07:22 webchatuser143: hey everyone.. currently using debian bullseye, with mesa 20.3.5, nouveau xorg driver 1.0.17, and kernel 5.10.0.. just wondering if there's any ways of pushing any more perf out of nouveau driver, even a little. I already have nouveau.config=NvBoost=1 .. just wondering if there's any room for improvement, even if it means upgrade the kernel or building from your main tree, cheers!
07:25 webchatuser143: actually, I don't mind if it's just some cleanups, bugfixes or minor feature improvements, I'll give that a try too, see how it is for me
09:12 webchatuser143: I'm having some issues with flickering screen using nouveau.. I have set pstate to 0f via debugfs, .. but any resolution over 60Hz is flickering, e.g I have refresh monitor up to 144hz, modes 100Hz or 120Hz are not useful to me either
09:13 webchatuser143: high refresh rate monitor*
09:14 webchatuser143: and running it over display port
09:15 webchatuser143: using keplar card 780ti
14:24 webchatuser143: anyone know how I can fix the screen flickering issue?
19:01 Wally: -
19:06 Wally: webchatuser143: (if he looks at the logger) Compiling Mesa swrast could fix some ultra low framerate issues(as in if its software rendering instead of nouveau) you can disable swrast by setting -Dgallium-drivers=nouveau in meson when compiling. You can also compile an alternate Mesa branch like my https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/16864 and karolherbst's
19:06 Wally: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/10752, karolherbst's branch will probably increase performance more in modern(er) games than my mr. Be sure to checkout our specific branches instead of compiling main.
19:06 Wally:
20:42 Wally: *without swrast