20:43 raket: imirkin: is it possible to convert all the configuration from ~/.nvidia-settings-rc (r/g/b gamma/contrast) + digital vibration to use it with nouveau?
20:45 imirkin: digital vibration?
20:45 imirkin: probably "vibrancy" is what you're looking for
20:45 imirkin: and yes, these are just LUT gamma ramps
20:45 imirkin: you can use a tool like ....... (hold please)
20:45 imirkin: xcalib
20:46 imirkin: to set the gamma ramps
20:46 imirkin: or i'm sure there's various clever stuff that can be done in various wayland compositors
21:04 mynacol: What would be appropiate kernel command line flags to debug mpv freezing my system?
21:05 raket: imirkin: thanks :-)
21:05 mynacol: (with or without hardware decoding, but with --vo=gpu)
21:05 imirkin: mynacol: use mplayer
21:07 mynacol: imirkin That's a workaround, not a debug method.
21:07 imirkin: mynacol: sorry, that's the best i can do
21:07 imirkin: nouveau has pretty much zero debugging facilities
21:20 mynacol: At least nouveau wrote something to the kernel log during the last freeze
21:20 imirkin: what did it write?
21:29 raket: imirkin: it's possible to set color vibrance and virant hue in xrandr with nouveau in xorg. Hmm.. wonder what a value of 441 in nvidia-settings is in xrandr --set "color vibrance" "X" is. Note: don't set it before checking what the default value is :D
21:29 imirkin: raket: xrandr only allows adjusting basic things
21:30 imirkin: xcalib allows specifying things more precisely
21:30 imirkin: "vibrance" is whatever nvidia wants it to be, it's not a well-defined thing
21:34 mynacol: imirkin: It starts with `fifo: SCHED_ERROR 0a [CTXSW_TIMEOUT]`
21:34 imirkin: which gpu?
21:35 mynacol: GK208B [GeForce GT 730]
21:35 imirkin: mynacol: unfortunate.
21:36 imirkin: (because we don't have "cooked" blob ctxsw for that gen)
21:36 imirkin: fwiw i've had some of those hangs on my GK208B as well
21:37 mynacol: So is this not a bug but not implemented instead?
21:38 imirkin: no, it's a bug
21:38 imirkin: sometimes we get people with ctxsw timeouts to try blob firmware, and for some of them it helps
21:38 imirkin: but it's not an (easy) option for you
21:38 imirkin: the harder way would be to grab a mmiotrace and then extract it from there
21:39 imirkin: mynacol: https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/NVC0_Firmware.html
21:41 mynacol: So you don't mean https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/nouveau-fw/
21:42 imirkin: correct.
21:42 imirkin: like i said, that script doesn't produce firmware for GK208(B)
21:42 imirkin: oh hm
21:42 imirkin: actually it does for nv108
21:42 imirkin: forgot that. it was so long ago
21:42 imirkin: but not for nv106, which is the GK208B
21:43 imirkin: perhaps the GPUs are identical-enough that you can fudge it?
21:44 mynacol: Well, mpv can run with hardware decoding and that firmware
21:44 imirkin: mynacol: also feel free to get them to update to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/envytools/firmware/master/extract_firmware.py
21:44 mynacol: At least with `--hwdec=vaapi-copy`
21:44 imirkin: yes, it's the same firmware for all of vp5
21:46 imirkin: mynacol: i'll check if i have a nv106 blob, maybe i can track down that firmware in a later blob version
21:48 mynacol: TBH I'm kinda confused. So the context switching firmware is missing for nv106?
21:49 mynacol: And a mmio trace would help getting that firmware, right?
21:49 imirkin: nouveau has its own ctxsw fw
21:49 imirkin: but it's apparently not the definition of perfection
21:49 mynacol: I see
21:49 imirkin: so plopping the blob's is a quick workaround to see if that's the problem
21:50 imirkin: the mmiotrace allows you to grab the blob's in an easy way
21:50 mynacol: OK, I can do that
21:51 mynacol: Do you have a link how to integrate the nvidia blobs into nouveau then?
21:54 mynacol:is reading stuff and trying to do a mmio trace
21:54 imirkin: you just place them in the right place in /lib/firmware and then run with nouveau.config=NvGrUseFW=1
21:54 imirkin: (/lib/firwmare/nouveau/nv106/ i guess? something like that)
21:55 imirkin: look at how that nouveau-fw package places things