13:20 Svanto: Hi all
13:20 Svanto: so um
13:21 Svanto: Trying to understand the situation with the "open source drivers" of nvidia. I'm aware they basically moved most of their stuff into firmware blobs, and only support recent hardware
13:21 Svanto: have they *still* not provided signed firmware?
13:21 karolherbst: they did, but not for evertyhing
13:22 Svanto: Ah, that's something at least...
13:23 Svanto: So is reclocking for nv110 accessible with a flag now? I have it on its own watercooled loop, so I am unlikely to overheat the card.
13:23 Svanto: and ofc, I know I'm risking my hardware, but it's nvidia, so...
13:23 karolherbst: Svanto: nv110 never had this restriction
13:23 karolherbst: it's all nv120+
13:24 Svanto: uhh, I forgot, which one is gtx 970
13:24 Svanto: sorry
13:24 karolherbst: that's nv120
13:24 Svanto: oh, sorry... that one then
13:25 karolherbst: yeah... I planned to get those patches merged, but there are more important things to focus on and I wanted to get more overheating protection in place just in case
13:25 Svanto: Oh, thank you for the info.
13:25 Svanto: Has the code that nvidia released under an open license been of any use at all?
13:26 karolherbst: questionable. There was always nvgpu which already explained a few bits. The biggest news about their open source release is, is the GSP firmware which will allow us to reclock Turing+ GPUs
13:27 Svanto: That's good new then, but sounds like they left the rest in the dust
13:27 karolherbst: yeah.... but somewhat expected
13:28 karolherbst: anyway.. if you are capable you can also try to help out with the reclocking bits on earlier GPUs, could pick up my work as I don't think there is too much left to finish there, just some reverse engineering and verification on the stuff I put there I think
13:29 Svanto: To be entirely honest I barely understand pointers, but I'll get there. Thanks for the heads up!
13:30 karolherbst: I see.. oh well.. at some point I hope somebody will come and help out, because what we really need are people willing to help out
13:37 Svanto: Honestly if nvidia really wanted to help, they'd provide some manpower to nouveau and it would make more sense than the theatre they're pulling but well...
15:36 TimurTabi: Svanto: that would be a great