05:49 Ilgaz: Core 2 Duo (64bit) with nvidia 9400... Should I move that one to NetBSD as it features nouveau drivers too? Nothing urgent, just thinking. I really didn't like the treatment I had recently from my distro of choice.
05:49 Ilgaz:yes that is my new year resolution, I am so boring :-P
21:33 fdobridge_: <g​fxstrand> This all reminds me way too much of Android device rooting from a decade ago. 😅
22:12 fdobridge_: <!​DodoNVK (she) 🇱🇹> Do you know Chainfire or cyanogen? 🐸
22:16 fdobridge_: <a​zkali> In which way ?
22:24 fdobridge_: <p​ac85> I hadn't heard chainfire in a long time you just unlocked so many memories
22:43 fdobridge_: <g​fxstrand> I ran cyanogen for a while. Never heard of chainfire.
22:44 fdobridge_: <g​fxstrand> Oh, just all the crazy hacks and alternate bootloaders and backing up and "try very hard not to brick it!"
22:44 fdobridge_: <g​fxstrand> I'm way more used to working on PCs.
22:46 fdobridge_: <a​zkali> Ah yes well it's still very actual beside that it doesn't concern rooting. Been porting edk2 and mu to boot windows on my Z Fold 3 and I faced those issues, especially avoiding the last one.
22:46 fdobridge_: <a​zkali> But yeah ACPI and such recovery/backup/genercity features on PC and whatnot makes life easy
22:47 fdobridge_: <a​zkali> But switch don't brick though, 0 brick report
22:47 fdobridge_: <a​zkali> But switch don't brick though, 0 brick report including my own devel devices ^^ (edited)
22:47 fdobridge_: <g​fxstrand> Yeah, a lot of that stuff is actually really robust. It's just a lot of steps I'm not used to.
23:33 fdobridge_: <g​fxstrand> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1034184951790305330/1191524648064659577/rn_image_picker_lib_temp_e941bedd-478a-4678-aefc-59b19ff4774d.jpg?ex=65a5c0cd&is=65934bcd&hm=b71931900e1fb919365a3537759aaa6d2167d7c0037eb1289640e9552b1a3167&
23:48 fdobridge_: <g​fxstrand> I should probably plug into a dock so I have a keyboard and monitor...
23:53 fdobridge_: <g​fxstrand> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1034184951790305330/1191529542129557555/rn_image_picker_lib_temp_0355a032-c879-4526-92e5-854dcf0c4887.jpg?ex=65a5c55c&is=6593505c&hm=29ab8a99b48eb2046063c029e70220f2da6969e584e5a91a7f11691a1eac2a80&