03:07 Wally: Sorry, but why wasnt a patch like https://paste.debian.net/1235712/ added to introduce exa to Turing and Volta?
03:09 imirkin: Wally: that won't work ... you need to make the shaders for it too
03:09 imirkin: Wally: i'm the only one who cares about xf86-video-nouveau these days, and i don't have the requisite hardware
03:09 Wally: imirkin: :(
03:10 imirkin: basically i just grab whatever's shipped for free in various dell desktops i have access to where we just want to use the built-in intel anyways
03:10 Wally: All my AMD cards broke around the same time and now I have to use a turing card
03:10 Wally: imirkin: sad
03:10 Wally: I can test things on turing if you want
03:10 imirkin: but there's no low-end volta/turing hw
03:11 imirkin: pretty hard to get motivated for it. what's wrong with modesetting for you? just crashy?
03:11 Wally: imirkin: Slow af
03:11 Wally: youtube struggles to run
03:11 Wally: same with mpv
03:11 imirkin: that might be a different problem
03:11 Wally: at 720p
03:11 imirkin: pastebin dmesg?
03:12 imirkin: basically do you have accel firmware loaded and all?
03:12 imirkin: without that, you're going to have a very bad time
03:12 imirkin: also, what resolution are you at?
03:12 Wally: imirkin: somethingx1440p
03:12 imirkin: 2560x1440 probably
03:12 imirkin: that's not so bad
03:12 imirkin: 4k might be more of a struggle
03:12 Wally: I dont know what accel firmware is
03:13 imirkin: pastebin dmesg :)
03:13 Wally: https://paste.debian.net/1235713/
03:13 imirkin: ok. pastebin xorg log?
03:13 imirkin: oh, 3440x1440 -- ultrawide
03:14 Wally: CS:S runs at 30 fps though,https://paste.debian.net/1235714/
03:15 imirkin: hm, glamor seems to get initialized just fine
03:15 imirkin: i was semi-expecting you to be running essentially without accel
03:15 Wally: llvmpipe is better than nouveau*
03:15 Wally: *for 2d graphics
03:16 imirkin: yeah ... probably just a super-low freq on the gfx card
03:16 Wally: any way to check?
03:16 imirkin: not that i know offhand, sorry
03:16 Wally: Can I go into my bios and check?
03:16 imirkin: no
03:17 Wally: it changes?
03:17 imirkin: just not in the bios
03:17 imirkin: if you have windows, there's probably some control panel which shows you the diff perf levels
03:17 imirkin: it's probably the lowest perf level.
03:18 Wally: so ~https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/484583/rtx-2060-stuck-at-300hz-frequency/?topicPage=27
03:18 imirkin: 300hz seems _very_ low
03:18 imirkin: i strongly doubt the GPUs can go that low
03:19 imirkin: maybe 300mhz?
03:19 Wally: my vega 8 laptop runs at 200mhz
03:19 imirkin: although that'd be high for the lowest perf level
03:19 Wally: hmm
03:19 imirkin: i'd expect it to be in the 10-50mhz range.
03:19 Wally: !!!!!
03:19 imirkin: but getting into the hz range, _very_ unlikely
03:19 imirkin: but i guess i dunno
03:19 Wally: CS:S runs at 30fps...I wouldnt expect that
03:20 imirkin: that'd be a huge achievement.
03:20 Wally: (High 1080p)
03:20 imirkin: (very hard to make things run at both 100hz and 1ghz)
03:20 Wally: Windows ~600fps
03:22 Wally: ah!
03:22 Wally: your right!
03:22 Wally: sudo lshw -C display USB *-display description: VGA compatible controller product: TU104 [GeForce RTX 2060] vendor: NVIDIA Corporation physical id: 0 bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0 version: a1 width: 64 bits clock: 33MHz capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom configuration: driver=nouveau latency=0 resources: irq:126 me
03:22 Wally: 33mhz
03:23 imirkin: that's the PCI clock
03:23 imirkin: unrelated.
