00:37 mrbillgates: guys I have a laptop with nvidia Geforce GT 635M 2 GB graphics
00:37 mrbillgates: would it work with nouveau ?
00:38 imirkin: probably
00:38 mrbillgates: imirkin: I have a Live CD booted in that laptop
00:38 mrbillgates: how to test if it would work or not
00:39 mrbillgates: It is using Trisquel 7
00:39 imirkin: lspci -nn -d 10de:
00:40 imirkin: (really i'm just looking for a GFxxx or GKxxx that lspci will say)
00:40 mrbillgates: GF108M
00:40 mrbillgates: imirkin:
00:40 mrbillgates: rev a1
00:41 imirkin: cool. well, GF108's are reasonably well-supported
00:41 imirkin: i assume this is an optimus situation?
00:41 mrbillgates: dual graphics ?
00:41 mrbillgates: ya
00:41 imirkin: well, GF108 is the weakest of the fermi gpu's
00:41 mrbillgates: Intel + Geforce GT 635
00:41 mrbillgates: hehe
00:41 mrbillgates: ok
00:41 imirkin: and nouveau doesn't support reclocking on the fermi family
00:41 mrbillgates: imirkin: what should I do to test it ?
00:41 imirkin: dunno what clocks it boots to...
00:42 imirkin: take a look at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/
00:42 imirkin: long story short, i wouldn't be surprised if the intel gpu were faster than the nvidia gpu with nouveau for many operations
00:42 imirkin: (which intel gpu is it? sandybridge?)
00:43 mrbillgates: i5-3317U 1.7 Ghz
00:44 mrbillgates: imirkin: its ASUS S550C laptop
00:44 imirkin: ah, ivy bridge
00:44 imirkin: yeah, wouldn't be terribly surprised if it were faster than the GF108
00:44 mrbillgates: so 2 Ghz of graphics card is slower than Intel ?
00:45 mrbillgates: What should I do ?
00:45 imirkin: at highest clocks, it's probably faster
00:46 mrbillgates: 2 GB*
00:46 imirkin: however like i said, reclocking isn't possible under nouveau for the fermi family
00:46 mrbillgates: ok
00:46 imirkin: but feel free to try it out
00:46 mrbillgates: what is offloading ?
00:46 imirkin: read that optimus page.
00:47 mrbillgates: ok
00:47 mrbillgates: should make the nvidia do the graphics and intel display it ?
00:53 mrbillgates: imirkin: ok thanks
04:27 pmoreau: Is there some documentation available on PDISPLAY channels?
05:06 pmoreau: Anyone with a triple NV50 (dunno if it will work on others) setup who could nvapeek 610208 on each card while running the blob?
05:06 mupuf: pmoreau: triple?
05:08 pmoreau: Yes: bits from 27 to 16 from 610208 seems to represent an ID, with the main card being 1 and the other 2.
05:08 pmoreau: However I don't know if it used to differentiate the main one from the others, or to differentiate each card
05:08 pmoreau: Hence a triple setup to clear things :_)
05:08 pmoreau: * :)
05:09 mupuf: ah ah, you'll have a hard time finding anyone with more than 2 GPUs plugged in
05:09 mupuf: so 3 GPUs of the same chipset? Good luck :D
05:09 mupuf: the nv50 also requires 2 PCIE power plugs
05:09 mupuf: that would mean a lot of power consumption :D
05:10 pmoreau: Same family at least, I don't know if that register has the same purpose on latest families
05:10 mupuf: ah
05:10 mupuf: are you sure it does not mean: 1 == main card; 2 == offload card?
05:11 pmoreau: I don't know. I just observed that the main has value 1, and the other value 2.
05:12 pmoreau: However, the field is 12 bits long, so I would expect it to store more than just a 1 or 2 value :)
05:13 yurikoles: hi all
05:14 yurikoles: is anyone willing to contribute full-time?
05:17 mupuf: yurikoles: is that a funding proposal?
05:17 yurikoles: I'm starting a crowd-sourcing project http://nouveau-hacking.org
05:19 yurikoles: for now I'm searching for candidates
05:19 yurikoles: then will create a project on indiegogo
05:20 mupuf: do not accept newcomers, if at all possible
05:20 mupuf: it takes forever to get acquainted with the code
05:21 yurikoles: let me install normal client and we will talk in private
05:21 mupuf: why do we need to talk in private?
05:21 RSpliet: for new-comers we have EVoC :)
05:21 mupuf: FYI, I am not interested, I'm just trying to help :)
05:21 yurikoles: >yurikoles: is that a funding proposal?
05:21 yurikoles: ok
05:22 yurikoles: never mind
05:22 RSpliet: mupuf: he did have you there... you showed interest by asking :p
05:22 mupuf: some here may soon have time on their hands ;)
05:23 mupuf: RSpliet: hey hey ;) I'm always looking for ways to improve the nouveau project
05:25 yurikoles_: RSpliet: what is your opinion about diving in first time?
05:25 yurikoles_: "no newcomeers"?
05:25 yurikoles_: :)
05:25 RSpliet: yurikoles_: mind you, I got involved with nouveau in 2009 or so
05:26 RSpliet: took me a *lot* of time in the beginning
05:26 yurikoles_: ok
05:26 RSpliet: didn't really pay off until this summer... mostly because there's much to learn
05:26 RSpliet: you need full-time focus, a lot of background in GPUs, compilers etc
05:26 yurikoles_: so I have 3 same opinions about newbies
05:27 yurikoles_: and all are the same :)
05:27 RSpliet: in other words, if you take a newcomer, you'll not have much productivity for the first two months unless you have a good mentor who knows nouveau and knows which task is nice and easy
05:27 yurikoles_: but Ukranian salaries of Software Engineers make me happy
05:28 yurikoles_: for example I'm interviewing a guy with a lot of c++ exp
05:28 yurikoles_: he wants $3.7k/mo
05:28 yurikoles_: not bad, ha?
