14 PeppoTux: are modules ok? I mean does my video card support them?
08:16 PeppoTux: imirkin, ?
08:17 imirkin: even if it doesn't you're talking about like 1KB of ram saved
08:17 imirkin: iirc i'm running the defaults, yeah
08:20 PeppoTux: I was trying improve my poor old desktop. got 1 gb dimm only and an athl xp 3000 oc'd to 2378 Mhz.
08:20 PeppoTux: think i should get me onother 1gb ram at least
08:21 PeppoTux: anyway thanx for help!
08:33 MAN-AT-ARMS: hello...is it possible to get acceleration on powerpc with nouveau
08:34 imirkin: yea
08:34 MAN-AT-ARMS: hmm i only get black screen unless accel is disabled
08:34 imirkin: what gpu?
08:35 MAN-AT-ARMS: ppc
08:35 MAN-AT-ARMS: g4
08:35 imirkin: not a gpu
08:35 MAN-AT-ARMS: oh sorry
08:35 MAN-AT-ARMS: gf3 ti-200
08:35 MAN-AT-ARMS: nv20
08:35 imirkin: ah fun. nv20.
08:35 imirkin: first off -- are you using 4K pages? if not, use 4K pages
08:36 imirkin: (aka page shift = 12)
08:36 MAN-AT-ARMS: not sure what you mean by that..please explain
08:36 imirkin: pastebin your dmesg
08:36 MAN-AT-ARMS: one second
08:36 imirkin: preferably from an attempt to use nouveau with accel
08:37 MAN-AT-ARMS: ok
08:42 MAN-AT-ARMS: http://slexy.org/raw/s20oqkoMnD
08:43 MAN-AT-ARMS: looks like 2K
08:44 imirkin: that's not an option :)
08:44 imirkin: 4K and 64K are the two page size options on ppc
08:44 Superymk: Hi, then I get a further question... How to read the framebuffer address used for primary display, without relying on nouveau driver? I can do this for intel's GPU, because I can figure out the register to read. But with Nvidia GPUs, while I can overwrite the fb address via evo, but how to read it out?
08:45 Superymk: I checked g80_display and g80_pgraph, but seems it is not there, or I missed it?
08:46 imirkin: MAN-AT-ARMS: hmmm.... well your logs make it seem like nouveau thinks all is well. among other things, it at the very least detects your screen size properly (1280x1024)
08:46 MAN-AT-ARMS: want x.org log?
08:47 imirkin: MAN-AT-ARMS: let's not complicate things with X... before X do you get a console?
08:47 MAN-AT-ARMS: yeah
08:47 imirkin: a kms-powered console? i.e. at a high resolution?
08:47 imirkin: or the 80x25 vga resolution?
08:47 MAN-AT-ARMS: normal high res
08:47 imirkin: uhm, not sure what that means
08:48 imirkin: the 80x25 or the kms-provided 160x64
08:49 MAN-AT-ARMS: what console are you talking about..during boot up?
08:49 imirkin: well
08:49 imirkin: at one point during bootup
08:49 imirkin: when nouveau is loaded
08:49 imirkin: it should switch to a higher-res console
08:50 MAN-AT-ARMS: it does
08:50 imirkin: oh, so that works!
08:50 imirkin: ok, that's a good sign that not all is broken...
08:50 MAN-AT-ARMS: the low res is black on white, then switches to white on black
08:50 imirkin: that's... very odd
08:51 imirkin: should be white on black
08:51 imirkin: that indicates some sort of colormap issue... or something
08:51 imirkin: gr
08:51 MAN-AT-ARMS: i think were talking 2 different things
08:51 imirkin: er wait
08:51 imirkin: hm
08:51 imirkin: maybe it's fine
08:52 MAN-AT-ARMS: i think the open firmware is black on white
08:52 imirkin: and the default mac thing is black on white
08:52 imirkin: yeah
08:52 MAN-AT-ARMS: right
08:52 imirkin: do you see linux messages in black-on-white
08:52 MAN-AT-ARMS: yeah
08:52 imirkin: which then switch to a higher-res console and white-on-black?
