00:31 fdobridge: <z​mike.> @gfxstrand you should be good to go on main for ES conformance
11:25 karolherbst: Lyude: is DSC a thing with eDP?
11:25 karolherbst: wondering about https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/nouveau/-/issues/356
11:25 karolherbst: I'm sure HBR3 isn't enough to drive that display
11:42 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> The margin is narrower than you would expect, it's just 6% beyond CVT-RBv2 at 444 8bpc
11:42 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> https://tomverbeure.github.io/video_timings_calculator
11:43 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> Technically if everything is set up to be happy with extremely tight timings it might not be DSC but it would be outside of spec
12:14 fdobridge: <!​DodoNVK (she) 🇱🇹> This interface is implemented by almost every DRM driver: <https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/Documentation/gpu/drm-usage-stats.rst> (except nouveau) 🤔
17:57 fdobridge: <S​id> does HDR need a userspace implementation?
17:57 fdobridge: <S​id> @cosmicemotion has a funky thing where they have HDR working in gamescope on a prime setup, where AMD iGPU is running gamescope and the game itself is on NVK
19:24 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Thanks, everyone who's testing games. I've not been very active the last few days but it's fun watching it fill up. It's also nice seeing that much green. 😁
19:24 fdobridge: <S​id> I still need to add in all my green's 😅
19:24 fdobridge: <S​id> need to find the time to sit down and do that
19:25 fdobridge: <S​id> but most importantly It Runs (GZ)Doom (Vulkan renderer)™️ so nothing else matters /j
19:25 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> @redsheep it might make sense to also add a RADV status when we can reasonably get one. That way we don't go chasing ghosts. 👻
19:26 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> @redsheep it might make sense to also add a RADV status for when we can reasonably get one. That way we don't go chasing ghosts. 👻 (edited)
19:26 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Hopefully we'll eventually be to the point where RADV and NVK work about the same and most of the issues are with wine/steam but I don't want to bet on that right now.
19:27 fdobridge: <S​id> that should be trivial to add, just duplicating the existing status column
19:37 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Yeah, but I don't want them next to each other so we don't mix them up.
19:37 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Yeah, but I don't know that I want them next to each other so we don't mix them up. (edited)
19:37 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> Oh sorry I just added it next to the other, position as you like
19:38 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> Or anyone else with the sheet loaded, I'm on mobile
19:38 fdobridge: <S​id> where would you want it?
19:38 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> That's okay. It's easy to move columns.
19:38 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Maybe over by notes. It feels like a note to me.
19:39 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> I don't think any of the failures I've touched are likely broken on radv but I don't have a really handy radv device
19:39 fdobridge: <S​id> done~
19:40 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Yeah, I don't expect most do. That's why it's more of a nice to have.
19:40 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> If it's deck verified, we can probably add a ✅
19:41 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Without individual testing
19:41 fdobridge: <S​id> yup
19:41 fdobridge: <S​id> or even deck playable
19:41 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Yeah
19:42 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Or folks can test on NVIDIA proprietary.
19:42 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> If they're set up to switch
19:42 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> That may be easier
19:42 fdobridge: <S​id> I'm set up to switch because some of my games still don't work with nvk, yeah
19:43 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> I suspect nvapi will continue to complicate this a little. Trying to get reflex and enough ptx for dlss going would probably eliminate that though
19:43 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Really, I just want a sanity check that the game is otherwise fine on Linux so we don't chase ghosts.
19:43 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Okay, plane taking off, going afk.
19:43 fdobridge: <S​id> granted, I'm playing more games on NVK, but I still spend more time on proprietary because I've been spending more time in NVK-non-functioning games 😅
19:43 fdobridge: <S​id> happy journey!
19:54 fdobridge: <c​osmicemotion> Thank you for the amazing work you're doing! 🙂
19:59 fdobridge: <c​osmicemotion> I'm downloading more games as we speak to test. If you would like a specific game tested let me know and I'll try to test it as well! 🙂
20:00 fdobridge: <!​DodoNVK (she) 🇱🇹> I definitely helped with quite a few things too
22:01 Lyude: btw airlied, karolherbst, dakr: if anyone would be up to reviewing some of the featurematrix changes I made I'd appreciate it :) https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/nouveau/wiki/-/merge_requests/52
22:02 karolherbst: oh shoo..I forgot
22:02 Lyude: np, I forgot I had it marked as draft until now anyway :P
22:02 karolherbst: heh
22:02 Lyude: (also tbh I was kind of waiting for OEM feedback before anyhow)
22:02 karolherbst: the review I'm doing: open the preview and check if it looks goo d:
22:02 karolherbst: *good
22:02 karolherbst: :D
22:03 karolherbst: Lyude: ohh btw, did you see the bug report with the wrongly fetched edid?
22:05 karolherbst: Lyude: you can merge MRs there, right?
22:05 Lyude: karolherbst: I haven't seen the wrongly fetched edid but that smells like a km
22:05 Lyude: *kvm
22:05 Lyude: karolherbst: and yeah I can merge it, thanks for the review!
22:06 karolherbst: Lyude: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/nouveau/-/issues/356
22:06 karolherbst: the only thread on that MR
22:08 karolherbst: but that also explains why I only saw that 2560x1600@60 mode in dmesg, and not a 240 one
22:12 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> That sounds like that might explain my 4k120 mode being missing on this HBR3 monitor
22:12 karolherbst: check your edid :D
22:12 karolherbst: (or dmes gwith drm.debug because it usually tells you why it doesn't like a mode)
22:13 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> Ok I will put that on the list for the next time I get a chance to test
22:14 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> I wonder if that could explain the other issue calling back to 6 bpc, probably not
22:14 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> falling back*
22:14 karolherbst: yeah, that's a differen thing
22:19 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> Thought I would look over the feature matrix too, why is HDR not applicable to Volta? That does the titan V really not do HDR?
22:22 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> Also for the SLI line I don't think NV190/Ada should have TODO, they have completely removed that from the silicon from what I understand
22:22 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> There are no bridges or anything
22:22 fdobridge: <m​ohamexiety> there's this one too https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/nouveau/-/issues/325. can probably ping @rhed0x for any testing or so
22:23 fdobridge: <r​edsheep> Those are the only two issues I can spot with the matrix
22:25 fdobridge: <m​ohamexiety> yup! actually noticeable on die annotations https://www.nemez.net/die/GPU/Ada/AD102_annotated.png https://www.nemez.net/die/GPU/Ampere/GA102_annotated.jpg (AD102 vs GA102)
22:31 fdobridge: <r​hed0x> I'll try that in the next couple of days