06:25 nomanias: they have rumors that NASA was the skyrocketing when Ronald Reagan was the president of united states, but anyways this is totally ridiculous what science those do, they have freaking everything as top notch, me i am more like vanuatu John Frum dude, watching the airplanes, also quite old today too already.
06:27 nomanias: Ronald Reagan was the all time most popular united states president, he was actually an actor in Dallas series :)
06:29 nomanias: What i remarkably said was truth, my life changed nothing as to how tech works, they had every single last bit of my wisdom already in place,
06:34 nomanias: John Frum is vanuatu main religion, it originates from world war 2, they do some silly dance with sticks and eat some putty from roots :D, the religion started cause they had never seen airplane before world war 2 when americans went there with military they started to praise them thinking about aliens :D
06:42 nomanias: But americans are totally ridiculous people, won noble prize around 300 times , and my shot arsenal was i felt it's very deep, but there was nothing that i could add to the main branch of science, literally nothing.
06:43 nomanias: Both estonians and finnish they actually migrated to those areas from the centre of europe, but scandinavian other branches were already originally in those locations.
06:45 fdobridge: <B​yLaws> @Mr Fall🐧
06:50 nomanias: there was a time in history when black death swiped out one third of europes population, the pandemic the leathal bacteria came from africa with rats.
06:51 nomanias: though it was likely more like virus
06:51 nomanias: it's bit different virus needs a host to live
06:52 nomanias: even in the start of the 20th century medicine was not so high as today, 50 percent of the super wrestlers from estonia died to the causes of simplle treatable illnesses these days
07:00 nomanias: but everyone has felt it, as to how small you actually are in the field of science, you give your last fluid out , but science had it all before
07:03 nomanias: it's bit pathetic in some sense, all my life i was behind a computer, and i did not even invent anything :)
07:05 nomanias: you go like wait a minute, it's crazy they manufacture such technology, you look at this fitPC or lenovo notebooks , like wtf. how is that possible even
07:06 nomanias: so high end powers in the world
07:14 nomanias: they had a story that north koreans went to america, and in the expedition group one man asked something about the lens of radio signaller of some time well some nfc or more sophisticated lidar, and guy said i have had enough of this terror, next day in socks in the morning torned down the most of north korean electric systems with http header exploit
07:14 nomanias: last drop into the bucket :D
07:15 fdobridge: <R​hedox> what the hell is going on here
07:17 nomanias: two americans discuss on quora that chinese warship was built, should we shoot it down before it goes to operation :D
07:18 nomanias: one guy said, ouh wait a little bit fellow, it's not so dangerous ship
07:24 nomanias: they have weird political agenda, claim was that chinese built spy balloons, hello , what's cooking here :D
07:28 nomanias: i do not know they seem like full of humor at times, me they pranked with lasers in such way that meter of water was in my room, so i had just about enough space to get my electric supplies on chair and bed
07:28 nomanias: otherwise i would had died on short, so test passed
07:33 nomanias: so yes, so those bus scramblers are actually available too, they have been always implemented in military defense systems, i did overcomplicate too much of this, the system is actually quite easy, but americans they say went realistically all the way to the moon, they planted some tech there too
07:33 nomanias: buzz aldrin
07:36 nomanias: yeah sure it works too cause daily in ukraine they shoot down targeted missiles with such interceptors, sometimes hundreds in a day, isreal too with iron dome when palestinians shoot , they normally get everything down
07:38 nomanias: those artillery defense systems randomize the frequencies all the time much alike
07:43 fdobridge: <g​fxstrand> Wow... That's the kind of PR you can't pay for (nor would you want to). 😂
07:45 nomanias: very expensive cat and mouse play, anyhow yes, i pondered on making the bus scrambler too my own, there were times that i had headache over that, but it should be lot simpler, as you would open the bus but the compute backend puts random data to the bus but keeps registering it on cpu for an example
07:46 nomanias: like on cpu or cache compressed
07:49 nomanias: the bus logic is actually known to some degree, it's called tri-state logic
07:52 nomanias: it likely means that you have some bus opening registers, such as read and write strobes, and enable signal
07:53 nomanias: and the truth table is something along the lines, if bus is not open with the strobe, it is high impedance drained
07:53 nomanias: and if enable is not toggled it is at low impedance or something
07:53 nomanias: if both are enabled then bus registers as similar to adder
07:55 nomanias: i figured out when it registers it is like adder with multiple carry propagates or something
07:57 nomanias: so what is needed is along the lines of you load the bus from cpu to some value to change or randomize it's content and let the tcp to access it, it results into very random content
07:57 nomanias: but you execute the real content after validation
08:06 nomanias: to my understanding the hw is otherwise vulnerable to intrusions , it's because of hazards, and amt circuitry such as ME engine
08:07 nomanias: it really is not about allowing zero auth, but it's that you have to defend the bus ...zero auth i think means that password is sent verbatim, but even if it was not
08:08 nomanias: it would be still vulnerable , the underlying method is not about null password, it jams the hw into hazards
08:09 Ermine: karolherbst: sorry for bothering, but requesting banhammer
08:10 nomanias: it actually works so, that pointer is NOPed with bunch of zeros, and malicious hazard code is injected and you can get to interrupt handler that way
08:11 nomanias: but if you were to break this code on the bus and execute a protective mode, it would not succeed to be honest imo
08:12 nomanias: to my understanding and intel engineers it's because when one memory is tried to be forwarded it fails due to parallel units and forwards the interrupt memory if the timing is made properly
08:18 nomanias: in my opinion consistent with some american computer engineers in the web, the jam happens cause when forwarding and interrupt processing is happening in parallel, so the cult of the issue is likely forwarding networks
08:19 nomanias: if it were to delay the forwarding to one cycle later the interrupt would be undisturbed
08:23 nomanias: they named in certain way too, i gotta look at the history of my browsing, hold on a moment
08:24 nomanias: phantom branch is how they call it
08:25 nomanias: but in this case it's a phantom branch to interrupt handler
08:26 nomanias: and i have one link an old one, where american computer engineers dialog about it and they blame forwarding networks just like me
08:31 nomanias: my main point being, that it actually probably is not something you can not fix, but the fix is little bit different than compiler stuff, cause client does the assembling and injection
08:31 nomanias: so hence you need to break those clauses on the bus instead
08:35 karolherbst: anyone else want to be able to maintain the akick list?
08:38 HdkR: I'm almost always available so I would be a good choice
08:39 karolherbst: okay, I've added gfxstrand as well, just not sure if you notice it or not
08:40 karolherbst: we already have 8 accounts being chanops, so I guess that should be enough :D
08:43 HdkR: Now I just need to remember how to do this again, been a while
08:44 fdobridge: <!​[NVK Whacker] Echo (she) 🇱🇹> karolherbst: Was that person the Estonian that you talked about before?
08:46 airlied: karolherbst: add me as well
09:24 karolherbst: HdkR: msg chanserv akick #nouveau add $user
09:24 karolherbst: airlied: done
09:24 fdobridge: <k​arolherbst🐧🦀> yeah
09:24 HdkR: Yea, found it :)
21:56 manage83: There is nothing to implement , both of those scramlers they have ddr hw one, and TEE sw ones too many, but i looked at memguard and cronus, but there are too many of those, absolutely nothing needed to be coded, however at the end of the year, the interface could be supercompute capable exposed as per DIVINE. Realistic plan and not too much coding.