09:11 nvuser: RSpliet: Are these values helpful at all? https://dpaste.com/CR2CJRWBP
09:14 nvuser: I guess if I open an issue it's just informational, but I think is possible to get more of a perf upllift on NvBoost=2 for this card as well, so if those help, I guess I'll just open that in case someone wants to patch it
09:17 nvuser: I think this card can go up to 1150 boosting, 0f on nvboost=2 is 1137, so more is available there I guess, not sure what others would get on kepler
10:49 RSpliet: nvuser: I think that should let us calculate the true MHz. I'm a bit distracted by other things at the mo, but be interesting to see if nouveau sets the same PLL values in 1000MHz mode
10:56 RSpliet: looks like the PLL for GPC ("core") is locked at 2075,625MHz, implying a "core" clock of 1037,8MHz
10:56 RSpliet: oh
10:56 RSpliet: nvuser n'est pas ici