08:52 MAN-AT-ARMS: yeah
08:52 imirkin: ok. so nouveau is working. neat!
08:52 imirkin: pastebin the xorg log then
08:53 imirkin: Superymk: sorry, if it's not in g80_display, i don't know where it would be. you could try reading the whole (display) mmio space to see if the value is in some reg we didn't document
08:53 MAN-AT-ARMS: http://slexy.org/raw/s20AdYqMOI
08:53 imirkin: Superymk: nvapeek can take read a range, so it's pretty convenient for that
08:55 imirkin: MAN-AT-ARMS: ok, that should all be fine as well.... but the screen is black? :(
08:55 imirkin: [you _are_ running more than just 'X', right? since if you just run X all it puts up is a black screen]
08:56 MAN-AT-ARMS: its black with a cursor you can move
08:57 imirkin: are you running more than just X though?
08:57 Superymk: imirkin: I see, thank a lot! :)
08:57 MAN-AT-ARMS: its lightdm but is same with gdm
08:57 imirkin: right, ok
08:57 MAN-AT-ARMS: gdm3 actually doesnt even work with noaccel
08:57 MAN-AT-ARMS: lightdm does
08:58 imirkin: can you disable any GL idiocy those do? gdm3 definitely does GL stuff
08:58 MAN-AT-ARMS: ill stry starting without either
08:58 MAN-AT-ARMS: and just use startx
08:58 imirkin: what mesa version do you have?
08:59 imirkin: i fixed a _really_ bad issue a while back... probably 10.3 or so
08:59 MAN-AT-ARMS: 10.3.2-1
08:59 imirkin: hmmmm
08:59 imirkin: let me see...
08:59 MAN-AT-ARMS: debian jessie
09:00 imirkin: yeah, the particular patch i was thinking of is in 10.3
09:02 MAN-AT-ARMS: gonna do a qucik test without dm
09:21 MAN-AT-ARMS: no help but starting mate from termial...black screen with spinning circle instead of mouse cursor
09:23 imirkin: yeah, so mouse cursor is working fine
09:23 MAN-AT-ARMS: looks like it keeps trying to set modelines
09:23 imirkin: and modesetting works fine
09:23 imirkin: hmmm
09:24 imirkin: sorry, not sure what could be going on at this point
09:24 imirkin: and i gtg
09:24 MAN-AT-ARMS: http://slexy.org/raw/s21IY7aGyW
09:24 MAN-AT-ARMS: see bottom
09:24 imirkin: the fact that the console works fine is encouraging
09:25 imirkin: yeah.... that's not unexpected
09:25 MAN-AT-ARMS: this is startind DE without a login manager
09:25 imirkin: i think it gets printed whenever software tries to work out the monitor arrangement
09:25 imirkin: which fancy things like mate/etc will try to do
09:26 imirkin: stick around, perhaps others will have better ideas
09:26 MAN-AT-ARMS: ok thanks for the help
09:26 MAN-AT-ARMS: its not a huge deal if i cant get it going..just would prefer it to work
09:27 imirkin: yeah... i mean it _should_ work
09:27 MAN-AT-ARMS: just accel would be nice to have
09:27 imirkin: nv20 is probably less maintained than the rest since it's agp-only
09:27 MAN-AT-ARMS: i see
09:27 imirkin: but it should still work...
09:28 imirkin: i know some of it works on x86
09:29 MAN-AT-ARMS: it also has a dvi port which doesnt seem to be detected
09:30 MAN-AT-ARMS: and text is garbles when connected to it
11:33 pmoreau: Screw that G96 display engine! :/
11:33 pmoreau: Or that double card configuration
11:34 imirkin_: hehe
11:48 pmoreau: mwk: You'll have to fill me in on how to use varset when you have time: using it the same way as variants doesn't result in what I expected. :D
11:49 imirkin_: the idea is that you say varset="chipset" or whatever
11:49 imirkin_: and then inside you can use variants=asdf
11:50 pmoreau: Hum... And at which level should you put varset?
