01:01 mlankhorst: mupuf: probably, I now got a cold too :P
01:02 mlankhorst: but the flu seems to be mostly over, just a small headache
01:36 tagr: mlankhorst: both gnurou and I caught a pretty bad cold as well
01:36 tagr: I guess it's especially bad for gnurou since he's supposed to be on a 12 hour flight back to Japan today
01:37 mlankhorst: yeah, I lost the contents of my stomach completely, but its over now
01:37 mlankhorst: just a small headache remains and a normal cold
01:39 skeggsb_: are the videos from the graphics talks up yet?
01:39 skeggsb_: there's a few i wouldn't mind seeing
01:39 mlankhorst: I think so
01:40 mlankhorst: they were live streamed too, no idea if that part worked or not
01:40 skeggsb_: hm, video.fosdem.org only has a 2014/ so far :(
01:40 tagr: yeah, no activity for a while
01:40 tagr: live streams apparently didn't work for most people
01:41 tagr: the recordings were supposed to be made available very quickly this year because they captured to H264 directly with no editing needed
01:41 tagr: perhaps something bad happened and they all disappeared
01:41 skeggsb_: hrm, i guess i'll have to be a little more patient still :P
01:42 skeggsb_: pretty keen on most of the graphics talks, particularly gnurou's ;)
01:48 mlankhorst: you could have joined
01:49 mlankhorst: it's only a 20 hour flight to australia or so
02:57 pmoreau: Damn it, my G80 refuses to be mmio-traced... Already 12 minutes in, and still no X session :/
03:04 pmoreau: Oh no, it's because NVidia fails to initialise DMA while doing a mmio-trace! Oo
03:38 skeggsb_: pmoreau: i've never seen that happen before :/
04:44 e7th04sh: What does the NVLeaveVT means?
05:47 pmoreau: skeggsb_: Starting X a second time works, hopefully :-)
21:02 koz_desktop: Will a Fermi card support reclocking?
21:02 imirkin: nope
21:02 imirkin: at least not in the near future
21:03 koz_desktop: OK, thanks. I have a laptop with a Fermi and was wondering if I could reclock it.
21:08 koz_desktop: Which family is the 840M in?
21:08 koz_desktop: I can't find it on your guys' big listing.
21:09 imirkin: mmmm.... it's a wildcard. might be a GM108
21:11 koz_desktop: imirkin: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/notebook-gpus/geforce-840m/product-images
21:11 koz_desktop: It's from the same family as 820M - GTX 880M.
21:12 koz_desktop: If that says anything.
21:12 koz_desktop: I'm just curious if it can be reclocked.
21:12 imirkin: yeah, the great thing about marketing people is that they definitely never slap the same model number on totally diff chips...
21:12 imirkin: ... not
21:12 koz_desktop: So basically, I should just try and see if it works?
21:13 imirkin: https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/read/PC/10de
21:13 imirkin: suggests it's most likely a GM108M or possibly a GM107M
21:15 imirkin: in case it's a GM107, it will have modesetting-only support with nouveau out of the box, but if you do a mmiotrace and get ctxsw fw from the blob (there are instructions) then you can get full accel
21:15 imirkin: if it's a GM108, then it won't work out of the box at all, but it is, in all likelihood, extremely easy to make that happen
21:15 koz_desktop: And if it's a GM107M?
21:16 imirkin: oh, ignore the M at the end
21:16 imirkin: that just means mobile
21:16 koz_desktop: So it's a Maxwell.
21:16 koz_desktop: OK.
21:16 imirkin: oh, and when i say "full accel", i mean "accelerated 3d graphics"
21:16 imirkin: not "reclocking to change the speed to max the card can do"
21:18 imirkin: no nouveau dev has ever seen a GM108 though, so for all i know it might require a bunch of work to get going. but usually it's just "copy the setup for gm107, and you're done"
21:19 koz_desktop: Well, let me give it a try.
21:19 koz_desktop: I'll see if I can fire it up with reclocking.