05:29 RSpliet: right, but you usually get what you pay for... you need someone with university-level thinking (systems, compilers)
05:29 RSpliet: because nouveau isn't your average piece of software
05:29 yurikoles_: ok Roy
05:29 yurikoles_: how about you?
05:30 yurikoles_: just say your price
05:30 RSpliet: that's a long story, as I told you yesterday :p
05:30 yurikoles_: Like in Egypt market "No, don't go, tell me your price, tell me your price..."
05:31 yurikoles_: I have enough time
05:31 RSpliet: I'm currently in conversation with some parties about this kind of work
05:31 RSpliet: plus I intend to start a PhD in the coming academic year, so I'm not going to be an FTE
05:32 yurikoles_: but mentors are also welcome
05:32 yurikoles_: could some one write requirements for mentor?
05:32 yurikoles_: approx salary, etc.
05:33 yurikoles_: part time mentor are also welcome
05:33 yurikoles_: Roy? I don't hear you
05:34 RSpliet: because I don't know
05:34 RSpliet: I have no input
05:43 yurikoles_: oh, that programmer language, I love you guys :)
05:43 mupuf: hey hey, what exactly are you trying to achieve?
05:44 mupuf: I would think that providing clear goals would help a lot
05:56 adrgrg: hey guys, how can I compile nouveau without dri support, --disable-dri doesn't work
05:59 mupuf: adrgrg: why? :o
05:59 mupuf: why do you want to do that?
05:59 mupuf: it's like saying "Hey, I want to install a driver that does not use the GPU, can you do that?"
06:00 mupuf: if the option is there but does not work, it clearly is a bug, but I don't understand why we have the option in the first place :o
06:01 adrgrg: (the options is not there, I just assumed :P )
06:02 mupuf: hey hey
06:02 mupuf: DRI == Direct rendering infrastructure
06:02 mupuf: AKA, doing useful stuff with the GPU other than modesetting
06:02 mupuf: if you only want modesetting, use the modesetting driver, no need to compile nouveau
06:03 mupuf: I mean, xf86-video-nouveau
06:04 adrgrg: I have no clue what I want, i'm just poking my nose around here, so don't sweat it :)
06:04 adrgrg: basically i'm trying and experimental distribution
06:04 adrgrg: that compiles xorg without dri
06:04 adrgrg: :)
06:05 adrgrg: and was just trying to get nouveau to compile bare minimum :)
06:05 adrgrg: (I have no experience with C and compiling stuff in general)
06:09 mupuf: ah ah, ok
06:09 mupuf: well, dri is kind of the point of having nouveau and is what I would call the bare minimum
06:10 mupuf: otherwise, you can use the modesetting driver, or the vesa driver if you really don't want *anything*
06:10 adrgrg: I think i'm going to try the vesa driver :)
06:10 adrgrg: I just want X to start :)
06:11 mupuf: make sure no KMS driver is loaded if you plan on using vesa
06:12 mupuf: (no nouveau, i915 or radeon driver, for instance)
06:12 adrgrg: ok, thx
06:44 imirkin: mupuf: i think it's reasonable not to use DRI... xf86-video-nouveau still accelerates regular X operations
06:45 imirkin: which is all you need in a minimal desktop setup situation
07:27 mupuf: oh, EXA, right
07:27 mupuf: it wouldn't work on maxwell though ;)
07:38 imirkin: mupuf: yeah... -><- close though
07:39 mupuf: hey hey
07:39 imirkin: just need to do the stupid scratch allocation for the vbo
07:39 imirkin: and then it's all good
07:39 imirkin: (well, also some testing might be in order)
07:39 imirkin: how's sunny helsinki btw?
07:40 mupuf: let me think
07:40 imirkin: got a full 2h of sunlight today? :p
07:40 mupuf: oh, right, it was raining today
07:40 mupuf: just a light rain
07:41 mupuf: nah, more like 6h
07:41 imirkin: riding a polar bear to work? :p
07:41 mupuf: by the time I was out of the sauna, it was already sunny. When I left the mall at 4pm it was already totally dark though
07:42 mupuf: nah, I have not started working yet
07:42 mupuf: and the temperature is actually quite nice, 5°C
07:42 mupuf: warmer than when I left the south of france!
07:42 RSpliet: don't get used to it
07:43 mupuf: right, on monday, it will be perfectly sunny ... and the temperature will be -11°C
07:43 mupuf: but it will only go up for the rest of the week
07:43 RSpliet: :D
07:43 mupuf: but 2 days before I arrived, it apparently reached -23°C
07:44 mupuf: definitely not a good day to be riding a bike!
07:44 RSpliet: do you know how they keep warm in Helsinki?
07:44 imirkin: ftr, -23 isn't that cold...
07:44 imirkin: -40 is that cold
07:44 RSpliet: imirkin: that depends a little on the wind
07:44 mupuf: imirkin: depends how much wind there is
07:45 mupuf: there is a constant little breathe here, apparently
07:45 RSpliet: and what you're doing... 5°C is pretty damn cold if you just capsized your canoe
07:45 imirkin: lol
07:45 imirkin: not speaking from person experience, i'm sure
07:45 RSpliet: I am
07:46 mupuf: it wasn't that bad when I was windsurfing ... but hey, I had a wet suit!