11:50 mupuf: gnurou: great presentation (FOSDEM2015)
11:51 mupuf: https://video.fosdem.org/2015/devroom-graphics/tegra.mp4
11:51 mupuf: too bad the sound is so low, I'm going to ask the fosdem guys to increase the volume
11:51 pmoreau: Especially the Linus demo! ;)
11:51 imirkin_: pmoreau: at the level above the one where you want to use the variants
11:51 RSpliet: LOL yes... heartwarming :D
11:53 pmoreau: imirkin_: Let me copy-paste some code I have, it will (probably) be easier that way.
11:55 pmoreau: imirkin_: Something like this doesn't work: lookup complains about no active varset and I get HEAD2 and HEAD3 even when specifying -a96 http://pastebin.com/NK6QPP1u
11:56 imirkin_: varset="chipset"
11:59 pmoreau: Ah, literally "chipset"!!! ^^
12:01 joi: wrt fosdem videos, I just discovered you can boost volume up in mplayer with --softvol --softvol-max=1000 (at the expense of quality)
12:02 pmoreau: imirkin_: Yeah! Works so much better! Thanks!
12:02 imirkin_: joi: is that the same as -af volume=10 ?
12:03 joi: does not seem to
12:09 joi: however -af volume=20 has the same effect as --softvol-max=1000
12:10 Omar007: Watching the vid now and I'm seriously hoping nothing else is going to make a sound while I'm doing so... Turned up my speakers lol
12:11 glennk: audio filter in mplayer is preferable to setting overall volume to "kill"
12:11 Omar007: Using VLC but that only goes to 125% I think
12:13 glennk: one would think "goes to eleven" would be a marketable feature for video players
12:15 buhman: VLC will do arbitrarily large values, but the UI controls don't.
12:16 mupuf: joi: yeah, sw boost works
12:16 buhman: (draw 0% to infinity% on a linear scale larger than 0px/%)
12:16 mupuf: buhman: right, just scroll up
12:16 buhman: O.o
12:17 mupuf: and it goes up to 200% by default
12:17 mupuf: then press +
12:17 mupuf: and bam, that's perfect
12:17 buhman: there's a preferences thing for the +/- maximum I think
12:17 mupuf: yep
12:18 Omar007: Alt+A, I
12:18 Omar007: But it will still stop you
12:18 buhman: wow
12:19 buhman: that video *is* super quiet
12:19 buhman: damn
12:19 Omar007: Idk if it has an infinite option
12:19 buhman: Omar007: values will be clipped to those representable by the audio output, eventually
12:20 Omar007: buhman: well yea but if the actual volume is still lower than that sadly
12:20 Omar007: It's still like 50% if not less when compared to the rest :P
12:21 Omar007: On another note, is it impossible to run 3 monitors on a single GPU with X and Nouveau on a 970 atm?
12:21 imirkin_: Omar007: should work...
12:22 Omar007: hmm
12:22 imirkin_: what about it doesn't work?
12:22 Omar007: Currently when I plug in the 3rd montor, the second stops working as well lol
12:22 Omar007: and neither the second nor third show anything
12:22 imirkin_: what does 'xrandr -q' say?
12:22 Omar007: Having only 2 works fine xD
12:23 imirkin_: i wouldn't be surprised if it were something going wrong in the noaccel path
12:23 Omar007: command not found xD
12:25 Omar007: Guess that may explain a few things
12:26 glennk: i'd hazard a guess that 3 monitors depending on resolution might exceed available memory bandwidth with default clocks?
12:27 imirkin_: could be... we've never run into issues on kepler though
12:27 buhman: is that the correct way to pronouce 'nouveau'?
12:27 Omar007: I'm pretty sure this card can handle 3x 1920x1200 ;)
12:29 imirkin_: the card can def handle it, the question is whether it can handle that without reclocking...
