00:02 anholt: picked up a gtx 960 so I can sort out nir-to-tgsi for that next.
00:06 karolherbst: anholt: cool :)
00:14 ajax: i have an nvaf i should probably try that on
00:16 airlied: ajax: the macbook one?
00:16 ajax: yeah
00:16 airlied:has one of those in a cupboard in the office somewhere
00:20 anholt: ajax: any evidence to push !15541 along would be great
00:45 imirkin: nvaf is a little hit-or-miss
00:45 imirkin: i think there are some which work totally fine
00:45 imirkin: and some which ... don't
00:46 imirkin: anholt: i dunno if it's still a thing, but nir didn't use to do 4-offset tg4. nvidia supports that as a single(ish) op
00:50 imirkin: anholt: also nouveau supports a bunch of various NV-only exts ... most of them don't come out in shader-land, but some very well might (even minor things, like e.g. gl_ViewportMask outputs)
01:07 Wally: I *might* not be needing my RTX 2060 for a few months...If anyone needs/wants a Turing gpu to work on I *might* be able to let you borrow it
01:10 anholt: imirkin: the tg4 offsets are [4][2] in nir.h, I'm assuming that's the thing you mean
01:12 anholt: I don't see anything to do for viewport mask, it doesn't have any special casing in glsl_to-tgsi
01:16 airlied: yah karolherbst added tg4 offsets to nir a while back ~3 years ago now :-
01:16 airlied: :-p
01:17 imirkin: anholt: nothing special about it. just an output. an entry in a switch somewhere.
01:17 imirkin: but if it's missing, then it needs to be added ;)
01:18 imirkin: (er, sysval probably?)
01:30 imirkin: anholt: oh, and another thing, please make sure that vdpau/va-api decode still works. unfortunately if you have a G92, then H.264 doesn't work, but mpeg2 accel should be fine.
01:30 imirkin: [questionable whether it makes anything faster, but that's not a question you're trying to answer]
01:31 imirkin: anholt: not supported at all on the GTX 960, so don't bother there. only supported up to kepler. and G92 is extra-special in that i could never get the H.264-decoding BSP started on it.
07:57 mupuf: karolherbst: thanks for the supported-gpus.json reference, this will be really useful to me!
07:58 mupuf: would have been great if it had the family in there, but I guess it is already nice to have pciid -> "Marketing name" :)
11:19 karolherbst: mupuf: yeah... although I assume you can more or less figure out the familiy from the vdpau feature set
11:19 karolherbst: that's usually changing often enough
11:20 mupuf: good idea :)