16:09 raket: Anyone pixelclock of nv120 dvi-i connector? I connected a 22" crt and it does fine at 1280x1024@100hz
18:11 imirkin: raket: should be dual-link tmds, so 330mhz i'd assume
18:11 imirkin: raket: fwiw i don't think nv120 has dvi-i ... only dvi-d
18:14 raket: imirkin: it really is dvi-i, i connected a dvi->vga converter and connected the crt :D
18:14 raket: if you want proof i can take some pictures
18:14 imirkin: nah, i believe you
18:14 raket: imirkin: and it seems it could do 384 mhz pixel clock but the monitor wouldn't go as high as 2048x1536@85hz
18:15 imirkin: i thought they got rid of vga at some point, but i guess not
18:15 imirkin: the maxwell/pascal boards i've seen just have dvi-d
18:15 imirkin: anyways, the analog limits are diff than the digital limits
18:15 imirkin: digital is 2x165
18:15 raket: Is it possible to connect 3 displayports monitor and the dvi-i at the same time?
18:16 imirkin: sure
18:16 imirkin: kepler+ boards support up to 4 simultaneous outputs
20:15 raket: gg :) thanks