07:46 RSpliet: who goes windsurfing in a suit?
07:46 mupuf: it feels super-warm ... until you fall in the water
07:46 imirkin: mupuf apparently
07:46 RSpliet: anyway, yeah... depends on how well you succeed to warm up afterwards of course
07:47 mupuf: then you start swiming ultra fast to get to the wind surf again!
07:47 tobijk: :D
07:47 mupuf: my bad, wetsuit
07:47 RSpliet: but I've been sitting on the shore for a little with some signs of hypothermia before... body temperature is a strange thing :)
07:47 mupuf: oh, not cool!
07:48 RSpliet: very cool... I wish it was hot though :-(
07:48 mupuf: well, you were quite chill, right? :D
07:50 mupuf: imirkin: where did you get -40°C?
07:51 imirkin: montreal... moscow... probably other places
07:51 imirkin: boston got quite chilly, but i think it was only down to -35
07:51 imirkin: but boston is extremely windy, so that made up for it
07:51 mupuf: montreal is so cold! I don't understand why! Toronto never gets that cold
07:52 Pie_Mage: toronto is protected by the lake
07:52 mupuf: the east cost is a death trap for foreigners :p
07:52 imirkin: s/for foreigners//
07:52 mupuf: Pie_Mage: ah, interesting. Even in the summer the lake does not get very warm :p
07:52 mupuf: imirkin: hey hey
07:54 mupuf: well, at least, today, I experienced +100°C ... and it felt nice!
08:19 varesa: what is the state of nouveau on quadro K3100M?
08:19 varesa: doesn't work?
08:20 RSpliet: should work
08:21 varesa: hmm, maybe there is a configuration issue then
08:21 RSpliet: could be
08:21 RSpliet: did you try a Fedora 21 live image?
08:21 varesa: yes, couldn't boot without "basic graphics mode"
08:21 RSpliet: (not that we care about the distro in the end, but that ships with fairly recent drivers)
08:21 varesa: installed & updated
08:22 varesa: if I remove "nomodeset" from grub commmand line, gets stuck on boot with this: http://varesa.imgur.com/all/
08:22 varesa: sorry, http://i.imgur.com/z9BzEnd.jpg
08:22 RSpliet: ouch... what kernel is that?
08:23 varesa: 3.17.7-300
08:23 RSpliet: double-ouch
08:23 pmoreau: Might be the same bug as the one on NVE6/7
08:23 RSpliet: pmoreau: could be, this is a GK104
08:23 RSpliet: so NVE4
08:24 pmoreau: I checked before, to be sure ;)
08:24 RSpliet: my NVE7 works fine though; could this be a GDDR5 related issue?
08:24 RSpliet: (like we had with that GDDR5 NVA3?)
08:24 varesa: This is an optimus laptop, maybe that causes some issue?
08:25 RSpliet: oh yes, that's another good source of trouble :D
08:25 varesa: Intel something + K3100M
08:26 varesa: another interesting this is that if I try to boot with nouveau enabled the boot actually seems to get stuck at something disk related
08:26 RSpliet: imirkin: btw, I should push a little bugreport to you
08:26 RSpliet: but summarised
08:27 RSpliet: NVAC VDPAU issues in VLC (ffmpeg), shows specifically when there's a still being zoomed in on inside the video file
08:27 RSpliet: (motion compensation problems?)
08:27 RSpliet: instead of having a smooth zoom, there's nice square artefacts all over
08:27 varesa: I left it on for long enough, I got "Timed out waiting for device dev-disk-by\x2duuid-..\..\...device", couldn't mount the disk and went to emergency shell
08:28 varesa: does not happen with "nomodeset"
08:28 varesa: some driver conflict?
08:28 RSpliet: varesa: it could be trying to load firmware from a drive that isn't mounted...
08:28 RSpliet: with nomodeset it omits firmware loading
08:29 RSpliet: (or... I think, because it basically disables nouveau altogether)
08:29 varesa: that would make sense... but where would it try to load it from, my installer usb drive?
08:29 RSpliet: no that would be silly
08:30 RSpliet: it tries to load from /lib/firmware/
08:30 varesa: and actually I got the same stuck on udev/mdraid/something on boot when booting the live image
08:30 varesa: so it's not my installation
08:30 RSpliet: check the UUID, see what it matches with
08:31 RSpliet: could be your fstab contains invalid entries
08:31 RSpliet: (or trouble with the initramfs, about equally likely)
08:37 imirkin: RSpliet: not sure what you're saying...
08:38 varesa: RSpliet: that uuid matches my /boot partition /dev/sdb1
08:39 imirkin: RSpliet: does it work with the blob? could be a vlc vdpau backend issue...
08:42 RSpliet: imirkin: hmm, haven't tried the blob on this machine, it's my server
08:42 RSpliet: I could try and reproduce on my NVA3
08:44 varesa: "Multiple testers have reported that various Thinkpad models - including at least the W530, and likely the W520 and T420 - that have hybrid Intel/NVIDIA graphics will fail to boot Fedora 19, 20, or 21 when using the discrete NVIDIA graphics adapter. "
08:44 varesa: "Further testing indicates that this bug is an interaction between several features of these systems and of Fedora: the VT-d advanced virtualization feature, the X2APIC level APIC, and the NVIDIA adapter. If all three of these things are used together, boot fails. If any one is removed from the equation, boot succeeds."
