02:33 Wally: Sorry, did my question get answered?
02:33 airlied: nope, are you asking about nouveau buffer allocation?
02:34 airlied: dumb buffers are just for allocating generic unaccelerated buffers, each driver has it's own interface
02:34 Wally: Yes
02:34 Wally: including nouveau?
02:37 Wally: airlied: Is there anyway I can find docs, etc for the nouveau
02:37 Wally: bo userland interface?
02:37 Wally: (non-dumb buffer)
02:38 airlied: it's a lowlevel interface so not really something that is documented
02:38 airlied: libdrm_nouveau might have some apis you could use at a slightly higher level
02:39 airlied: nouveau_bo.h
02:54 Wally: airlied: This gets exported through nouveau_drm.h?
02:57 airlied: the kernel exports via that file, the userspace library is /usr/include/libdrm//nouveau/nouveau.h
02:57 airlied: you can direct call the kernel of course
02:58 airlied: drm_nouveau_gem_new would make a new kernel object
02:58 airlied: kernel buffer object
02:58 Wally: Im not direct calling the kernel because of managarm compatability(and ofther ukerenls)
03:03 Wally: Seems simple enough
03:04 Wally: https://www.systutorials.com/docs/linux/man/7-drm-gem/