08:30 nvuser: Hm, does mesa_glthread behave well in nouveau? I noticed it's default "false"
08:37 DodoGTA: nvuser: I haven't tried that yet
08:41 nvuser: I think in some cases I'm seeing a perf boost, you can just do mesa_glthread=true <your commmand>
08:41 nvuser: I think amdgpu has it on by default
08:46 nvuser: I was wondering if I should override the default, save my fingers and get a boost if it's not going to cause problems.
09:10 nvuser: guess I'll have to test it
11:11 avoidr: nvuser, where is the default set? I set it on for Firefox on the CLI, but I see zero difference.
12:14 nvuser: I'm not sure if firefox would get help there
12:15 nvuser: driconf (~/.drirc).. trying to find the command that lists it
12:16 nvuser: xdriinfo options nouveau|less
12:18 nvuser: more info here, not sure if the tool works https://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/DriConf/
12:21 nvuser: This is what it looks like <option name="mesa_glthread" type="bool" default="false"> <description lang="en" text="Enable offloading GL driver work to a separate thread"/>
12:25 nvuser: and default configs for games that are meant to use it by default: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/blob/main/src/util/00-mesa-defaults.conf .. I'm not sure if that includes nouveau, but AMD seem to have used it a fair bit according to snippets on phoronix
12:32 nvuser: amd drivers*
13:41 nvuser: my results were not good
13:42 nvuser: it seems I can only make any gains within margin of error, but I can lose some frames.
13:45 nvuser: tested over 4 games, 2 ioquake3 engine games lost frames with margin of error, and in case of urban terror the default visibily beat it, supertuxkart gained a single frame.
13:46 nvuser: so far, not so good, anyway