01:43 imirkin: anholt: well, it just submits at 511 or 512 or whatever. basically PUSH_SPACE() will check if any limits are about to be breached, and if they are, it submits to kernel. so it's not a problem in itself, just a lot of stuff with no prior reason to have to submit. (or some condition which causes lots of little submits to happen, e.g. a lot of draws. or edge flags. or ... something)
05:28 anholt: imirkin: so, presumably the kernel failures at 511 are "we made a big batch, and submitted because it was big, but we'd already exceeded some limits"?
06:10 imirkin: anholt: no. not sure what the kernel failures are.
06:11 imirkin: doubt they're directly related to the fact that there are 511 pushbufs
06:11 imirkin: but maybe?
06:11 imirkin: i guess we should look a little closer at what's going on
06:11 imirkin: oftentimes a submit failure is just an indication of a hung gpu
06:12 imirkin: the IB ring runs out of space, further submits can't be queued up, and it fails
06:12 imirkin: i guess that's a lot more likely with a ton of pushes
06:14 imirkin: i guess you could decrease the limit
06:14 imirkin: it's probably in libdrm/nouveau/pushbuf.c somewhere
06:14 imirkin: look for nouveau_pushbuf_space()
12:49 cruncher: Hi, my laptop freezes randomly when i watch a video
12:49 cruncher: debian sid + nouveau
12:50 pabs: I think you might need to provide some more detail https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/Bugs.html
12:51 pabs: ie can you ssh in while it is frozen?
12:52 cruncher: pabs, good point, i would have to test that
13:42 cruncher: pabs, yes, i can use ssh when it freezes
13:45 cruncher: if it helps, dmesg gets overflooded with "[Sat Mar 5 14:36:30 2022] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: fifo: PBDMA0: 80000000 [] ch 7 00000650"
13:49 pabs: cruncher: are you able to switch to a virtual console?
13:49 pabs: also check out the bugs link I posted for some details devs will want
13:49 cruncher: no, only ssh, locally there is no mouse, no screen, no keyboard
13:50 pabs: what if you switch the keyboard to raw mode using the magic sysrq thing?
13:50 cruncher: is there any easy way to "recover" from this through ssh? like a screen refresh of some sort?
13:51 cruncher: restarting lightdm trough ssh didnt help (no reaction)
13:54 cruncher: yeah, the raw thing should work
13:56 cruncher: the thing is, i know exactly when it started to happen, it was after i upgraded some packages
13:57 cruncher: if it would help the devs, i could reconstruct (a lot of work but i could do it) the exact package versions i had at that moment
13:57 pabs: I'm not sure. I know for WiFi chips rmmod + modprobe sometimes works, maybe it will for nouveau
13:57 pabs: I think the version info would definitely help
13:57 cruncher: well, its a mix, from kernel to ffmpeg etc
13:58 pabs: you could use the Debian snapshot service to downgrade them one-by-one until you find the one that fixes the issue
13:58 cruncher: but i could give all the version of every packages when it was working, and what i upgraded so it didnt work anymore. The thing is also, after the upgrade which didnt work, there was another upgrade that made it work again. Until recently, when it stopped to work again :D
13:59 pabs: hmm
13:59 cruncher: i also suspect it happens only with some vdpau stuff
14:00 cruncher: because, until now (i didnt test it extensively), it happened only when i used vlc, not parole