00:00 mlankhorst: skeggsb_: extend to 64-bits >:D
08:41 mwk: wo.w
08:41 mwk: I never thought we'd get envytools commit from @nvidia.com
08:42 mlankhorst: hahaha
09:34 tobijk: waht happened to cgit :O http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa
09:41 mupuf: tobijk: freedesktop rebooted
09:41 tobijk: ah :)
09:41 mupuf: I have reported the bug
10:04 _root_: mupuf: hello
10:04 _root_: I can't find my bug
10:05 _root_: where did it go
10:05 tobijk: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=84721
10:11 _root_: it was at libreoffice domain before:/
10:11 tobijk: its the same
10:11 tobijk: +server
10:14 tobijk: _root_: or better it was the same server "We just migrated all of the LibreOffice bugs to this instance, so please report any problems that you experience! "
10:30 mupuf: tobijk: mesa is back
10:30 tobijk: that was fast
10:42 _root_: tobijk: is the vbois dump ok. is it what the devs want?
10:47 tobijk: _root_: i don't know, but if it is the wrong thing mupuf will rant at you ;-)
20:21 cagedwisdom: what's better for triple head monitors, 2 videocards or one?
20:23 CptRageToaster: ... depends
20:24 cagedwisdom: on?
20:28 CptRageToaster: what cards you're comparing for starters
20:31 cagedwisdom: CptRageToaster, thats a good question. I'm trying to find one that works under linux flawlessly after my old nvidia cards just died.
20:31 cagedwisdom: The last one I picked (with this channel's help) is apparently out of stock.
20:31 cagedwisdom: I'm buying from msy.com.au if you have any suggestions
20:31 cagedwisdom: what about the GTX 750?
20:32 CptRageToaster: I don't know very much... and I'm doomed to say something wrong if I attempt to answer
20:32 cagedwisdom: http://www.msy.com.au/qldonline/graphics-card/14065-asus-gtx750-phoc-2gd5-2g-gtx-750-oc-pci-e-vga-card.html
20:32 skeggsb_: you're not going to want two cards, get a kepler board with at least 3 heads