08:32 alexandernst: I have a problem with fonts and I'm not really sure if it's because of nouveau or because of my system settings. As I said, some fonts look bad in FF and Chrome, but they look fine in a Virtual Box with Windows 7 and Chrome. Screehost: http://ibin.co/1rPtHo4sWztS
08:32 alexandernst: Is that a nouveau thing or a system settings thing?
08:36 imirkin: system settings probably
08:38 alexandernst: ok, I have enabled PPP to 96 and something that says "Font suavization" (antialiasing?)
08:38 alexandernst: that made things like Atom (editor) and Netbeans to look better
08:39 alexandernst: toggling those doesn't seem to have any effect over FF and Chrome
08:42 imirkin: unfortunately the fonts system is too configurable for its own good
08:43 imirkin: i'm lucky in that the gentoo config generally works
08:44 imirkin: it's also possible you may have to restart the browsers before settings take effect
08:46 alexandernst: yup, I was doing so, but no effect. I tried xrandr --dpi 96 too
08:49 alexandernst: oh, fixed it :)
08:50 alexandernst: I had to force anti-aliasing and then configure it to "Subpixel representation: RGB" and "Hinting: Soft"
09:38 wolter: Is there a way I can keep the prop. driver installed and switch easily between nouveau and nvidia, without rebooting? I was looking at https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/nouveau#Keep_NVIDIA_driver_installed
09:43 wolter: But it seems it only allows for swapping nvidia for nouveau, nothing is said about the inverse swap
09:45 mlankhorst: just undo the steps there? :P
09:45 mlankhorst: Tip: You can use these scripts if you are switching between open and closed drivers often.
09:55 imirkin: mlankhorst: not without rebooting sadly
09:56 imirkin: mlankhorst: we don't undo nvidia's latest work properly
09:56 imirkin: everything works fine except the display is never updated :)
09:56 imirkin: which, for many, is an important use-case
09:59 pmoreau: Would adding a PCI reset before loading Nouveau work?
09:59 imirkin: pmoreau: dunno. chances are forcing a post could work
10:02 mlankhorst: imirkin: sure you can without rebooting :P
10:02 mlankhorst: just suspend without driver loaded
10:02 mlankhorst: it's what I do
10:02 imirkin: mlankhorst: ah yeah, that should do the trick
10:23 mlankhorst: I use that to recover from lockups too :P
14:45 csziacobus_: RSpliet: i talked to you a few months ago about an nva8 card that flickered on clocking to the lowest pstate. should i file a bug about it or is your reclocking work still considered too experimental?
14:47 RSpliet: csziacobus_: if it occurs with a 3.19 kernel, and it's continuous flicker (not a single one to train the memory on the first reclock), then by all means feel free to file a bug
14:47 RSpliet: I can't promise I can pick it up any time soon
14:48 RSpliet: (lack of time, lack of funds to pay for time)
14:48 RSpliet: but it's good to file your problem in case I do find time
14:48 csziacobus_: RSpliet: sure, i understand. i'll file a bug then
14:49 RSpliet: add lots of info
14:49 RSpliet: your VBIOS
14:50 RSpliet: traces of the blob if you can get your hand on them... peeks of the PFB region ( 0x100000-0x120000), kernel logs after reclocking
15:06 jpitou: salut
16:43 csziacobus_: RSpliet: should i get peeks of PFB region for the lowest pstate as well?