21:19 imirkin: maxwell def won't support reclocking
21:19 imirkin: there's only support on kepler and later tesla chips (and nv4x)
21:20 imirkin: skeggsb_: happened to notice at the bottom of that pci-ids page: 17f0 GM200GL [Quadro M6000]
21:20 imirkin: skeggsb_: and there's a GM206 now too
21:21 skeggsb_: looks like gm206 is a pricey one
21:21 skeggsb_: and gm200 too..
21:21 imirkin: yeah, probably the flagship "enterprise" gpu for a while
21:22 koz_desktop: Where do you find pstate again?
21:22 imirkin: koz_desktop: /sys/class/drm/card0/device/pstate
21:22 imirkin: (or card1 or whichever is the nvidia one)
21:23 koz_desktop: Yeah, no reclocking, on account of no pstate.
21:23 imirkin: well, those two are unrelated concepts
21:24 imirkin: pstate lists the current clocks which should work on all nv4x and newer chips (and maybe some older ones too)
21:24 koz_desktop: But yeah, that directory has no pstate file.
21:24 imirkin: however changing clocks is a diff matter
21:24 imirkin: pstate file is only there if you enable it
21:24 imirkin: boot with nouveau.pstate=1
21:24 koz_desktop: I booted with that. Still no file.
21:24 imirkin: oh, maybe it's just a total fail for maxwell
21:24 imirkin: pastebin dmesg?
21:25 koz_desktop: It's on a different machine - I'll just jump on IRC from it.
21:25 imirkin: uhhh
21:25 imirkin: dump into pastebin.
21:25 skeggsb_: #if 0 /* looks to be some non-trivial changes */ device->oclass[NVDEV_SUBDEV_CLK ] = &gk104_clk_oclass;
21:25 skeggsb_: that's why
21:25 imirkin: ah heh
21:25 imirkin: yeah. so it's just a total fail :)
21:27 koz: If you're still curious imirkin: http://dpaste.com/12M7M43
21:27 imirkin: double-fail
21:27 imirkin: [ 8.505506] nouveau E[ DEVICE][0000:08:00.0] unknown chipset, 0x118010a2
21:27 imirkin: so yeah, it's a GM108
21:27 imirkin: need to hack some support into the kernel
21:28 koz_desktop: So my *laptop* has a more recent card than my desktop machine. That's hilarious.
21:28 imirkin: you can copy the whole 0x117 section into an identical 0x118 section in drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/core/engine/device/gm100.c
21:30 koz_desktop: imirkin: Would I need to recompile?
21:30 imirkin: koz_desktop: either that or make some very careful hex edits :)
21:31 imirkin: could probably change a single byte in the nouveau.ko module and make it all work
21:31 imirkin: just a question of finding that byte...
21:32 imirkin: however i'm guessing that if you're balking at recompiling, you won't be so eager to edit the binary either
21:32 imirkin: 102d GK210GL [Tesla K80]
21:33 imirkin: wtf?
21:33 koz_desktop: I don't mind recompiling - I know my way around C.
21:33 skeggsb_: imirkin: you've got to love marketing eh?
21:33 koz_desktop: (not very well, but still)
21:34 imirkin: skeggsb_: well, i wonder if it's a new chip too
21:34 skeggsb_: imirkin: got "GL", so.. quadro? but, no, tesla
21:34 skeggsb_: a maxwell tesla, which is even more funny
21:34 imirkin: skeggsb_: well, Tesla is their high-end quadry line
21:34 imirkin: quadro*
21:34 imirkin: [as you well know]
21:34 skeggsb_: hrm, perhaps i never noticed they got the GL designation too
21:35 skeggsb_: i kinda thought of them of a separate off-shoot from quadro
21:35 imirkin: afaik all the (real) quadros get GL at the end
21:36 skeggsb_: oh even my laptop's i'm-only-a-quadro-in-name is GK107GL
21:36 imirkin: they've been doing this for a while
21:36 imirkin: 0103 NV10GL [Quadro]
21:37 imirkin: (who knows where those pci-ids names come from though)
21:37 skeggsb_: i usually use the list from the binary driver's README if i need to for some reason