11:10 nomanias: I just do not have anything to work on, cause the science as at the peak of what i have seen, i am doing very finely, it's a question will i get recruited to the military or not and probably not yet, cause it's not entirely our war or turn yet, i worked through my life on computers, i just do not have anything to do anymore there, higher than i am i can not get there anymore
11:11 nomanias: so i intended to swap that for something more useful but also primitive for my own sake, but what others wanted me to do to be mentally ill i did not tolerate some groups yeah
11:12 nomanias: i go back to cambodia, but this time if maintaning of the electic systems with guarantees is not given to me, to not dissapoint clients, i do not stay there
11:13 nomanias: i am not the one who dissapoints clients from around the world, just cause a crook does not give me access to maintain the tech
11:22 nomanias: technically i was aware that first 1.5 years one less than the whole i stayed at that point was my last, i got some communication and psychological experience as to how people are later only, any work actually was no longer present, all my work was committed and status done at that point, but the experience was gotten added some military and other conflicts, but work ran out already before still, and i am still out of it, i
11:22 nomanias: only looked at the uart for possible maintain of the electric systems when i go again
11:23 nomanias: cause i might go in september again to that country, and i can not stay with solars and electrical systems failing that deep, not under my watch
11:24 nomanias: i was not active in doing that, cause i had no permit , sure i'd do that way better
11:26 nomanias: then i left with bunch of other issues, cause mr indrek raud did not take his business with enough sanity, or care or interest, and it affected the clients, now the question might rise , if he changes his mind
11:27 nomanias: and let's me to make sure that clients will not get dissapointed, and i am ok to stay there again, but this is his decision not mine
11:27 nomanias: if he decides different i can not stay there, cause i do not want to dissappoint clients
11:33 nomanias: money is not a problem it's two way deal, cause mr indrek ows a lot of cash to my dad, i could in theory stay there until i die
11:33 nomanias: problem is that others want to come, and without electricity it's not acceptable to most
11:37 nomanias: dad itself is some sophisticated human, as you would say to a person who has never refused to wire money to the son, likely he bought the whole hotel for me
11:38 nomanias: he is somewhat some special type of human, i dunno others mostly do not have someone like this aside
11:42 nomanias: when i had snake bite, well actually he did wire the money, but some other lineup abused, so i had to borrow my friend, the count of refusal to wire me money, is zero, i do not know he is a special fruct
11:46 nomanias: other battlefield is a ttcup where i got invitation, as mart just forget about all the negative or others struggles , come play again some sports
11:47 nomanias: but like to give pointers as to how to perform certain tasks, though i am still myself improving in sports
11:48 nomanias: and in programming i like to say sometimes do not invest into this approach it is lot simpler than that and such things
11:51 nomanias: whether the target person still tries to invest into more complex training session is his at that time decision, but he has a fallback to simpler too at any point later, so eventually it's his decision
11:51 nomanias: or her
12:01 nomanias: the bus scrambler is also lot more simpler than i originally talked about, now but i was maybe bored or giving up hope, once you know what is downstream load and how to load the bus
12:01 nomanias: it's actually very easy
12:02 nomanias: and giving up hope, i did not give up hope on you, i gave up hope on myself, that everything i do is never enough
12:04 nomanias: this condition is commonly called depression, and is often temporary
12:06 nomanias: there is actually nothing new to electrical systems, and it works still the same regardless of my depression with relating to my people i got obsessed with trying again or not
12:07 nomanias: and this system just works like it works already now, the bus has random number generator
12:07 nomanias: and it has some resistance and downstream load on the bus, so according to kirchhoff laws you get the highs and lows
12:07 nomanias: or ohm if you will
12:08 nomanias: but the random number generator last numbers only the participant who scrambles knows with agressive energgy backend
12:08 nomanias: and you are safe
12:14 nomanias: this defense is easy, but i am still not seeing the usefulness at the moment, that i have to apply such strategy, the wireless defense is partly doable also in most degree even, only not that one when someone uses ultrasonic , hypersonic or such wave based gun at you, then you have to have backend for wireless defense on the air too, but this was used against me too, but whatever i am still living
12:14 nomanias: ultrasonic some gun was used against me, to beam me many times
12:15 nomanias: local bus scramblers and network interfaces defense systems exist and are easy to program too if want your own
12:16 nomanias: but there does not exist a portable radar against military or whoever motogang to prevent them from beaming your orgrans
12:21 nomanias: it exists as say you have thunder, the more conductive object such as antenna takes the charge right, but there is already that fraudsters sentenced me to meds, they build many biochips into my organic circuitry , abuse plants...and i yet do not have a view due to lack of resources of getting a proper swiper
12:21 nomanias: what is really going on, otherwise we call such defensive antennas just poles
12:21 nomanias: police cars have those
12:21 nomanias: on a motobike you can get one too, it is directed to the sky
12:21 nomanias: not your body never
12:23 nomanias: people might ask why you wear an antenna on your hat, sweetheart, it's not cause they beam my brain and organs and collect also testosterone leaving my in scars, it's just that i am schizophrenic
12:23 nomanias: LOL
12:29 nomanias: antenna is very dangerous if someone knows the properties of it, or the lense whataver wireless defense system
12:29 nomanias: so me i am off the work really, it's more like others effort who have defended me so far successfully
12:32 nomanias: so if somebody really intends to kill with beaming weapon of whatever type, such paranoid life to defend myself from it i can not really live easily
12:32 nomanias: keep a shield at my pocket with custom made antennae yeh
12:32 nomanias: so biochips are the way to do it indeed
12:33 nomanias: which forms the situation that i have nothing to add like always
12:33 nomanias: everything preexisted before me already
12:34 nomanias: so we arrive to the point, do you want to think about negativity cause you are yourself killing off our vibes with that
12:36 nomanias: and that is what i tell, people who have defended my life in estonia, are fucking smart people
12:36 nomanias: i know there must be reason why they solved things in one way instead of other
12:39 nomanias: in theory my birth into this world, changed nothing as to how technology works, it was all premade and fixated, i influenced a little though i do not like this term either but...
