00:09 anholt: not looking too bad: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/anholt/mesa/-/commit/caef93fbcb4636d101c11a716b99b5987a95c47b
00:10 imirkin: TimurTabi: in case you come back, iirc you can do nkvm_wo, which will use the object's base address as a ... base
00:11 imirkin: TimurTabi: you can look at engine/falcon.c for how we handle generic falcon things - it actually bakes a base falcon addr into the structure.
00:12 imirkin: anholt: yeah, desktop stuff tends to be OK. the amount of instability you've experienced is certainly not my experience.
00:13 imirkin: anholt: surprising that you're seeing xfb issues. i guess i haven't personally tested on GM20x. we could be missing soemthing.
05:02 anholt: updated nvc0 ntt branch now actually does ntt not the NIR backend. remaining problems are basically bindless and some 64-bit comparison and conversion fails it looks like
05:02 imirkin: oh yeah. bindless. that's kepler+ fyi.
05:04 imirkin: lmk if you think there are bugs in the tgsi FE for 64-bit stuff. it hasn't been rigorously tested against things which weren't generated by glsl_to_tgsi
05:04 imirkin: i might have skimped on logic by accident. or on purpose :)
05:04 anholt: so far it's stuff like "whoops, left a .z/.w writemask on a downconvert to 32-bit, even though that's nonsense."
05:05 imirkin: ok cool
05:06 anholt: I've got some gross workarounds in ntt for how... special tgsi 64-bit is, and I think I need to just go turn them from workarounds in tgsi to workarounds in nir.
05:06 anholt: but that's not a tonight thing
05:06 imirkin: ok
05:14 imirkin: shoudl be similar to doubles, i'd have thought
06:31 agneli: hi guys, I have some issues with my gpu apparently, Quadro NVS 106M
06:32 agneli: when I run sharedtex_mt from mesa demos on my freshy updated Gentoo I am getting this: https://paste.debian.net/plain/1237802
06:32 agneli: of course application crashes
06:32 agneli: then I did this: git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa
06:32 agneli: and that: https://docs.mesa3d.org/install.html#building-with-meson
06:33 agneli: now I can run this sharedtex_mt program without any issues whatsoever
06:33 agneli: but that is just the top of the iceberg...
06:34 agneli: firefox with hw acceleration enabled starts showing just a frame containing some underlying windows and never really starts, max i waited was 15 minutes
06:34 agneli: with hw acceleration disabled it works ok
06:35 agneli: with stock gentoo mesa it seems to be hanging the gpu, i have to restart the X via ssh get screen updated again
06:36 agneli: the above happens with gentoo stock mesa (21.3.7)
06:37 agneli: when i run LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$MESA_INSTALLDIR/lib64" firefox agains the mesa 22.x i compiled from git
06:38 agneli: firefox frame looks the same mess but it does not freeze the whole system
06:38 agneli: on stock mesa even simple konsole, when there are many open freeze the system for 2-3 minutes
06:39 agneli: libreoffice as well, takes time
06:39 agneli: again when I log via ssh system is working, it seems just the screen is frozen
06:41 agneli: games... d1x-rebirth and 0ad they load but the moment 3d graphics are about to start they freeze
06:42 agneli: once i got this while attempting to start 0ad: https://paste.debian.net/plain/1237800
06:43 agneli: running against mesa i compiled myself change situation like for firefox, i can kill'em when I got bored waiting... system is not frozen totaly
06:43 agneli: my setup has 2 displays, 1440*900 lcd and 2560*1440 monitor
06:44 agneli: now when I unplug the monitor things start to work, even on gentoo stock mesa
06:44 agneli: i am able to run firefox with hw acceleration enabled
06:45 agneli: i am able to run d1x-rebirth
06:45 agneli: and i am able to start 0ad but it does freeze every few seconds for 2-3 minutes
06:46 agneli: this machine has been working perfectry for a few years...
06:46 agneli: can you help me please? :)
06:48 agneli: ach, all other mesa demos apart from the one mentioned above run without problems unless some feature needed was not present on my gpu, then they just refused to work citing what is missing... only sharedtex_mt posed problems
06:49 agneli: and when some app is stuck I am getting those in dmesg: [ 1264.948159] CE: hpet increased min_delta_ns to 20115 nsec
19:44 anholt: xfail list for gm206 is now +56, -200 for ntt.