08:44 varesa: wonder if related?
08:45 varesa: (source http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F21_bugs#Boot_hangs_when_using_NVIDIA_discrete_graphics_on_some_Thinkpad_models_.28W530.29)
08:45 varesa: mine is not a thinkpad though, but I guess the hardware could be pretty similar (HP ZBook 17)
09:20 mew007: hello everybody
09:21 mew007: pmoreau: hi
09:21 mew007: where is Martin?
09:23 RSpliet: Dr. Martin?
09:23 mew007: happy new year!!!
09:23 mew007: Martin Peres
09:23 RSpliet: he's currently busy relocating
09:23 mew007: ohh OK
09:24 imirkin: Dr Martin Peres, PhD
09:37 imirkin: mew007: why are you looking for him again?
09:39 tobijk: he wanted to donate his 550(ti)
09:44 mew007: exchange if it's possible
09:44 mew007: Dr?
09:46 tobijk: yeah, why not :)
09:46 imirkin: he just got his phd
09:53 mew007: what is phd?
09:55 imirkin: кандидат наук iirc
09:56 imirkin: or maybe доктор наук... dunno
10:03 RSpliet: imirkin: Est-ce une langue que tu ne parle pas?
10:04 RSpliet: *parles
10:04 tobijk: :P
10:04 imirkin: RSpliet: non, ce n'est pas une langue que je ne parle pas... puisque je la parle :p peut-etre tu voulais demandair si il y avait une langue que je ne parlais pais? plein :)
10:04 imirkin: demander*
10:04 imirkin: gah. too much mixing going on in my head.
10:05 imirkin: e.g. i don't speak any germanic languages
10:05 RSpliet: heh, still practicing my French :p
10:06 imirkin: or nordic. or finno-ugric, which is relevant to mupuf now
10:06 RSpliet: well, technically... English is a germanic language
10:06 imirkin: uhm
10:06 tobijk: anglo-saxian with nordic and french influencces :>
10:07 imirkin: i didn't think that was the case... but english is a mutt in any case
10:07 RSpliet: tobijk: sounds like Dutch
10:07 tobijk: english :)
10:08 RSpliet: yeah... I did verify my statement with the ever-reliable wikipedia
10:08 imirkin: the dutch people do seem to all speak excellent english... dunno if it's coz of the school curriculum, or dutch is a lot closer to english... dunno
10:08 tobijk: but they have a nice slang while talking german :D
10:08 RSpliet: it's the whole lot; early education (age 10), relatively close to English (and German), subtitles instead of dubbing for all but some childrens television shows
10:09 imirkin: could well be sampling bias... i don't talk to a lot of dutch people who don't speak english :)
10:09 RSpliet: lots of exposure as well, it's a tiny country that thrives mostly on import and export
10:24 mew007: imirkin, do you speak russian or you've just used translate.google.com?
10:25 imirkin: mew007: former
10:25 pmoreau: mew007: Hey
10:25 imirkin: i did try to do a quick wikipedia check on which it was but... insufficient interest
10:26 mew007: imirkin: former russian?
10:27 mew007: weird...
10:27 imirkin: as in 'the former'
10:27 imirkin: первый
10:27 mew007: первый русский?
10:28 imirkin: выбор :p
10:28 mew007: I'm not sure I got it...
10:28 imirkin: you gave 2 choices
10:28 imirkin: i said "the former", meaning the first choice
10:28 pmoreau: Who knows why a nouveau_fence_wait_busy might cause a hang? (While trying to suspend Nouveau on on G96)
10:28 mew007: ok. screw it
10:28 imirkin: pmoreau: if the gpu never hits that fence
10:29 pmoreau: But the timeout shoud be hit then
10:29 pmoreau: *should
10:29 imirkin: does wait_busy have an "out" clause, or does it just busy-loop?
10:30 imirkin: hmmm
10:30 pmoreau: Kinda an out clause as it tests for timeout
10:30 mew007: ppl, take a look: https://h-node.org/videocards/view/en/656/NVIDIA-Corporation--GF116--GeForce-GTX-550-Ti---1244-/1/1/undef/undef/undef/undef/undef/550
10:30 mew007: this card works... But as you can see the SVendor there is ZOTAC International
10:31 pmoreau: I checked if it was running in infinite loop, but it hangs in the nouveau_fence_wait_busy, after two loop run approximately
10:31 imirkin: pmoreau: chances are it doesn't get stuck there
10:31 imirkin: but the fence never gets hit
10:31 imirkin: so the surrounding caller keeps calling
10:31 imirkin: or something
10:31 mew007: I have same 550, but my SVendor: ZOTAC International
10:32 imirkin: mew007: most nvidia cards work just fine with nouveau
10:32 pmoreau: imirkin: I guess it is stuck there as I don't get the message I put before it exits the function
10:32 mew007: damn... I want to say: my SVendor is Gigabyte Technology Co
10:33 tobijk: pmoreau: which kernel?
10:33 mew007: and how it comes ZOTAC 550 works with nouveau and my Gigabyte 550 doesn't?
10:33 pmoreau: tobijk: Latest from Dave's branch, and for Nouveau, latest from Ben's repo
10:33 imirkin: mew007: differences in the vbios / other card setup
10:33 pmoreau: (as of yesterday or the day before)
10:34 mew007: so, when u buy video card you should check which vendor is better?!
