05:30 Eliasvan: pmoreau: Hi
05:30 Eliasvan: pmoreau: I've done a dump of reclocking a GTX 760
05:31 Eliasvan: pmoreau: Is that dump useful (I mean, is it already done for that model)?
05:34 pmoreau: Eliasvan: Hey!
05:34 Eliasvan: pmoreau: hi!
05:36 pmoreau: I'll check the dumps
05:37 Eliasvan: pmoreau: I also wondered whether there is a list of dumps devoted to reclocking (containing the chip-names as well)
05:39 Eliasvan: pmoreau: Because I'm planning to extract some reclocking dumps on laptops of some friends of mine, that could help this project a lot, I guess
05:39 pmoreau: The only list I know for dumps is mmio.dumps. I don't think there is a special one for reclocking.
05:39 Eliasvan: But before doing that, I have to know which models already have dumps
05:40 pmoreau: I couldn't find one for your GTX 760
05:40 Eliasvan: Ah, maybe it's a good idea to create such list
05:41 Eliasvan: And using your live-environment, I'm able to extract enough information in less than an hour, making it feasible to do it in spare time on a foreign laptop :)
05:42 pmoreau: It is using the same mail address, we just add some label to it it seems
05:42 Eliasvan: Yes, that will do
05:42 Eliasvan: OK, so I will send my dump to mmio.dumps ;)
05:45 Eliasvan: I noticed that part of the reclocking (perflvl 0x0a) on the GTX760 already works, but higher states will corrupt the screen. How is it possible that the second perflvl succeeds when there are no dumps done for that card? Is it because other cards using the same architecture *do* have dumps?
05:47 pmoreau: Maybe, or the dumps were addressed directly to the developer, or he had a direct access to that card
05:48 adrienverge: Hi there
05:50 adrienverge: I have a 24" screen plugged in VGA, its highest res is 1920x1200, but the max xrandr allows is 1024x768
05:51 adrienverge: I've created and applied new modes with xrandr, but none of them work: resolution stays at 1024x768
05:53 Eliasvan: pmoreau: Ah, yeah that might explain it. I sent the dump. See you :)
05:53 pmoreau: Eliasvan: See you!
05:54 pmoreau: adrienverge: Does your GPU supports 1920x1200 on the VGA output?
05:55 adrienverge: pmoreau: I guess yes, it's a GeForce GTX 670M, it's supposed to be for gaming
05:55 adrienverge: pmoreau: I'm going to check it right now
05:55 adrienverge: pmoreau: Thanks for answering btw!
05:56 pmoreau: I guess it should support it :)
05:57 adrienverge: pmoreau: Yes! It even supports 2048x1536 :)
05:57 adrienverge: I have followed the troubleshooting page but could not get it tot work
05:58 adrienverge: Should I file a bug, or is there something else I should try?
05:59 pmoreau: I don't know much about that stuff, so it would be better to file a bug.
05:59 pmoreau: let me check that this is not an already known issue
06:00 adrienverge: pmoreau: thanks
06:00 pmoreau: adrienverge: Which kernel version are you using btw?
06:00 adrienverge: 3.17.8
06:01 adrienverge: This guy had the same screen and the same problem, but when using nv instead of nouveau: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6822
06:05 pmoreau: Should be recent enough. Try one of the images there (https://nouveau.pmoreau.org) if it still doesn't work, fill a new bug report and reference the nv bug in it.
06:05 adrienverge: OK merci je vais essayer
06:06 adrienverge: But I don't see any 3.17 image on this page, should I compile a new module?
06:07 pmoreau: No, just download the lastest image, burn it on a usb stick, boot on it, select the Nouveau boot entry and test.
06:07 pmoreau: It's like a live-cd :)
06:07 adrienverge: Oh I see!
06:08 adrienverge: Is there any desktop environment, or at least X to test and see any result?
06:10 pmoreau: There is OpenBox on it
06:10 pmoreau: X won't start automatically, so just type `startx` once you get the prompt, and right click to list applications
06:11 adrienverge: Like for ArchLinux
06:11 adrienverge: perfect!
06:11 hakzsam: pmoreau, I still have to push my openbox's configuration :-)
06:12 pmoreau: hakzsam: Eh eh! Hopefully I added some default conf
06:12 hakzsam: yep
06:12 pmoreau: adrienverge: The image is based on ArchLinux ;)
06:13 adrienverge: pmoreau: lightness and simplicity ;)
06:13 adrienverge: pmoreau: I'll test it as soon as it finishes downloading. If I have to file a bug, should I give info on the screen I'm using, or is it more related to my graphics card?
06:15 pmoreau: adrienverge: Giving info on the screen won't hurt :) The most interesting would be the screen's EDID
06:15 adrienverge: It has no EDID
06:15 adrienverge: That's why I created new modes with xrandr
06:15 pmoreau: Oh, ok
06:17 adrienverge: When I apply a newly-created mode, I see the screen flashing for a millisecond, but it stays at 1024x768 (and xrandr keeps saying 1024x768 is the current resolution).
06:37 adrienverge: pmoreau: I tried the nouveau archlinux image, but is it normal that `xrandr` is not installed?
06:38 pmoreau: adrienverge: It's possible I forgot to add it... You can use pacman to install it
06:38 adrienverge: btw, the graphical configuration doesn't work (because it doesn't find obconf)
06:38 adrienverge: pmoreau: I tried, but I could get wifi-menu to work
06:38 pmoreau: oh... it used to last time I tried (a few weeks ago)
06:39 adrienverge: s/could/could not/
06:40 adrienverge: I'll try to grab an ethernet cable somewhere
06:40 adrienverge: and try again
06:54 pmoreau: xrandr and obconf will be added to the next image
06:57 adrienverge: good
07:01 adrienverge: That's strange that my screen does not give any EDID
07:02 adrienverge: Reading /sys/class/drm/card0-VGA-1/edid gives nothing
07:02 adrienverge: And /sys/class/drm/card0-VGA-1/modes only contains small resolutions
07:03 pmoreau: Maybe some fall back mechanism when there is no EDID
10:21 RSpliet: "NIR Lands In Mesa"
10:21 RSpliet: I thought I heard a bang at work today...
10:22 RSpliet: ... does that mean we want a new back-end?
10:48 mlankhorst: if lucky it will replace TGSI :p
10:50 pmoreau: Does someone know how the ACPI _DSM methods work? My laptop uses a different UUID and rev value (and some different functions) and I wonder if they are related to the gmux.
10:50 pmoreau: Or if it is for a different version of Optimus, or whatever
14:29 Melissa_: Hello. Graphics are rendered a bit sluggishly for me. There's problems with page loading, and sometimes videos run jerky. What are the things I should check for?
14:29 Melissa_: Also, mpv warns that it falls back to software decoding
17:43 kisak: I recently was given an old stock 7800GT (nv47) and I was wondering if it's suitable for wayland tinkering, or if I'm wasting effort
17:43 kisak: since it only has one performance state
17:44 kisak: (tinkering in retired hardware)
22:26 imirkin: kisak: nv4x isn't going to be so great for wayland (well, glamor)... but it might work. it's more than likely that there will be things that glamor does that won't work properly though. (and didn't glamor up its requirement to GL3 or something? that card only supports GL2.1)
22:37 imirkin: the problem adrienverge (who's not around) was having is most likely the scaling stuff being on by default