01:18 sigod: you have been judged
06:07 pmoreau: Grrr, a possible regression (or some old previously hidden issue) got into my way...
06:07 pmoreau: And I should have a look at the EQ issue on the MCP79...
06:13 secher: Morning all. I'm trying to install Debian Wheezy on a system with an Nvidia NVS 510. I finally got it to boot with nomodeset, but now I can't change the resolution (1024x768). Any suggestions?
06:13 secher: I'd rather not have to resort to the proprietary drivers, if possible.
06:17 pmoreau: secher: Why are you using nomodeset? It deactivates Nouveau
06:23 pmoreau: secher: If you are experiencing issues without nomodeset, please paste - on pastebin or somewhere else - the output of `dmesg` and give us some more details about the issues.
06:28 secher: pmoreau: sorry, had to step away. Details: I'm building a new Debian Wheezy system with an integrated Intel card and an NVS 510 I installed in the PCI. When I try and boot, the screen goes completely black right after grub at 'waiting for /dev to fully populate'
06:28 secher: When I disable PCI and boot with the integrated video card, it boots fine.
06:29 secher: The only way I've been able to boot with the nvidia card is by passing nomodeset to Grub
06:29 imirkin: pmoreau: "EQ issue" == gpu hung
06:30 secher: pmoreau: also, is there anything you'd like me to grep for in dmesg, or do you want the WHOLE output?
06:30 imirkin: secher: ssh into the system and see what the messages are
06:31 imirkin: secher: whole dmesg output, without nomodeset (as that totally disables nouveau and is thus unhelpful)
06:31 imirkin: what you can do is blacklist nouveau, and load it manually after the system has booted
06:31 pmoreau: imirkin: It seems to be related to PGRAPH, but I already have tons of issue on my laptop to fix. :D
06:32 pmoreau: Could it be some issue with the mux here? NVA5 should be fairly supported
06:33 secher: imirkin: do yopu know where I would look to do that? I've only seen blacklisting by installing the proprietary drivers.
06:33 secher: imirkin: also, I can't ssh in after the black screen because it never finishes booting.
06:33 imirkin: secher: just add "blacklist nouveau" to your modprobe.conf
06:34 secher: ...oh :-/
06:42 pmoreau: secher: If you have a second computer, you could use netconsole to output logs to the other computer.
06:44 secher: pmoreau: imirkin: I blacklisted nouveau so now it apparently boots. I'm rebooting now (I had to get the address), and I'll ssh in and get dmesg.
06:45 secher: It boots, but the black screen remains.
06:46 pmoreau: imirkin: Any idea about this? http://pastebin.com/x5pmNeh4
06:47 pmoreau: imirkin: It is a regression, or some existing bug that was unearthed.
06:47 pmoreau: secher: Were you able to grab some dmesg for us? :-)
06:51 secher: Doing it now. :) Sorry, at work. Maintenance is picking up the trash, new person is asking questions, colleague is having problem with connecting to one of my servers... :-/
06:54 secher: http://paste.debian.net/143927/
06:55 secher: more chaotic htan normal this AM.
06:55 secher: I dumped the whole thing.
06:57 pmoreau: Thanks! :-)
06:57 pmoreau: Oh! 3.2.0!!
06:58 pmoreau: Don't you have some more up-to-date kernel?
06:58 secher: No, thank //you//.
06:58 secher: Hrm.. I just pulled that from testing.. hrm.. okay, I didn't even check. I'll load a more recent kernel.
07:07 secher: Damn, I love this pipe: 7,563 kB/s
07:33 secher: Well, holy crap. It's a wonder what a reasonably modern kernel will do. :-/
07:35 secher: pmoreau: imirkin: Damn, thanks to both of you for helping. It looks like I'm in the clear.
07:36 pmoreau: secher: Glad it helped!
07:40 secher: So am I. :) I'm out, have to find out why my VM manager won't connect to the USB hub. Thanks again, and be well.
08:28 pmoreau: Cool! The crtc_disable hang is solved with the PCI reset trick. Still need to find why... :s
08:28 pmoreau: s/hang/page fault