15:39 airlied: skeggsb_: I've no missing -fixes from you do I?
15:44 skeggsb_: airlied: nope, not this time. not that i can think of anyway :P
15:45 skeggsb_: airlied: i'm out for the morning btw, helping a friend move (ugh), back this arvo/evening instead though and i'll send you a -next (hopefully there'll be another -next with more interesting stuff in a week)
15:45 airlied: skeggsb_: cool, I'm well behind anyways
15:46 skeggsb_: excellent haha
15:46 skeggsb_: btw, I *do* play sc2 :P
15:46 airlied: skeggsb_: hehe, :-)