01:40 gonnaberemoved: I won't be removed from the scenes anymore, you get only mildly sanctioned by higher level of authority , since you have always made no sense, I assume you are genetically ill and scout boy airlied just does not grasp through his actions who he deals with, Americans also remove soon any of the services and terror offered additionally by Ermine, dwfreed and jokes similar to the already mentioned ape of terror.
01:45 fdobridge: <l‚Äčeopard1907> ūüźł
01:45 gonnaberemoved: It's quite unavoidable to the terrorists in Cambodia too not get sanctioned, since otherwise Europe and all western allies will boycott the destination. They get mild sanctions.
02:52 yusisamerican: nvk_cmd_copy_query_pool_results_mme calls the MME macro NVK_MME_COPY_QUERIES.....this seems problematic when attempting to share MME code with a gallium driver as it attempts to use Vulkan Query macros. Thankfully nvk_cmd_copy_query_pool_results_mme doest seem to be called by anyone, is there a reason for its existence?
05:57 airlied: yusisamerican: it was the old path, I think it was left around while the new path was being tested, not sure if it's still needd
05:58 yusisamerican: airlied: Uhhh ill remove it in a upcoming patch series I am preparing then
05:59 yusisamerican: thx
08:55 fdobridge: <s‚Äčnektron> Just tried DP alt-mode using nouveau. No synchronization issues at least, but it does crash my compositor (wlroots based) every few seconds
13:34 derr: anyone want to help me debug or downgrade my mesa drivers for my nvidia card ? using nouveau drivers..
18:34 Lyude: snektron: feel free to file a gitlab issue and link me here, include dmesg with your kernel booted with the following arguments: drm.debug=0x116 log_buf_len=50M
18:36 Lyude: also, weird issue I've been seeing occasionally with nouveau: I've been running glmark2 for a few seconds periodically as the day goes on (so I can keep suspending/resuming the GPU for dogfooding the radix3 fixes I wrote) and I've noticed every now and then the glmark2 window just doesn't appear at all
18:36 Lyude: There's no errors I can see from the kernel though, and it seems like the GPU resumes just fine. Trying to restart it fixes it
18:36 Lyude: it seems to be mostly random
18:37 derr: i know nothing about computers but i heard they'r not so random
18:39 Dang1: am i supposed to be able to reclock on fermi gpu?
18:39 Lyude: btw airlied dakr - new version of the radix3 patches on the list, fixed the bogus explanation in the first patch and a mistake I made in the second when iterating through sgt
18:39 Lyude: Dang1: not really. a lot of research has been done on it but I'm not sure where things left off last with it
18:39 Lyude: karolherbst would know more
18:39 Lyude: i feel like we might have had it sort of working at one point (not dynamically though)
18:40 Dang1: Really? i thought manual reclocking was supported :( i keep getting "function not implemented" error when i try changing the pstate
18:42 Lyude: Dang1: actually I think I might be misremembering and thinking of tesla
18:42 Lyude: I think we did have it working on fermi
18:42 Lyude: it's been a while
18:42 Dang1: oh no, my gpu isn't that, it's NVD9 (GF119)
18:49 Dang1: so you have no idea what's going on <Lyude>? the only place where i found someone mention this problem is here! https://github.com/polkaulfield/nouveau-reclocking-guide/issues/1
19:06 Lyude: Dang1: no, but whenever karolherbst is around they should be able to help you - they've got a lot more experience with the reclocking stuff in nouveau then i do
19:07 Dang1: okay, thanks <3
22:28 RSpliet: Dang1: Nah, most Fermi's won't support reclocking. Can't remember whether NVD9 is proper Fermi or a half-Kepler frankenstein, but either way unless someone picked it up where I left it 7 years ago (unlikely), it's not supported