20:15 Sarayan: Is there a recommended way to generate the envytools docs as html? using sphinx directly gives a css-less result, and there doesn't seem to be a cmake target for that
20:16 Sarayan: didn't see anything in the travis recipe either
20:16 imirkin: Sarayan: envytools.rtfd.org
20:24 Sarayan: imirkin: sure, but the idea is to add things to them
20:24 imirkin: it's an auto-build
20:24 imirkin: by rtfd
20:24 imirkin: so ... do what they do? :)
20:25 Sarayan: I have no idea, it doesn't seem to be in the tree
20:31 Sarayan: note that I perhaps only need to add the css
20:35 imirkin: not sure ... tbh i've never built it locally
20:35 imirkin: mwk set it up originally
20:43 Sarayan: she's still active?
20:43 Sarayan: (they?)
20:44 imirkin: on occasion
20:53 mwk: meow?
20:54 Sarayan: oh nice, just had to change /classic.css to classic.css in conf.py for the style to work out
20:54 Sarayan: hi you
20:54 mwk: huh
20:54 mwk: fancy seeing you here
20:55 Sarayan: I'm attracted by RE like a moth to a flame :-)
20:55 mwk: ... I can relate
20:55 mwk: so hm, sounds like you have a trivial PR for me, then?
20:56 Sarayan: dunno, maybe, not sure whether it's deliberate or not? It may be needed for rtfd, I have no idea
20:56 mwk: I don't actually remember
21:00 mwk: did... did I write this
21:00 Sarayan: it was before the apocalypse
21:03 mwk: ... okay, so the exact bit of code here was supposed to *avoid* using the readthedocs theme, because it sucks when big tables are involved and we have plenty of them
21:04 mwk: I'm not sure it's even necessary anymore, since we laster changed the theme to a non-default anyway
21:07 mwk: Sarayan: if you say removing the / makes it work, let's just do the change; want to make a PR or should I?
21:14 Sarayan: go for it if you don't mind. With that sphinx-build -Eb html . ~/nvidia/html just worked
21:15 mwk: okay, great