00:12 imirkin: mynacol: can you send me the firmware?
00:12 imirkin: mynacol: and mmiotrace if possible
00:13 imirkin: so i can double-check your work
00:13 imirkin: mynacol: it should be printed at nouveau load saying like "using external firmware" or something
00:15 imirkin: hrmph. that print may be gone, i don't see it rightnow
00:18 imirkin: karolherbst: is your script/process going to pick up the off-by-one patch that was just sent to nouveau@?
00:19 imirkin: i'm impressed that person was actually able to largely follow directions
20:50 karolherbst: imirkin: huh?
20:50 imirkin: ?
20:50 karolherbst: ahh
20:50 karolherbst: no, I found the patch you were talking about
20:51 imirkin: ah ok
20:52 karolherbst: but I am still wondering about your question. But in regards to the process, it still mostly manual, although you can do a lot with scripts. Anyway, Patches like that I'd just push to drm-misc-fixes directly probably...
20:52 karolherbst: Should just figure out since when it's broken or if it's broken forever
20:54 imirkin: my question was more like "are you going to pick it up"
20:54 imirkin: perhaps i should have phrased it more succinctly
20:54 karolherbst: I will tomorrow, I just didn't see the patch before you pinging me
20:54 imirkin: cool
20:54 karolherbst: imirkin: btw.. Lyude can also pick up patches
20:55 karolherbst: (in case I am not available or on PTO or whatever)
20:56 karolherbst: and ben should also be :D but I don't think ben got access rights