03:50 swiftgeek: karolherbst: yeah this even fixes the thing where a monitor wouldn't turn off together with my microscope xD
03:57 swiftgeek: i guess i could make a tiny tester with mcu to check for 0x30/0x50 and dipswitches that would connect 5V and GND to shell/shielding to quickly test minimal requirements of monitors to detect cable being connected xD
04:18 swiftgeek: even my DP <> HDMI adapter works now lmao
04:18 swiftgeek: I lost so much sanity to this
04:58 swiftgeek: lol, this is even stranger one, EDID disappears good 10 seconds after connection
04:58 swiftgeek: what a mess
05:01 swiftgeek: yeah it shows up for 10s after turning on monitor, and then proceeds to disappear
05:01 swiftgeek: XD
05:10 swiftgeek: ok it's like 15 seconds from HPD
21:55 karolherbst: "Pass: 14175, Fail: 90, Crash: 1, Warn: 3, Skip: 1172, Timeout: 4, Flake: 55, Duration: 3:49, Remaining: 23:51" doesn't look too bad so far