03:22 imirkin: TimurTabi__: there a few very odd tesla cards ... we try not to touch the display engine if there are no DCB entries
03:22 imirkin: TimurTabi__: there are ways to indicate that display engine is fused off ... and those tesla cards don't actually do that. i thought we had that handled properly
03:22 imirkin: but these sorts of hacks tend to bitrot over time
04:36 TimurTabi__: imirkin, I'm adding new code that depends on parsing the DCB, so I was hoping to learn how to do that.
04:38 imirkin: so yeah ... the display engine may be fused off (and indicated as such in the disabled engines list), or it might be enabled but there are no DCB entries
04:38 imirkin: in both cases, iirc is we try to avoid touching the display registers