13:59 HerrSpliet: qq[IrcCity]: AFAIK bo stands for buffer object. Haven't looked at any of that code in detail, but I presume that wait() is used as the final stages of getting the kernel to allocate the requested buffer prior to trying to use said buffer - which I guess is an asynchronous process.
19:29 qq[IrcCity]: RSpliet: thanks, at last. I eventually concluded that my device is rubbish due to several tests. This doesn’t excuse Xorg 1.20.13 (or, perhaps, the DRI driver?) that nastily freezes with other Nvidia hardware.
19:33 qq[IrcCity]: In fact, I don’t see that recent kernels supplied with a libdrm_nouveau from 2021 are in any respect better than some Linux 4.20 with contemporary userland software.
19:34 qq[IrcCity]: Perhaps the devels are preoccupied with very modern video cards, which is not important for me.
19:45 ccr: older chipsets get less love because they are less used. but then again, newest ones are not well supported because of NVidia. so ..