04:25 Fijxu: Hello, i wanted to try the NVK nouveau driver and i compiled that branch and installed it succesfully, but for some reason i can't get any Vulkan program (like vkcube) to work with the dGPU (since i am trying that in a laptop with a integrated Intel GPU) and always chooses the Integrated one for Vulkan processing. Any fixes? i would ask that to the Vulkan dev of NVK but is not in the chat :p
04:28 airlied: just set VK_ICD_FILENAMES to where you installed the driver
04:28 airlied: at nouveau_icd.x86_64.json
04:31 Fijxu: airlied: that is actually strange, in my list of installed files are only the drivers (.so) and not the nouveau json, i need to specify a specific flag when building the mesa driver?
04:32 airlied: yes -Dvulkan-drivers=nouveau-experimental
04:32 Fijxu: thanks, that is what i am looking at right now
04:33 Fijxu: There is all the vulkan drivers for AMD and Intel but not nvidia
04:33 Fijxu: time to rebuild
04:58 Fijxu: airlied, well, i installed the nouveau mesa driver using that argument but i can't get it working
04:58 airlied: vulkaninfo doesn't show the right thing when you set the VK_ICD?
04:59 Fijxu: let me try
05:06 Fijxu: airlied: nah, it didn't build with the nvidia ICD json file
05:07 Fijxu: They are on the source files but it ignored `nouveau-experimental` for some reason since is it not on the output files
05:07 airlied: you are on the right branch
05:07 Fijxu: yes
05:08 airlied: okay not sure then what could be going wrong
05:09 Fijxu: I will try to build it again but without AMD and Intel vulkan ones
05:09 Fijxu: Oh yeah
05:09 Fijxu: i am stupid i guess
05:10 airlied: yeah just building one is a good idea
05:10 Fijxu: Since i use arch linux, i am using PKGBUILD to build it, but, since it was updated recently the output package name was diferent
05:10 airlied: I'd recommend agaainst building in a package
05:10 Fijxu: I just installed the same one (the one that didn't work)
05:10 airlied: the driver isn't useable yet at all
05:11 Fijxu: yeah i know
05:11 airlied: so unless you are building it to develop it, it's pointless
05:11 Fijxu: But hey
05:11 Fijxu: it works at least
05:11 airlied: and you won't develop it in packaged form
05:11 Fijxu: Selected GPU 0: GA104, type: DiscreteGpu
05:12 Fijxu: I am forced to use nouveau since the official NVIDIA drivers (nvidia open kernel drivers) don't properly shut down the GPU when no process is using it
05:13 Fijxu: and that makes the laptop to use 11W/h more on idle because the dGPU is always powered on
05:13 Fijxu: nouveau properly shut downs the dGPU
05:13 airlied: yes, but nvk will crash the gpu a fair bit if you do try to use it
05:13 airlied: so it doesn't really add anything for you
05:13 Fijxu: Yeah i know, i like to test things
05:14 Fijxu: If i find a bug, i report it to make this driver better because nvidia official ones are really really bad
05:17 airlied: it's all bugs, I don't think we will be taking user bugs for quite a while
05:19 Fijxu: Oh ok, i see, i have a 3070 Max-Q so if is there anything to test i will be present
05:23 Fijxu: Btw, is there the processes being used on the GPU?
05:23 Fijxu: like nvidia-smi
05:29 airlied: nope nothing like that on nouveau really