02:03 maliboy: hello fling
02:03 maliboy: what do you want to know from me ?
02:03 maliboy: I woud provide you with the details
02:07 fling: a/s/l?
02:07 maliboy: 35/f/Hongkong
02:07 fling: Now you ask your questions about your double graphics.
02:08 maliboy: lol
02:08 maliboy: Dual graphics
02:08 maliboy: Intel ivy + nvidia 635M (fermi)
02:08 maliboy: how to make it work best
02:08 maliboy: with nouveau
02:08 skeggsb: whoa, blast from the past
02:09 skeggsb: is asl a real thing still?
02:09 fling: maliboy: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/
02:27 moben: RSpliet: did you have some time to look at my strange vbios, by any chance?
02:50 maliboy: fling, ok what is next ?
03:13 fling: maliboy: be more specific and wait for a response from a guru :P
04:15 maliboy: fling, the fuck ?
04:15 maliboy: you are trying to frustrate a user
04:17 mupuf: maliboy: fling is also a user, are you also trying to alienate an genuinely-nice person? :)
04:17 mupuf: He has a point though, he already gave you all the information
04:17 mupuf: if you have a question, please ask it
04:18 mupuf: you cannot expect from anyone to read you the instructions that are publicly accessible
04:19 maliboy: mupuf, I am trying to find out whether we have any scope of good working graphics with gt geforce 635M
04:19 maliboy: and nouveau
04:19 mupuf: define good
04:19 mupuf: it won't be as good as the proprietary driver
04:20 mupuf: performance-wise at least
04:20 mupuf: and power-wise too
04:20 mupuf: tearing-wise, nouveau should be no different
04:20 maliboy: ok
04:21 maliboy: mupuf, ok
12:18 _root_: hello
12:22 _root_: how could I dump my vbois by https://github.com/envytools/envytools/blob/master/nva/nvagetbios.c
12:25 pmoreau: _root_: `nvagetbios [-s <extraction method>] > somefile` according to the README :)
12:26 pmoreau: Try without the -s parameter, and if it complains, try again with -s and the method that was included in the error message
12:27 _root_: what is the extract method
12:28 pmoreau: PRAMIN at least, and for the others... Let me find one dmesg
12:30 pmoreau: PRAMIN, PROM, and ACPI
12:32 _root_: pmoreau could you give me a sample command?
12:33 pmoreau: nvagetbios > somefilewhosenameisuptoyou
12:54 maxwellgm206: http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/introducing-the-geforce-gtx-960
12:55 maxwellgm206: needs to be added to http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodeNames/
12:58 tobijk: any chance to find out the chip?
12:58 pmoreau: "Featuring the exact same Maxwell technology as the award-winning GTX 980 and GTX 970, the new GTX 960" but... It remains marketing, so who knows! :)
12:58 maxwellgm206: GM206
12:58 tobijk: yeah thats why i'm asking :)
12:59 maxwellgm206: it has full HEVC hardware decoding according to Anandtech
12:59 pmoreau: Oh, it's different then!
12:59 pmoreau: Marketing... --"
12:59 maxwellgm206: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8923/nvidia-launches-geforce-gtx-960
12:59 maxwellgm206: "However as of GM206 NVIDIA’s fixed function HEVC decoder has been completed and rolled into this GPU, making this the first discrete GPU with full HEVC decoding support. This will make the GTX 960 an especially tantalizing option for HTPC usage, but we’ll get deeper into that in the future."
13:00 CptRageToaster: Marleting... saying words since words were invented
13:00 CptRageToaster: Marketing*
13:02 maxwellgm206: the GPU architecture is the same as GM204, only the hardware decoder has been upgraded from VP6/Feature Set E in GM204/GM107 to VP7/Feature Set F(not confirmed yet, waiting for next Nvidia UNIX driver release notes)
13:03 tobijk: maxwellgm206: done
13:04 pmoreau: tobijk: You were quicker ;)
13:05 tobijk: ah you were editing as well? :)
13:05 pmoreau: Yep, but got a conflict when I wanted to commit :D
13:11 RSpliet: moben: unfortunately not...