13:38 MelMalik: I wish I was a fluffy fox
13:42 LunaFoxgirlVT: karolherbst now the foxgirl is here though (he asked me if I joined the irc lol)
13:43 karolherbst: MelMalik: you summed a fluffy fox :3
13:43 MelMalik: what
13:43 MelMalik: no, you did, karolherbst
13:44 karolherbst: my hands moved on their own, it was you who made me do it
13:44 MelMalik: LunaFoxgirlVT: what i said before you joined was, in full, "I wish I was a fluffy fox"
13:44 MelMalik: karolherbst: you may want to get that looked at
13:46 LunaFoxgirlVT: MelMalik: I know, and karol asked me if you were a pseudonym of mine lol
13:46 MelMalik: nah
13:46 MelMalik: am just a fox
13:46 LunaFoxgirlVT: I'm just a fox that makes triangles have pretty colors
13:47 MelMalik: a fluffy little vixen who doesn't do anything good
13:54 KitsuWhooa: something about fluffy foxes?
13:54 KitsuWhooa: :p
13:54 LunaFoxgirlVT: A majority of Inochi2D models right now is foxgirls, so fluffy fox(girls) indeed
13:56 MelMalik: hmh
13:56 MelMalik: KitsuWhooa: ?
14:00 KitsuWhooa: Not sure how to explain it. It was a "joke"/reference to the former half of my nickname.
14:00 MelMalik: Yea
14:01 LunaFoxgirlVT: 狐はめっちゃふわもふです (foxes are very fluffy)
14:01 LunaFoxgirlVT: Either way that's enough off-topic talk that karol dragged me in to, I poof