10:35 tobijk: pmoreau: oh well i hope for an older one, there were some fixes in the later 3.18rc's
10:36 imirkin: mew007: there's not really a way to know ahead of time... it's rare that cards just totally don't work
10:36 imirkin: mew007: i don't remember your exact issue... can you remind me?
10:36 pmoreau: tobijk: Right.
10:36 pmoreau: The thing is, if I first reset the card using /sys/bus/pci/devices/*/reset, it works.
10:37 imirkin: problem solved :)
10:38 pmoreau: Meh, that's only a workaround, not a proper fix
10:38 mew007: imirkin: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=87830
10:39 pmoreau: The problem is it fixes too many things: like suspending the discrete card, launching X with both cards enabled, using the G96 as main card
10:40 tobijk: pmoureau: might try .wait = nouveau_fence_wait_legacy in nouveau_fence_ops_uevent? gets you the old behavior for fences back
10:40 pmoreau: Will try that :)
10:41 imirkin: [ 12.918586] nouveau E[ PFIFO][0000:01:00.0] SUBFIFO0: (unknown bits 0x00008000)
10:41 imirkin: let me see if i can figure out wtf it's talking about
10:41 imirkin: pmoreau: why is it a problem? fixing more things seems better...
10:42 pmoreau: imirkin: Is there a possibility to do an automatic card reset before Nouveau is loaded and integrate it in the kernel?
10:43 imirkin: pmoreau: dunno... i have nfc what a pci bus reset does. ask the pci guys if that seems like an ok thing to do
10:43 pmoreau: Ok
10:44 imirkin: /* { 0x00008000, "" } seen with null ib push */
10:45 pmoreau: imirkin: It might be way to vague to ask the NVidia guys about it I guess?
10:45 imirkin: well, there's always a cleaner way to reinit the card than a pci bus reset
10:45 imirkin: pmoreau: btw, i assume nouveau.config=NvForcePost=1 doesn't help
10:46 pmoreau: Excatly
10:46 imirkin: [in light of the various fixes you've made]
10:46 pmoreau: *Exactly
10:46 imirkin: but there are certain realities... like we don't have hw docs, so it may be permissible if we detect the proper dmi string or something
10:46 pmoreau: dmi string?
10:47 mew007: device message interface?
10:48 imirkin: dunno what it stands for... but remember that patch i made to disable the g96 card?
10:48 imirkin: that relied on a dmi match
10:48 pmoreau: Ah, ok!
10:54 crazedpsyc: I came here for that HUB_INIT timeout bug as well, on Optimus/NVE7. The patch in the bugtracker doesn't fix it here, unfortunately
10:58 imirkin: crazedpsyc: yeah, a bunch of people have that issue... no known fix atm
11:00 crazedpsyc: alright, well, I'll be here regularly if anybody needs some info/testing for that
11:01 mew007: does anyone else have gigabyte 550Ti here?
11:01 tobijk: i'm always puzzled if the same chip works here and not there :/ (is this a GDDR5 issue maybe?)
11:03 Yoshimo: mew 560ti here, sorry
11:05 imirkin: tobijk: most likely some bit of init missed by the vbios
11:05 imirkin: which the nvidia driver papers over
11:06 tobijk: i can hear "trace it" :D
11:08 mew007: are we able to change vbios firmware? update it or something...
11:09 tobijk: mew007: you can load it from an external source (file)
11:09 tobijk: but i gotta run now... sorry
11:11 mew007: np
11:16 imirkin: mew007: chances are skeggsb_ can figure out what's wrong with your card, but i suspect he's on vacation... probably back next week
11:21 mew007: skeggsb_ ?
11:21 mew007: ok
11:22 mew007: that time I gonna find some ppl who have same video card. I'll ask'em to check their cards compatibility with nouveau
12:02 mew007: Yoshimo: does nouveau work with 3d acceleration with 560Ti?
12:03 Yoshimo: has the usual reclocking issues
12:05 Yoshimo: i offered Rspliet a fermi card to solve that reclocking, but he hasn't taken it yet
12:08 RSpliet: Yoshimo: sorry, I have bigger (non-nouveau) priorities right now
12:08 Yoshimo: offer is still valid, after that ;)
12:09 RSpliet: cool, I'll keep that in mind
12:12 Yoshimo: nvidia hasn't mentioned anything about maxwell firmware files yet , have they?
12:13 RSpliet: I believe not, but the lead developer seems to be on holiday for christmas
12:13 RSpliet: so maybe there's some news in the pipeline we haven't heard yet
12:14 RSpliet: I'm sure many issues will be resolved quickly once that is sorted out
15:06 imirkin: does anyone understand interrupt delivery (before it gets to the CPU)? e.g. wtf is MSI and why does it not fucking ever work?
15:12 pmoreau: imirkin: Which bug are you trying to solve?
15:12 imirkin: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=87983
15:12 imirkin: just blacklist via? dunno.
15:13 pmoreau: Use a dmi string ;)
15:13 imirkin: but which one?
15:13 imirkin: and why isn't it working in the first place?
15:13 imirkin: everything seems perfectly happy in there
15:13 imirkin: and snd_hda_intel is getting interrupts
15:13 imirkin: but who knows what causes that counter to get incremented
15:15 tobijk: bad interrupt sharing? who knows
15:18 pmoreau: Does disabling MSI also remove the switch to software fbcon or just the hang afterwards?
