06:10 raket: DodoGTA: elder scrolls online in wine.
08:19 DodoGTA: raket: Do you get the same issue in DXVK v1.10.3 (after hackily exposing Vulkan 1.1 in the driver)?
14:13 ericswpark: Hi, probably a stupid question, but anybody know why mpv would show a blue screen when hardware acceleration is switched on for a video? Running a 320M inside a MacBookPro 7,1
14:13 ericswpark: I'm running EndeavourOS with the 6.2.9-arch1-1 kernel
14:15 ericswpark: I've followed the Hardware video acceleration wiki page on Arch and installed the `nouveau-fw` package but it still occurs. Turning on video acceleration with the Ctrl-H shortcut while the video is playing will lock up the system (the blue screen shows when the acceleration is enabled while the video is paused)