01:51 mupuf: fling: no change at all I would say
01:53 RSpliet: fling: 3.19 landed manual clock changing for NVA3/5/8, there's support for NVAA/NVAC for a while, and Kepler DDR3 works fairly well... that's the current status
01:53 RSpliet: and there's no hands free to improve this situation
01:54 fling: mupuf: RSpliet: thanks for the info ;>
01:54 fling: What are you guys doing instead?
01:55 fling: Adding better support for new cards?
01:55 fling: Fixing crashes?
02:02 RSpliet: fling: I currently don't have much time left for nouveau
02:03 RSpliet: latest stuff that landed in kernel was a massive clean-up that's been postponed for a long while
02:03 RSpliet: there's someone toying with the shader compiler in his free time
02:04 RSpliet: I have no idea what Imirkin is playing with right now, but I'm sure he has several git trees with half-done projects that he'll finish in his free time one by one
02:05 RSpliet: nvidia chaps are on adapting nouveau for ARM execution and bettering support for the Tegra
02:06 fling: Thanks for your work :>
02:35 tagr_: completely forgot to mention this before, anyone going to FOSDEM?
02:36 RSpliet: yes
02:36 RSpliet: my train leaves in just over an hour
02:36 RSpliet: dinner tonight with the graph dev guys?
02:41 tagr_: yeah
02:41 tagr_: my plane arrives at 20:00, so it won't be until 21:00 or so before I get there
02:41 tagr_: gnurou should be joining us tomorrow morning in the graphics devroom
02:42 mupuf: tagr_, RSpliet: I'm jealous! Have fun!
02:43 mupuf: fling: as for myself, I moved to Finland to work with intel
02:43 mupuf: right now, I'm fixing mesa to allow to run the unigine tropics/sanctuary
02:44 tagr_: mupuf: you have only yourself to blame =)
02:44 mupuf: tagr_: for fosdem?
02:44 mupuf: yeah, and also the finnish bureaucracy that is eating up all my time :D
02:45 mupuf: Tomorrow, I need to buy a desk for my computers though
02:45 fling: mupuf: sounds good.
02:47 RSpliet: tagr_: cool, in that case I'll see you in the delirium café tonight
02:47 RSpliet: heard libv is taking some chaps upstairs there
02:52 tagr_: RSpliet: well, experience tells me that I won't find anyone in the delirium tonight =)
02:52 tagr_: last year it was completely packed
02:52 RSpliet: tagr_: I'm 2 metres, you'll find me ;-)
02:54 tagr_: heh
03:05 mupuf: tagr_: true story, Roy is easy to spot even in the delirium cafe
03:06 mupuf: finding Luc is also often not a problem
03:06 mupuf: say hi gnurou from me! Take pictures of the Nouveau/tegra team while you are at it!
03:31 tagr_: mupuf: will try to remember
05:52 tizbac: mlankhorst, about the mouse pointer square flicker, it's not my computer , it's a friend one , but i'm i'm almost sure it's a fermi card
06:05 tizbac: mlankhorst, yes it's a fermi card , gt 540m
06:06 gnurou: sadly I cannot make it tonight at the delirium, but will be there full-time during the weekend (available both evenings too!)
06:06 gnurou: problem with FOSDEM is that as it's free-to-join there is no badges, so it's hard to recognize people
06:07 gnurou: I'm thinking of wearing a very exuberant NVIDIA t-shirt to be easily recognized
06:08 gnurou: ... even though this probably means people will flip the bird at me all day long ;)
06:08 gnurou: anyway, looking forward to seeing you all there
06:08 gnurou: we must do a Nouveau/NVIDIA group photo
06:09 ManDay: I'm trying to boot Fedora 21 from USB on a desktop machine with an Nvidia Quatro-Head connector. The bootloader works but as soon as the kernel starts the monitor has "no signal"
08:49 mlankhorst: gnurou: sure
08:51 mlankhorst: I'll be in the graphics devroom, though probably late..
22:24 mlankhorst: leaving shortly for FOSDEM..