15:18 tobijk: well dont blacklist nv86 completely, mine is working fine with MSI
15:19 imirkin: the switch to software fbcon is due to the hang
15:19 imirkin: not the other way around
15:19 imirkin: tobijk: yeah, it's clearly a platform issue
15:20 pmoreau: Oh, I thought the hang appears afterwards, with the "failed to idle channel"
15:20 imirkin: there's also a hang afterwards when X tries to do things too
15:20 imirkin: but the original hang is from the thing sucking
15:21 pmoreau: But the first one isn't a hard hang
15:22 imirkin: nor is the second one
15:22 imirkin: X just gets very unhappy
15:22 pmoreau: Oh right, I didn't see he was able to ssh in
15:25 tobijk: [ 0.103481] ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [LNK1] (IRQs 3 4 6 7 10 11 12) *5 <--
15:25 tobijk: uses interrupt 5 which it should not
15:26 imirkin: i haven't the faintest clue what all this means
15:26 imirkin: it all used to be so much simpler in the bad old days
15:26 imirkin: dedicated interrupt lines, etc
15:26 tobijk: back to isa cards :P
15:27 imirkin: you want to interrupt? no problem! just set voltage high on some pin, and the cpu is interrupted
15:29 tobijk: anyway, that system is broken as hell :D (or badly misconfigured)
16:03 imirkin: tobijk: curious, can you run some tests (preferably with MSAA turned on) -- does that compression thing change perf at all for you?
16:03 imirkin: i'm thinking like heaven or whatever
16:04 tobijk: ow
16:04 tobijk: with that slow system heh
16:04 tobijk: well lets see
16:05 imirkin: i'm not looking for a 10x improvement... just a bit ;)
16:06 imirkin: i think this is comparable to HiZ which on radeon was like a 20-30% change iirc
16:06 tobijk: oh that would be noticable: 1fps -> 1.2fps ;-)
16:10 imirkin: lol
16:10 imirkin: try reducing the resolution/quality
16:11 tobijk: i made the
16:11 tobijk: *that up
16:16 imirkin: yea
16:17 imirkin: but even i only get like 4fps
16:17 imirkin: on a gf108
16:17 imirkin: i doubt g86 is _much_ faster
16:18 tobijk: it just crashed on heaven 3 :/ ddont know if my change is the problem though
16:20 imirkin: hmmm
16:20 imirkin: what was the crash?
16:20 imirkin: it used to work...
16:21 tobijk: hard hang, havent seen the error :/
16:22 imirkin: hrmph
16:22 imirkin: could you check w/o your change?
16:22 tobijk: yeah i'M already at it
16:24 imirkin: could be hitting some buffer management problems
16:25 tobijk: ah now i saw some "value %xy not uniquely defined" and then again the hang without the patch
16:26 imirkin: gr. i need to look into those warnings... pretty sure they're bs though
16:55 tobijk_: http://pastebin.com/RBDQGGWk
16:55 tobijk: imirkin -^
16:55 tobijk: dmesg from a saved trip with heaven
16:56 imirkin: without your patch, right?
16:56 tobijk: yep
16:56 imirkin: yeah, looks like a buffer management issue
19:39 Tom^: so as http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/KernelModeSetting/ suggest there is a way to deactivate kms and unload nouveau, which works fine i guess and after modprobing nvidia module im able to startx again, but is it even possible of restoring kms afterwards i remove the nvidia module again?
19:40 Tom^: i tried reversing that script and according to dmesg nouveau seems to loadup just fine and as intended just that the screen is garbled and doesnt really show much
19:45 imirkin: the nvidia module does something to the hardware that nouveau isn't able to undo
19:45 imirkin: something is messed up with the display engine, so everything's fine but no updates ever make it to the screen
19:46 Tom^: ah thats sad
19:46 imirkin: that didn't use to happen btw
19:46 imirkin: if you pick an old enough driver it should be able to switch back and forth
19:47 Tom^: yea well since im on a 780ti there isnt so much older drivers that run
19:47 Tom^: i guess my idea of dynamicly switching between nouveau and nvidia is busted then ;_;
19:47 imirkin: i think like 330.x didn't use to have this problem
19:48 imirkin: or maybe 325.x
19:51 adrgrg: @imirkin, sorry to bug you again :) so can I compile nouveau without dri? Is there a configure flag?
19:52 imirkin: adrgrg: dunno... ./configure --help
19:53 imirkin: adrgrg: doesn't appear to be a --disable-dri in there, but i also don't see why you'd have to pass that in
19:53 imirkin: it's the X server that has dri disabled
19:53 imirkin: not xf86-video-nouveau
19:53 imirkin: (i think!)
19:53 adrgrg: yeah, but nouveau asks for dri2 when compiling
19:54 adrgrg: configure --help doesn't say anything :/
19:54 imirkin: it asks for the dri2proto package
19:54 imirkin: i guess in a perfect world those would be optional... not sure how to do that
19:55 adrgrg: so atm, I need to compile xorg with dri, right?
19:55 adrgrg: (I was looking for a short way :P )
19:55 imirkin: no
19:55 imirkin: you just need the dri2proto package
19:56 imirkin: nothing to do with building X with dri afaik
19:56 adrgrg: good
19:56 adrgrg: dri2proto it is, thx :)
20:04 yourbeau: can anyone help me setup Geforce GT 635M ?
20:05 imirkin: should Just Work (tm)
20:06 imirkin: for help with optimus, see http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/
20:07 yourbeau: i don't have xrandr
20:07 yourbeau: what should I install to get xrandr
20:08 imirkin: xrandr :)
20:08 imirkin: to get help operating your distro you should try to find a distro-specific channel
20:14 yourbeau: imirkin, ok I understand but you use Ubuntu anyways
20:15 imirkin: yourbeau: i don't...
