19:11 Heston: Hi guys, would anyone be able to explain why the firmware that's extracted from the nvidia proprietary blob isn't able to be in an official debian nonfree repo?
19:12 hell__: licensing
19:12 hell__: most likely
19:13 airlied: yes would need redistribution rights
19:13 Heston: but isn't that same issue present with all firmware within the nonfree repo?
19:14 airlied: nope
19:14 hell__: no
19:14 airlied: its not free software, it is redistributable
19:15 hell__: firmware blobs can be licensed so that redistribution of verbatim copies is allowed as long as they are accompanied with the license, and the license can disallow reverse-engineering
19:15 Heston: I would have thought other nonfree firmware would be classified as the same
19:15 Heston: hence why they're in that repo in the first place
19:15 hell__: depends on the vendor's legal team
19:15 Heston: i got you
19:15 airlied: nonfree doesnt mean illegal
19:20 Heston: i get that but thanks guys
19:20 hell__: some blob licenses disallow reverse-engineering, sublicensing and redistributing modified copies, but allow verbatim redistribution as long as it's with the license (which is nice when the blobs are in a git repo)
19:21 hell__: and some others are extremely long and unreadable unless one is well-versed in legalese, which makes me wonder if $VENDOR actually wants this thing to be used
19:22 Heston: that makes sense
19:23 Heston: so the repo at https://al1.seblu.net is endorsed by you guys?
19:24 hell__: example of the latter case: https://github.com/coreboot/qc_blobs/blob/master/LICENSE
19:29 Heston: i wonder how well anti reverse engineering licenses hold up in court
19:30 hell__:does not want to know first-hand
19:31 Heston: i dont blame you
19:39 airlied: Heston: dont think nouveau devs have any opinion on seblu site
19:39 airlied: never even seen it mentioned before
19:39 airlied: so not sure why you think it might be endorsed by anyone
19:40 Heston: hmm, where would you suggest getting nv84_xuc00f or nv84_xuc103 ?
19:41 Heston: it was recommended to me by diogenes_oftc in the debian channel and it's the only place listed I found googling
19:42 airlied: i think we recommend extracting them from nvidis
19:43 Heston: and I'd do that with envy-tools?
19:43 airlied: though im not sure those fws are that useful
19:43 Heston: at this point im hoping the firmware gives me temperature sensor access
19:44 Heston: all I have right now is the vcore
19:45 airlied: dont think they will give that, but not sure
19:50 airlied: not 100% sure but I think those were video decode fws
19:51 Heston: hmm well worth trying I guess. Is there a guide on extracting them? I had a look at the FAQ and troubleshooting but didnt see anything
19:55 Heston: maybe this is it https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/VideoAcceleration.html#firmware
19:59 airlied: they won't give you sensors, they have nothing to do with sensors
20:02 Heston: alright. For what it's worth, that guide did generate nv84_xuc00f and nv84_xuc10
20:12 Heston: yeah no additional sensors
20:15 Heston: is there anything you'd recommend for getting temp sensor output and hopefully fan control on a quadro fx 3800 or am I out of luck?
20:16 diogenes_oftc: Heston, so tem sensor use sensors command.
20:16 diogenes_oftc: for temp*
20:16 Heston: diogenes_oftc, yeah I only get the GPU core voltage
20:17 airlied: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/PowerManagement.html seems to suggest no if i2c temperature sensors are needed
20:18 diogenes_oftc: Heston, you need to run some program like glxgears but with DRI_PRIME=1 glxgeears
20:18 diogenes_oftc: and see the sensots again
20:34 Heston: diogenes_oftc, that didn't help :/
21:53 karolherbst: airlied: i2c is an annoying topic, some of it is locked down, some might not...
21:54 karolherbst: I think power sensors are also locked down since pascal, and they live on the i2c bus
21:56 karolherbst: hell__: what's this seblu side anyway?
22:45 hell__: karolherbst: I have no idea, I wasn't the one who sent a link to it
22:50 pabs: it seems to be some sort of arch linux related thing, documented on https://seblu.net/
22:50 pabs: I guess because it ships a nouveau firmware pkg nouveau-fw-325.15-1-any.pkg.tar.xz
22:53 karolherbst: pabs: yeah well.. I am sure they are aware of the legal risks and decided it's fine to do that
22:53 karolherbst: could also be, that the package simply downloads and extracts stuff
22:54 pabs: I opened the file, it contains the blob
22:54 pabs: er blobs
22:54 pabs: IIRC Ubuntu ship the firmware too
22:54 karolherbst: yeah... it's very likely that this _might_ be okay as long as no changes are made, but....
22:54 pabs: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nouveau-firmware
22:55 Heston: following https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/VideoAcceleration.html#firmware was simple enough to not worry about that archive
22:56 Heston: could maybe reference that in the faq