18:42 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> @airlied @gfxstrand it kinda feels like that Dave's fix significantly stabilizes nouveau, and at least I could run the GL CTS on my kepler2 GPU with 12 threads without a single system crash, and gp108 also feels way more stable. So Faith, in case you are planning new runs also on older GPUs, you might want to consider either pulling c8a5d5ea3ba6a18958f8d76430e4cd68eea33943 and check if it's more stable for you as well
18:56 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Awesome!
18:56 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> I'm running CTS now and I'm not gonna kill that run but I can pull that and try it out
18:56 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> cool!
18:56 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> @karolherbst Is that patch upstream or on a branch?
18:56 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> I'm also seeing significantly less flakes, but I think that's because I moved opengl to bo_wait instead of doing full fencing in userspace
18:57 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> `drm`
18:57 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> drm-fixes specificaly
18:57 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> it's also in 6.4 already
18:58 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Okay
18:58 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Should I just pull 6.4?
18:58 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Does 6.4
18:58 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Does 6.4 also have the helper fix? (edited)
18:59 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> no... I have to ping Ben again, but I don't think anything is holding it back, he just had some concerns or something
19:04 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Okay. I'll cherry-pick on top then.
19:14 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> 6.4 is still in RC?
19:14 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> correct
19:45 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> it's kinda weird how I also don't see any of those invalid push buffers errors anymore... oh wow. Though I was sure that one of my tesla gpus were super broken, I should try one of those next
19:57 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> seems like tesla is more of a dumpster fire still
19:58 fdobridge: <p​ixelcluster> didn't look at the channel, thought you meant the clown car company, wanted to agree
19:59 fdobridge: <M​ohamexiety> I was about to say how I love how this quote can be taken out of context and be true hahahahaha
20:59 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Well, we're gonna find out! 😅
21:07 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> uhh.. Ben wants me to support the helper invoc stuff through macros pre turing as well
21:07 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> I'd rather port the mme compiler to gl than to write those macros by hand 😄
21:34 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> ouch
21:34 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Wait... I didn't think pre-turing had the falcon stuff
22:32 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> the nvidia provided firmware has it afaik
22:32 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> not sure if I tried with nvk