20:17 yourbeau: imirkin, what do you use then ?
20:17 imirkin: gentoo
20:20 yourbeau: imirkin, what is the minimum kernel requirement ?
20:21 imirkin: for what? GF108M?
20:21 yourbeau: ya nouveau's proper innstallation
20:21 yourbeau: I am on 3.13
20:21 imirkin: hmmm.... iirc 3.13 had some funny issues for optimus. or was it 3.12...
20:22 imirkin: when in doubt, just grab the latest and greatest...
20:22 imirkin: 3.13 is from a pretty long time ago, i don't remember many details from that time
20:23 imirkin: if you're using a ubuntu kernel, i'm sure it has tons of other patches on top, so it doesn't really resemble the upstream 3.13 kernel
20:23 imirkin: (not to say it's bad, but just further clarifying that i have no clue about it)
20:23 imirkin: another approach is "see if it works, and if not, upgrade"
20:25 yourbeau: imirkin, I am using Trisquel Linux-libre
20:25 imirkin: ok...
20:28 yourbeau: xrandr --setprovideroffloadsink nouveau Intel
20:28 yourbeau: imirkin, ^
20:28 yourbeau: what does it do ?
20:28 yourbeau: if we have to set DRI_PRIME=1 <app>
20:28 yourbeau: anyways
20:28 imirkin: it sets the provider offload sink to 'nouveau' for the 'Intel' card
20:29 yourbeau: in plain text?
20:29 imirkin: so when you do DRI_PRIME=1 it will go to nouveau for opengl
20:29 imirkin: some DE's take care of that for you, btw
20:29 yourbeau: ok
20:29 yourbeau: I am using old DE
20:29 yourbeau: Gnome
20:29 yourbeau: imirkin, how to test if offloading 3d is really working ?
20:29 imirkin: the optimus page covers that
20:30 imirkin: run glxinfo, if it says nouveau, it's working
20:30 tobijk: yourbeau: DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo
20:30 tobijk: grep for nouveau
20:33 yourbeau: DRI_PRIME=1 says it says Gallium 0.4 on NVC1
20:33 yourbeau: but when I run
20:33 yourbeau: DRI_PRIME=1 totem
20:33 yourbeau: and play a movie
20:33 yourbeau: 700 MB size
20:33 yourbeau: its choppy
20:34 tobijk: you actually have a nouveau with vdpau?
20:34 yourbeau: logs of line on video and it moves at times as if the video is water and someone just threw a pebble far away
20:34 tobijk: mesa
20:34 imirkin: you need to grab blob firmware for vdpau
20:35 yourbeau: mesa?
20:35 tobijk: forget it as imirkin mentioned the blob firmware, was not aware of that
20:36 imirkin: i think linux-libre disables the request_firmware interface, so it won't work even if you have it
20:37 yourbeau: so basically nouveau does require non-free software ?
20:37 yourbeau: it is not completely free ?
20:39 imirkin: only if you want to use vdpau
20:42 tobijk: going to bed, gn8
20:42 yourbeau: imirkin, ok so there is no automatic offloading 3d?
20:42 yourbeau: with nouveau ?
20:43 imirkin: there is no automatic offloading with anything afaik
20:43 yourbeau: ok
20:43 yourbeau: so DRI_PRIME=1 is needed ?
20:43 imirkin: yep
20:44 yourbeau: fuck
20:44 yourbeau: sorry for swearing
20:44 yourbeau: Where can I check if my card is even supported ?
20:44 yourbeau: you told me it is weakest card ever
20:46 yourbeau: [ 2.375326] nouveau [ DEVICE][0000:01:00.0] Chipset: GF108 (NVC1)
20:46 yourbeau: imirkin, ^
20:46 yourbeau: this is my card
20:48 imirkin: GF108 is the weakest of the fermi line of cards
20:48 imirkin: a large contributing factor is also what clock speed it boots to
20:48 imirkin: since nouveau can't change clock speeds
20:48 imirkin: on fermi
20:56 imirkin: the fact that you're seeing 'Gallium 0.4 on NVC1' is a pretty good indicator that your card is supported
21:06 yourbeau: imirkin, But how can I test it sir ?
21:06 yourbeau: imirkin, games?
21:07 imirkin: not sure what "games" have to do with "card supported by nouveau"
21:07 imirkin: anyways, if you have any games, you can run them with DRI_PRIME=1 game
21:07 imirkin: and then the game will use the offload sink to perform its rendering
21:11 yourbeau: hell yaaaaaah
21:11 yourbeau: I need to install good games first
21:11 yourbeau: which opensource car racing game do you love ?
21:12 imirkin: i think supertuxkart is a canonical choice
21:13 imirkin: not really car racing... more like mariokart
21:13 yourbeau: ok
21:14 yourbeau: ok I am install torcs
21:14 yourbeau: is that fine ?
21:15 imirkin: you can do whatever you like :)
21:15 imirkin: nouveau should work with pretty much any game out there
21:16 yourbeau: awesome
21:17 yourbeau: but I think video decoding is still buggy
21:17 yourbeau: we need some non-free firmware which has not been reversed engg. yet
21:17 yourbeau: but we shall not loose hope
21:17 imirkin: looks like the min requirement is for GL 1.2, so even a Riva TNT can run torcs it seems
21:17 imirkin: well, the presentation aspect of vdpau should work fine
21:17 imirkin: just not the decoding aspect
21:18 imirkin: perhaps whatever player you were using doesn't cope very well with that
21:21 yourbeau: I tried
21:21 yourbeau: mplayer2
21:21 yourbeau: vlc
21:21 yourbeau: totem
21:21 yourbeau: nothing works fine with nouveau
21:22 yourbeau: imirkin, how to install the firmware ? would it work after firmware ?
