11:24 imanho: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167404820303886 this paper has robbed me of so much sleep. & the author basically dodged my inquiry for any clarification.
11:25 imanho: I can reproduce hijacking of control flow and redirecting it to another function. But only to another of my own functions, which I can get the address of via printf("%p",func_name).
11:26 imanho: interestingly, you can't compile printf("%p",printf): "ptxas fatal : Cannot take address of function 'printf' "
11:28 imanho: It also says "Recall from Section 2.3 , the MPS of CUDA allows all host
11:28 imanho: processes under the same user to share a single GPU virtual
11:28 imanho: address space." But doesn't _each_ cuda context get it's _own_ VA?
14:34 choozy: Hello, does nouveau have support for Wayland based environments?
14:39 imanho: I think it does: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/nbfy3f/wayland_works_with_nouveau_driver_but_not_x11/
14:42 imanho: (in fact with recent (22+?) Fedora you get Wayland+nouveau by default.)