12:39 nomanias: they always had everything
12:42 nomanias: the safety against missiles works that way cause they always knew how to implement it MRLS
12:42 nomanias: that likely means mid range launch system
12:42 nomanias: it is a defensive solution that fires down the missiles or kamikaze drones and such
12:44 nomanias: cause i have met people who explained me how that system works, i can guarantee also that my vision on buses is correct too
12:45 nomanias: but i can say it all preexisted before me in that shape already
12:45 nomanias: i added nothing
12:45 nomanias: but i would solve this exactly alike
12:47 nomanias: it's little bit weird to appear teaching a dad how to screw a lady, which is exactly what happened here, by me, cause americans designed all those systems
12:48 nomanias: i have nothing ontopic cause they do such systems
12:48 nomanias: i have nothing to add of course those systems are correct
13:03 fdobridge: <S​amantas5855> https://www.phoronix.com/news/GeForce-GTX-980M
13:03 fdobridge: <S​amantas5855> @gfxstrand your dell is famous
13:04 nomanias: me i cared not much about power issues on my own for my sake, i can flash a lighter or phone whatever, some clients went depressed and hysteric, i am a known don't not care guy, everything is fixed anyways in life
13:12 nomanias: neck got some little treatment , i do not know if that is positive or negative cause i can adjust and train it off many ways, it's laura who got hurt overall, which was planned to be avoided, not sure what overall all the time happened to her
13:12 nomanias: assault to me, was not very successful as always
13:13 nomanias: and about future it will be as same wise unsuccessful as so far for 40years in a row a lot more likely than the other way around
13:18 nomanias: because i ran out of tasks, it is not negative to me at all in computing, she got hurt cause she did not let me to protect her that is it...me i did not get hurt at all in my scale
13:20 nomanias: from 21. dec 2021. i have financial freedom, and now i am also leaving most the scenes but...
13:20 nomanias: i sometimes can respond if someone has some trouble
13:20 nomanias: i can make code too
13:23 nomanias: shoulder tendonds take only 1.5 years max to entirely recover on me
13:23 nomanias: and they always make full recovery if not torned out or totally broken
13:23 nomanias: i am an ex athlete
13:23 nomanias: i know this, lol
13:23 nomanias: so many times i have had it
13:28 nomanias: hah, man i know if the treatment is added to my natural recovery, i am basically over some days world champion in whatever i want
13:28 nomanias: like me, i do not have troubles or something to complain about
13:30 nomanias: subject where i let my girl to get into troubles to knock out two frontal teeth from her, is lot more painful to me, than what i do with my own
13:31 nomanias: health, or organism
13:35 nomanias: this outrageous bullshit she pulls at me, how i have to love myself echos me, and it's rude to say love yourself bitch or girl
13:35 nomanias: where did you get the idea to see ma at 40 that i did not love myself?
13:39 nomanias: is that some entire bogus you have gotten out from me in totally wrong way, not only to i care and love myself, i love and care about others too, just the electric is not such a big problem to me, cause i have senses , muscles and stuff
13:39 nomanias: even without light, only with moon and even with moon without light i will go through
13:39 nomanias: but she does not
13:40 nomanias: so i need to fire at her, love yourself and let yourself to be loved by people who really love you BITCH!
13:41 nomanias: but i am not up to doing it anymore too many times i did and i had enough
13:42 nomanias: every day you have broken ribs , bruised head and mostly due to the same people around you, i watched it
13:42 nomanias: and it does not look like you get love or love yoursexlf
13:43 nomanias: since financial regulation got relaxed on me and i graduated my research i have so much opportunities that i need not to go along more than 2.5 years , if it was a total loss i avoid it now
13:43 nomanias: and that it was
13:44 nomanias: you have some rackets or big guns, fuck off i crush them like puppets
13:48 nomanias: That man raped me and threattened my sister. Okay that's not way to put it, fuck off and your sister was always in finland who really loved you, you twisted moron.
13:58 nomanias: kolmekordselt ravipeksule lampjalast kuseroti poolt minu maailmas järgneb lapjalast raipepea raipestamine vägivaldse jõu demonstratsioonina, kui laurale meeldib tauni käest peksa saada siis lasku edasi. Armastagu oma peksjaid , liiga kaua ma seda enam ei kuulanud, tore tüdruk oled , väga armastusväärne mulle ja nagu näha ennekõike ka niivõrd teistele õnneks.
13:58 nomanias: head aega.