07:54 mark4: im having a problem with my mouse pointer
07:54 mark4: i have to set a software cursor or i dont get one
07:54 mark4: well. im not getting one now
07:54 mark4: and my xorg.conf specifies software cursor
07:54 mark4: this is kind of a dire emergency, im at work and cant do a damned thing
07:56 mark4: can someone tell me how the hell i can get my mouse pointer back please?
08:02 mark4: can someone please help!!
08:05 mark4: is there anyone there?
08:05 mark4: or is this just another help channel thats populated by people 100% idle?
08:06 mark4: can someone PLEASE tell me why nouvau is not drawing my freeking mouse pointer!!!!!!!!
08:09 pmoreau: mark4: You should file a bug report at bugs.freedesktop.org - I don't know how the mouse drawing works.
12:00 vnd: re
12:00 vnd: hi guys
12:00 koz_: Hi vnd.
12:01 vnd: I have one more problem with nouveau
12:01 vnd: maybe some of you will have an idea how to solve it
12:01 vnd: I have two gfx cards, gt 730 used by host
12:02 vnd: and gtx 760 which I want to be used by guest
12:03 vnd: anyway, when I'm trying to passthrough the second card to kvm guest the system crashes
12:03 vnd: 'due to suspicious kernel crash caused by root'
12:03 vnd: it's grsec message I think
12:03 vnd: but the question is
12:04 vnd: is there any way to tell nouveau not to touch the second gfx card anyway?
12:04 vnd: not to initialize it and not to do any other thing
12:05 vnd: the hard way I think is to remove some code responsible for card family recognise but I hope there's some easier way :)
12:18 vnd: mupuf: maybe you would have an idea? :)
12:19 mupuf: vnd: hey, I have not forgotten you
12:19 mupuf: there should be a way to tell linux to stop using one card, yes
12:19 mupuf: should be the "unbind" file in sysfs
12:20 mupuf: not sure how to use it, I never did it myself
12:20 mupuf:is setting up his desktop pc
12:20 mupuf: and I bought a switch + cable long-enough to plug my REing machine
12:20 mupuf: vnd: have you provided your vbios in the bugreport?
12:20 mupuf: because with it, I'll be able to emulate your card
12:21 vnd: hm, not yet I think
12:21 vnd: give me a minute I need to read how to do it and I'll upload it :)
12:21 mupuf: ok :)
12:21 vnd: yup, there's a lot of unbinds in /sys
12:21 vnd: i need to google it too
12:22 mupuf: hurray! The desktop finally boots
12:22 mupuf: 1.5 months of inactivity!
12:22 vnd: huh, what's happened? :)
12:22 vnd: why so long?
12:22 mupuf: I moved away from Bordeaux to Helsinki
12:23 vnd: ah
12:23 mupuf: then I had to find a flat, buy a desk, get the internet, the electricity, etc...
12:23 mupuf: and having a desktop pc was quite low on the list
12:23 mupuf: social insurance being the last one :D
12:23 vnd: ;D
12:24 mupuf: now, let's work on my reverse engineering machine + wtrpm (my raspberry pi that I use to turn on and off my reverse engineering computer)
12:25 mupuf: Plagman: oh, I did not know you started working for valve :)
12:25 mupuf: congrats :)
12:52 vnd: mupuf: wow, unbind method cause kernel panic too :p seems like source patching might be the only way out
12:52 mupuf: no way...
12:52 mupuf: that sucks
12:53 vnd: it may be caused by grsecurity but anyway
12:55 vnd: yup, some kernel trace with nouveau_fence_update in the last frame
12:59 vnd: mupuf: would you suggest the best way to cut off nve0 detection in sources? :p
12:59 mupuf: no idea
13:00 vnd: hm, so I'll need to read the code a bit :)
13:02 vnd: hah ;D I cannot unload the driver from my second card but I was able to cut off my primary one
13:20 vnd: mupuf: ok, I've added my vbios to the bug we've talked before
13:21 mupuf: great!
13:21 mupuf: to unload the driver
13:21 mupuf: I guess you should first unbind the framebuffer
13:21 vnd: hm
13:22 vnd: framebuffer attach to non-primary gfx cards?
13:23 vnd: anyway - shouldn't be it in stack order? first framebuffer, then nouveau, so I guess I should first unload nouveau than framebuffer
13:24 vnd: I'm gonna try my luck and patch the sources :) maybe it would work // and last less than a month
13:48 RSpliet: effractur: are you following bug 88868?
13:49 effractur: RSpliet: no link
13:50 effractur: link?
13:50 RSpliet: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=88868
13:51 RSpliet: there's at least one patch you might find interesting: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=112952
13:52 effractur: that sounds interesting
13:53 effractur: will try that patch this week
14:51 mupuf: hmm, either there is a regression in nouveau on the nv108 or it did not appreciate the cold
14:51 mupuf: let's see if the d9 works better, let's hope so!
14:51 mupuf: in any case, I'm back, yeepee
14:51 pmoreau: mupuf: Put it in an oven otherwise! ;)
14:53 skeggsb_: mupuf: what happened to it?
14:53 mupuf: not sure
14:54 mupuf: it keeps complaning about the PTE
14:54 mupuf: it is quite easy to reproduce
14:54 mupuf: just starting kwin is often enough
14:54 skeggsb_: mine's plugged into a g5 atm, if i ever manage to get this stupid java remote viewer working, i might see if it happens :P
14:55 mupuf: skeggsb_: yeah, that will be an interesting issue to look into
14:55 mupuf: I don't trust this mobo/proco anymore
14:56 mupuf: it often fails to boot, most of the cores would not boot sometimes
14:56 mupuf: it's ok, I'll be getting a new pc soon
14:56 skeggsb_: ouch
14:56 mupuf: yeah, that's interesting
14:57 mupuf: so far, no warnings in the console
14:58 Oo: what's the goal of this chanel?
14:59 mupuf: Oo: the community-made driver for nvidia cards
15:01 mlankhorst: worst part of big conferences is picking up a flu :(
15:03 mupuf: mlankhorst: too bad! But at least you were not sick during the conference. That would have been the worst
15:04 mlankhorst: indeed
15:04 mlankhorst: it's always after for me..
16:58 mupuf: [ +0,000009] nouveau E[ PGRAPH][0000:02:00.0] ILLEGAL_MTHD ILLEGAL_CLASS
16:58 mupuf: [ +0,000003] nouveau E[ PGRAPH][0000:02:00.0] ch -1 [0x003fb34000 unknown] subc 2 class 0x0000 mthd 0x0240 data 0x00000000
16:58 mupuf: I keep getting those in my logs and ultimately, X will crash
16:58 mupuf: that's my d9
16:58 mupuf: mesa 10.4.3
16:58 mupuf: I'll have a look at it in a few days
17:04 mupuf: hakzsam, imirkin: reator is back
17:06 mupuf: my bad, this is the nva8 that generates those errors
17:09 imirkin: mupuf: awesome
17:10 mupuf: imirkin: for some reason, the ping feature does not work anymore
17:10 mupuf: but I'll have a look at it later
17:10 imirkin: k
17:10 mupuf: everything else should work
17:11 mupuf: time to sleep! Good day/night
23:24 hakzsam: mupuf, good news