12:29 imirkin_: i suppose i dunno, but i'd imagine so
12:29 glennk: easy enough to calculate
12:34 Omar007: Interesting... The gnome monitors.xml file is not locates where it says it should be.. :O
12:34 Omar007: *located
13:04 Omar007: Well that's funny
13:05 Omar007: I manually configured the monitors.xml file and now it has an invisible 3rd monitor (as in, my mouse can move on it) and the actual third monitor now clones the primary
13:06 imirkin_: Omar007: 'xrandr -q' output please
13:06 Omar007: I don't use xrandr
13:06 imirkin_: sure you do
13:07 imirkin_: you just don't know it
13:07 Omar007: If you try to use xrandr on this system you'll get a 'command not found'. That should tell you enough
13:07 Omar007: Unless it's hidden somewhere
13:07 Omar007: But unless you don't have xrandr, I've never seen show that message otherwise
13:08 Omar007: *seen it
13:08 imirkin_: good point -- you use RandR, and xrandr is a nice little tool to see wtf is going on
13:11 pmoreau: Who did the RE of gXXX_disp_core_mthd_YYYYY, especially the command - reg association in data?
13:11 pmoreau: And most importantly: how?
13:13 pmoreau: I don't seem to have that stuff in my mmiotrace+mmt file, apart from the reads of some regs, but no writes nor command call.
13:13 Omar007: http://goo.gl/YNWs4f
13:13 Omar007: xrandr output
13:14 imirkin_: ok, so it thinks that all 3 screens are connected and turned on
13:14 Omar007: Which shows what is currently configured in monitors.xml as well
13:14 imirkin_: and are laid out next to each other
13:14 Omar007: Which they are
13:14 Omar007: Yet that is not what it actually renders lol
13:14 imirkin_: monitors.xml is not authoritative... it's just some file
13:15 imirkin_: xrandr is an actual representation of what the driver thinks is going on
13:15 imirkin_: hmmm... which driver is this btw? not nouveau... is it modesetting?
13:15 Omar007: Which is normally the same that as what ends up in your monitors.xml
13:15 Omar007: Nouveau
13:15 imirkin_: really? where is the DisplayPort name coming from? nouveau uses 'DP'
13:15 Omar007: Though I guess it may be falling back to software rendering?
13:16 Omar007: It's a very new card
13:16 Omar007: 970
13:16 imirkin_: i mean what X driver is it
13:16 imirkin_: i think nouveau might actually just reject GM20x outright
13:16 imirkin_: in which case it probably falls back to modesetting
13:16 Omar007: xf86-video-nouveau
13:17 imirkin_: xorg log
13:21 Omar007: It seems it may indeed be falling back to KMS
13:21 Omar007: http://goo.gl/gGbPVv
13:26 Omar007: brb
13:31 Omar007: back
13:32 Omar007: Booting with all 3 plugged in really fucks things up lol
13:33 Omar007: also, security leak much? It basically rendered all the screen that where active during shutdown for a few sec or so while it was booting 0.o
13:33 Omar007: *screens
14:25 Omar007: ok I give up for today xD
14:25 Omar007: I think I've seen it fail to do triple monitors in pretty much every possible way... Total system freeze when connecting monitor 3, the system numbering both monitors 2 and 3 as number 3 but show the monitors fine in the configuration, freeze during boot, dropping screen 2 and not activating screen 3, dropping all screens.
14:28 Omar007: Oh and doing some kind of roulette where a random screen activates when you turn of another
14:28 Omar007: *off
14:28 Omar007: xD
14:54 skeggsb: mupuf, gnurou: actually, no, we can't use gr on gm20x at all. afaik the vbios pmu ucode can't upload fw to fecs/gpccs, and i don't have access to a signed "proper" pmu ucode that can
18:33 gnurou: skeggsb: can't you upload the NVIDIA-provided firmware to get it to work?
18:33 skeggsb: gnurou: i don't have it for pmu
18:34 gnurou: why not? I thought it would come with the proprietary driver...
18:34 skeggsb: gnurou: the way it's uploaded now doesn't appear in traces anymore
19:05 imirkin_: skeggsb: i now have a GK208 which gives a [ 11.121547] nouveau E[ PBUS][0000:01:00.0] MMIO read of 0x00000000 FAULT at 0x500c30 [ IBUS ] on load. let me know if you want more info.