11:03 OftenTimeConsuming: Okay, I'm using sway and I'm getting multiple second long hangs at random, with error in dmesg: nouveau 0000:01:00.0: DRM: bo 00000000c4976744 pinned elsewhere: 0x00000001 vs 0x00000002
11:04 mcayland: hi all! is the RTX 4050 supported by nouveau at all?
11:07 DodoGTA: mcayland: Ada Lovelace likely won't work at all (because Ampere is the newest generation with firmware)
11:11 mcayland: DodoGTA: ah thanks, so it's nvidia binaries only then
11:31 OftenTimeConsuming: Hmm, the hangs only happen when using the DisplayPort output.
11:31 OftenTimeConsuming: If I enable nouveau debugging in Linux, will it provide more debug information?