06:39 SR_71: /join #nouveau
23:23 Wally: Will the tegra 4 kernel driver source code release be used by you
23:23 Wally: (for exp. mm)
23:41 HdkR: Wally: Nouveau doesn't cover Tegra 4, you need to look for grate instead
23:42 Wally: Will they look at it to improve its supported devices?
23:45 HdkR: Doesn't it already support Tegra 2 through Tegra 4?
23:45 Wally: grate?
23:45 Wally: pretty sure
23:45 Wally: Will you*
23:46 Wally: sorry
23:46 HdkR: Then it doesn't have any reason to look at the drop, it has no "improvement" to go for hardware enablement :P