21:22 imirkin: yourbeau: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/VideoAcceleration/
21:22 imirkin: but iirc linux-libre stubs out request_firmware() so it can't work
21:23 imirkin: it frees you from the choice of being able to load things outside of the kernel image, it would seem..
21:24 yourbeau: ok
21:25 yourbeau: so I am using a fucked up OS because I want freedom ?
21:25 imirkin: if you wanted freedom, you wouldn't use linux-libre. linux-libre constraints what you can do rather than expanding it.
21:25 imirkin: constrains*
21:26 yourbeau: I wanted software freedom
21:26 yourbeau: you talking about freedom of choic
21:27 imirkin: lots of diff freedoms out there, eh
21:27 imirkin: seemingly in conflict with one another
21:28 imirkin: anyhoo... if you can repro the issue with vdpau at will, take a screenshot, i'd be interesting in seeing what you mean
21:28 imirkin: (you can put it up on imgur or something)
21:29 imirkin: oh! i bet you have a mesa from before we tried to detect if decoding was going to work and just assumed it did...
21:29 imirkin: can you run 'vdpauinfo' and pastebin the output?
21:33 yourbeau: ok
21:34 yourbeau: imirkin, wait a sec I paste it
21:34 yourbeau: imirkin, it says command not found
21:34 imirkin: pastebin, not into chan :)
21:34 imirkin: ah. well you probably need to install then
21:35 yourbeau: ya
21:35 yourbeau: game is installing to dpkg is locked
21:35 yourbeau: I would install asap I finish it
21:35 imirkin: np
21:36 yourbeau: only 3 mins left
21:36 yourbeau: imirkin, when i select vdpau in smplayer (mplayer2) it don't show no video
21:37 yourbeau: only audio comes
21:37 imirkin: ah. so what renderer is it using when you have issues?
21:37 yourbeau: DRI_PRIME=1 totem
21:38 yourbeau: totem has no options
21:38 yourbeau: it just plays
21:38 yourbeau: DRI_PRIME=1 smplayer
21:38 imirkin: yeah, but which thing does it pick? i would assume xv...
21:38 yourbeau: same as intel
21:38 yourbeau: xv
21:38 yourbeau: ya
21:38 imirkin: wait, you have issues without the DRI_PRIME thing too?
21:39 yourbeau: no
21:39 yourbeau: when INtel it is fine
21:40 yourbeau: when nouveau the video is choppy
21:40 yourbeau: with*
21:40 imirkin: but doing DRI_PRIME=1 foo changes something even though it's using xv? that's very surprising
21:40 yourbeau: ya
21:40 yourbeau: that is why I say ; nouveau is not working right
21:41 imirkin: i dunno what's not working right
21:42 imirkin: i have no idea how it would even have any effect
21:45 yourbeau: lol torcs works awesome even with intel
21:46 imirkin: yeah... iirc you have an ivy bridge chip (iX-3xxx) -- that's fairly powerful
21:46 yourbeau: imirkin, What should I install for VDApau ?
21:46 imirkin: look at the wiki page i posted earlier... it covers all that
21:48 yourbeau: so install the firmware ?
21:48 imirkin: yep
21:48 yourbeau: ah
21:48 imirkin: and use a kernel that can load it
21:48 yourbeau: ok I try
21:48 yourbeau: Linux-libre would not ?
21:48 imirkin: like i said, it stubs out request_firmware
21:48 imirkin: which is the mechanism used to load firmware
21:48 yourbeau: lol so I need to switch to different OS ?
21:48 imirkin: no... just a diff kernel
21:49 imirkin: note that the intel gpu comes with vaapi support
21:49 imirkin: which can do decoding of h264 and perhaps other things, i forget
21:52 yourbeau: vaapi
21:52 yourbeau: ok
21:59 yourbeau: imirkin, I am done with nouveau, I think it would not work without non-free software; if a user wants non-free software before choose Ubuntu than Trisquel anways
21:59 imirkin: k
22:02 yourbeau: yep
22:02 yourbeau: thanks for support and help
22:02 yourbeau: :)
22:02 imirkin: i would still recommend that you leave the nouveau kernel module loaded since it will power down the gpu
22:02 yourbeau: imirkin, oh how to do it ?
22:02 yourbeau: What would be the benefits ?
22:02 yourbeau: I don't want this GPU at all
22:02 imirkin: just leave it loaded... and the gpu will be powered down
22:03 imirkin: ok, well it's a laptop... so removing it is difficult
22:03 yourbeau: ya I know ? I want it to work in an awesome manner ; but it ain't
22:03 yourbeau: 2 Gigs of Graphics is not performing before than INtel
22:03 imirkin: however when nouveau is loaded, it will call the relevant acpi methods and power down the gpu when it's not being used
22:04 imirkin: pretty sure i mentioned up-front that you weren't going to get better performance with it
22:05 imirkin: at least not on many workloads
22:18 yourbeau: imirkin, ya performance is really bad ; even worse than INtel
22:21 yourbeau: imirkin, with mplayer <file>
22:21 yourbeau: both performe well
23:23 yourbeau: imirkin, [ vdpau] Failed creating VDPAU decoder: An invalid/unsupported VdpDecoderProfile value was supplied.
23:24 yourbeau: I did every in the page