00:10 yourbeau: diegoviola, hi
00:10 diegoviola: hi
00:11 yourbeau: do you use nouveau on laptop ?
00:13 diegoviola: no, intel
00:14 diegoviola: what about you?
00:14 yourbeau: nouveau
00:14 yourbeau: it do not work
00:15 diegoviola: what do you mean?
03:25 burritobang: every time I do something that involves acceleration, i.e. watch a youtube video, play a video file, etc., the screen flashes black momentarily on my Fedora install; anyone else had this issue w/ a workaround?
03:26 burritobang: this is only after disabling graphical boot, so it may be that the driver is loading with different options even though it's just being loaded later in the boot process
03:27 burritobang: it's fully functional, just annoying that the screen is going black for 1-2 seconds before returning and starting playback
07:06 tobijk: airlied: i saw you have a arb_cull_distance branch, where you are doing everything with "ClipPlanes" in the glsl part, but are gl_CullDistance and gl_ClipDistance really the same array? I dont find an explanation for it
09:15 imirkin: burritobang: i've never heard (or experienced) anything like that
09:15 imirkin: burritobang: pastebin dmesg maybe?
14:05 calim: hm, do we know whether the GPU calls the trap handler when an MP warp error happens, or how to make it do so ?
16:11 imirkin: i think you and mwk are the only ones who might know about it...
17:49 mwk: calim: it does if you enable it...
17:49 mwk: it's been since I looked into it
17:49 mwk: but you may find something in my ancient writing