03:23 Wally: oh
03:23 imirkin: although it does sound like we might not be doing some PCI thing correctly on init, so it has slower access to system memory? not sure
03:26 Wally: What if I just stop the fans and see how long it lasts
03:29 Wally: smh, I can touch gpu, no heat=lowmhz heat=goodmhz
03:31 Wally: im installing CS:S, ill see the warmth of the gpu after a while
03:33 imirkin: if you're looking for perf, you really don't want nouveau. or you don't want new nvidia. really you want neither.
03:34 Wally: imirkin: I want my old amd gpus back
03:35 Wally: or anything that can run CS:S at 60fps
03:35 imirkin: well i dunno specifically about that game
03:35 Wally: im idling on krunker in the mean time
03:35 imirkin: but nvidia kepler on nouveau should do just fine
03:36 Wally: CS:S is a 20 year old game from valve
03:36 imirkin: oh, S = source
03:36 imirkin: yea
03:36 imirkin: no problem.
03:36 Wally: imirkin: you tested Kepler a bunch?
03:36 Wally: with the old gpus
03:36 imirkin: they weren't old at the time :)
03:37 imirkin: anyways, nouveau supports reclocking on kepler
03:37 imirkin: which would be the big relative advantage here.
03:37 Wally: Oh, so gt 710 ftw?
03:37 imirkin: hehehe
03:37 imirkin: well, probably want something higher end than that
03:38 Wally: gt 730?
03:38 imirkin: if you want to be able to play video games at moderately high resolution at 60fps, you really want GDDR5
03:38 imirkin: GT 730 generally won't have that, but some will
03:39 Wally: imirkin: what awful dells doyou pick up? I havent seen any 730 on store shelves without gddr5
03:39 imirkin: ;)
03:39 imirkin: the really good stuff
03:40 Wally: Ight so my 2060 feels hot
03:40 Wally: (the backplate
03:40 imirkin: esp if you buy older stuff, i'd recommend getting quadro's
03:40 Wally: ~how my laptop feels when playing crysis
03:40 imirkin: they tend to be higher quality
03:40 Wally: obvi
03:40 imirkin: which is more important for older boards
03:41 imirkin: quadro k2000 or whatever isn't that expensive these days
03:41 Wally: ---dont servers cycle quadros out every 5 years---
03:41 imirkin: or k4000
03:44 Wally: imirkin: Its hot, still think its 10mhz
03:44 Wally: (like hotter than my cpu hot
03:44 Wally: (the desktop))
05:27 Wally: Wait...the nouveau driver doesnt support 2D acceleration on nv160! Why is it running worse than llvmpipe for those workloads!
05:27 Wally: ugh
05:28 imirkin: the "nouveau" driver doesn't care about the type of acceleration
05:28 imirkin: xf86-video-nouveau does not support volta/turing
05:28 imirkin: the opengl driver provided by mesa does
05:28 imirkin: that driver does make use of the 2d class for things like blitting, for example.
05:28 Wally: oh
05:29 imirkin: but ultimately the exposed api is "opengl"
05:29 Wally: so basically that stuff does nothing(for videos)
05:30 imirkin: videos are generally decoded into YUV
05:30 imirkin: so something has to do the YUV -> RGB conversion
05:31 imirkin: whether that's xf86-video-nouveau or an opengl-based renderer, it will work the same -- some shader will run, texturing the YUV data and rendering into a RGB render target.
05:31 Wally: other parts of nouveau are lowering the perf then....
05:33 imirkin: not necessarily
05:33 imirkin: might be that that's just faster to do on CPU
05:34 imirkin: the memory's probably faster, the core is faster...
13:22 karolherbst: imirkin: well.. we don't do GL on nv160 anyway
13:23 karolherbst: so I am confused what "worse than llvmpipe" means
13:23 karolherbst: modesetting vs nouveau ddx?
16:10 imirkin: which one is nv160?
16:10 imirkin: i thought that was turing
16:59 karolherbst: imirkin: uhh... right.. somehow I thought that was ampere...