03:32 pertulu67: airlied: is there something you want to complain yet about? I can also live in another country, it's been suggested by most, to lower the risk, human nature or compassion made people themselves to leak that terrible info what was done to me, i dunno some respect at the end of the day or smth. I knew that fraud but their support caused me to win the trial finally. I feel like i helped you to some degree, and i think you should be doing
03:32 pertulu67: fine, yup my theories are real indeed. If you want we can talk about those, i do not care about the moneys others received, just i am getting done, and so many years of abuse i can not anymore maintain if things go on the same, so i need to remove those implants. No charges will be pressed, but i think they screw up against russians and already did likely.
03:42 pertulu67: This code about batteries, it says seven years ago, micropython two bases batterymonitor, which also can revive batteries,and telkin-logger too, it is multi arch, and dji has some tools , the key is on tpm..sorry actually i knew that but..whatever, so you have fuse going to ground, as resistor and you have one on the powerline, there is initial capacity, if that was attenuated it is yet possible to pull into a voltage/current that is
03:42 pertulu67: lowered and limited, to work on limited capacity such as one or more cells are not in condition.
03:43 pertulu67: I dunno it was too many people asked me about this, and interested to fix batteries, there in science they have full renewal method also.
03:45 pertulu67: as charlie miller also said, there is a liquid fuse like temperature sensor, which will permanently cut connection in most macbooks
03:45 pertulu67: to the cell too at times, but normally the embedded controller is in charge of the voltage and current which is a certain chip
03:46 pertulu67: they have no regulator in battery mostly in the laptops, that is a safety chip
03:46 pertulu67: adc is part of the ec, and in case of openbmc that is open fully, there is some linux firmware that isn't such as sometimes wireless sometimes gpu power and frequency microcode, and same for cpu.
03:47 pertulu67: coreboot would have those open too in some cases
03:48 pertulu67: but amd would just close the psp today overall, but they are promising a flag to disable it
03:49 pertulu67: so the procedure can be done not only with bqstudio, but also on openbmc linux distribution with dji tools to unseal the
03:49 pertulu67: thing, but i think on openbmc they come already unsealed
03:50 pertulu67: from there you use micropython to limit the current to make the battery work a bit longer if there was something switched off
03:50 pertulu67: that is why the sensors are on the board
03:50 pertulu67: battery logs this on an eeprom chip
03:51 airlied: karolherbst: ^ you have the power in here
03:51 pertulu67: and the theories about super computer made of any of the chips is real
03:54 pertulu67: and so is the thing that my eye lash has a testosterone pump and genitals too, it's a chip that can be easily felt
03:54 pertulu67: they did the same to many , including most famous is lance armostrong, and most famous dead
03:54 pertulu67: is drazen petrovic
03:55 pertulu67: they mark aliens that way, planets gods, or deities
03:59 pertulu67: likely a type of result fixing, an evil event
04:00 pertulu67: same with the vaccines containing some nanograms of graphene dioxide
04:01 pertulu67: and same with elections and such, earthquekes and many many things that are so evil
04:01 pertulu67: estonian defense police is not likely after another guy who hacked and exposed the fraud in tv
04:01 pertulu67: 20years of age guy, ten years programming experience
04:02 pertulu67: i gave up there, but i know it's all fraud
04:06 pertulu67: simply i do not care about politics, i care about my own life, and abusers who pick a fight from me
04:09 pertulu67: and i do not care about the batteries either, some khmers and others just asked, i said they do it in software nowdays, by not taking the battery out, but now i explained further
04:10 pertulu67: and science new method is done with some novel gas or salt or something
04:10 pertulu67: they fix the batteries dead cells that way
04:11 pertulu67: just type it into google, some british academics
04:12 pertulu67: all i care is avoid definitely being dead in upcoming years, cause my cells are going apathic and necrotic already
04:13 pertulu67: most other stuff, is low priority same shit different day to me